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Internet Giants Investing in Content - Not a core business but a market game changer

By iDate Research

This report examines the market of digital content (video, music, games, books, press) from the specific perspective of the internet giants. The introductory section describes market trends in digital content revenues, consumption and the ...

18-Dec-2018 $3300

FTTH: A Strategic Game-Changer for Telcos - How can telcos leverage FTTH to reinvent their business models and adapt to evolving usage patterns?

By iDate Research

FTTH is now widely considered a goal for fixed connectivity. On many accounts, this technology widely differs from other available broadband solutions, which fosters new usages and makes way for new entrants. This report raises que ...

13-Dec-2018 $3300

5G licences - How 5G is altering frequency allocations

By iDate Research

As markets around the world gear up for 5G, new frequency bands are being put up for auction. Among them are frequency bands that have been little used up to now, due to major reception issues with devices. Combined with the advent of new ...

11-Dec-2018 $3300

Datacenter Strategies - The evolution of the business from a telecom perspective

By iDate Research

This report examines the market of datacenter services in colocation and hosting, angled from the specific perspective of the telco market. The major telcos of the three regions of North America, Europe and Asia are scanned in detail, with ...

22-Nov-2018 $3300

World OTT markets – Fixed and Mobile Internet – Dataset & Report - Markets & Forecasts up to 2022

By iDate Research

This yearly observatory – report and dataset- provides a comprehensive worldwide and regional/country level market value database covering all principal OTT services for the period of 2013 to 2022. Markets covered: Internet access an ...

04-Oct-2018 $4400

eSports - The spectacular rise of a social phenomenon

By iDate Research

eSports, the practice of playing video games competitively, attracts an audience of nearly 350 million people worldwide, mainly on the Web. In addition to considering the audience potential, this report analyses the social phenomenon at an ...

30-Sep-2018 $1100

Media piracy - A major threat for Sport and Live programming?

By iDate Research

Despite the growing number of technical and legal measures being put into place, we continue to see more and more media piracy around the globe. The most popular content remains films, TV series and music, with an especially strong rise in the ill ...

16-Aug-2018 $3300

World TV & Video Services markets – Terrestrial-Satellite-Cable-IPTV-OTT-VOD – Dataset & Report -Data & Forecasts up to 2022

By iDate Research

This half-yearly updated observatory on the TV & Video services market includes a database and a state-of-the-art report. It covers the evolution of 41 countries and 11 regions and sub-regions and proposes a worldwide market consolidation. ...

31-Jul-2018 $4400

World LTE markets – 5G initiatives & MBB spectrum – Dataset & Report: Markets at December 2017 & Forecasts up to 2022 - Markets – Players – Technologies – Spectrum

By iDate Research

The bundle World LTE markets – 5G initiatives & MBB spectrum includes two deliverables dealing with LTE, 5G and spectrum issues:A database (updated half-yearly): quantitative & qualitative data for 46 countries, 6 zones & ...

27-Jul-2018 $5500

World FTTx market – Database & Report - Markets at December 2017 & Forecasts to 2022

By iDate Research

The bundle World FTTx market includes two deliverables: 1. A report analysing the developments in FTTx markets up to 2022. It presents a geographical panorama of FTTx access solutions and superfast ...

13-Jul-2018 $5500

Digital Content Economy - GAFA seizing control

By iDate Research

This study focuses on how the five major content industries – music, video, books, video games and the press – are evolving in an age of dematerialisation of content consumption and distribution. It analyses how consumption pat ...

05-Jul-2018 $4400

Telecoms-Media Convergence - A paradigm shift driving the video market’s transformation

By iDate Research

The way that people consume video is changing, but screen time continues to rise and monetisation capabilities are still very strong. For operators (i.e. cable companies and telcos), depending on their situation, services can enable to the ...

29-Jun-2018 $3300

Supply-side strategies: from LTE to 5G - Using QoS and customisation to leverage new opportunities

By iDate Research

At a time when 5G is starting to be tested in real-life situations, especially in Asia and the United States, this report looks at the latest developments in LTE products, on the eve of 5G rollouts, along with the different scenarios for monetisin ...

27-Jun-2018 $3300

The 2G & 3G Shutdowns - The raft of rationales

By iDate Research

Innovation and changes are a major driver for technology-based industries. Mobile networks are constantly evolving, changing, and innovating in a cyclical movement. An old technology disappears when a new one emerges. Less effective networks have ...

25-May-2018 $3300

Mobile banking - How can telcos enter the retail banking market

By iDate Research

This study addresses the mobile banking penetration strategy for a telco. After a review of the disruptions that reconfigure the banking market, the study focuses on the various strategic questions that may arise when a te ...

17-May-2018 $3300

Asset Tracking and Fleet Management - Market opportunities for connected objects

By iDate Research

This study presents an overview of the asset tracking market with a perspective of the opportunities for the various connectivity technologies. It presents the technological options for asset tracking with and without direct connectivity, alongsid ...

15-May-2018 $3300

FTTH rollout strategies in emerging countries : A guide to understand strategies of investment in FTTH in Emerging Countries

By iDate Research

Over the last period, the world has experienced an unprecedented dynamism towards data creation and data transfer. The integration of many platforms and objects, the delivery of digital content, the automatism of many tasks, the creation of real-t ...

03-May-2018 $3300

Fixed Wireless and Hybrid Access - The alternative approach to broadband

By iDate Research

Summary This report examines the potential contribution of reliable fixed wireless and hybrid access. As an established technology, it today principally promises proper performance in well-defined but not market-wide condi ...

08-Jan-2018 $3300

The Future of Communication Services - The perspectives for telcos and Internet players

By iDate Research

Summary This report provides an in-depth analysis of the OTT communications market, both through figures and forecasts of market value (global, EU28, APAC and US), and through strategic analyses of the major players concer ...

04-Jan-2018 $3300

OTT Video - How media companies are responding to Internet giants’ incursion into their territory

By iDate Research

Summary This report analyses the OTT video market’s dynamic around the globe, and especially how market players are faring. It begins by looking at the ways in which top Internet companies are stepping up the ...

03-Jan-2018 $2200