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Sport going digital - A driver for wearables

By iDate Research

This report analyses the digital services and technologies deployed in sport. Particular emphasis is given to wearables, which now account for the majority of products marketed in connected sport. The report provides an overview of the ser ...

06-Dec-2016 $2200

The digitisation of the automotive industry - Market trends, players & outlook

By iDate Research

This report describes the various impacts of digitisation on the automotive industry. It examines the connected-car ecosystem, in terms of applications, implementation techniques and related business models. It als ...

05-Dec-2016 $3300

Connected cities - Globalisation of very high capacity networks

By iDate Research

The aim of this study is to obtain a detailed snapshot of superfast connectivity with a download rate superior or equal to 100 Mbps in big cities around the world and to draw out the top 10 selection. This comparison between cities is base ...

02-Dec-2016 $2200

Ultrafast access technologies - FTTH - - DOCSIS 3.1: what trade-offs between cost, performance and sustainability

By iDate Research

This report provides a state of the art of the different ultrafast Internet access networks available today: FTTH optical fibre networks; Upgraded cable networks with coax in the last mile, Coppe ...

01-Dec-2016 $2200

Artificial reality - Year I of the virtual reality market!

By iDate Research

This study on Artificial Reality, highlights technological and industrial trends and its state of the art as well as market figures and forecasts. The report proposes a detailed analysis of the positioning of major offerings through releva ...

29-Nov-2016 $3300

Cellular M2M markets - Consistent growth driven mainly by Automotive and Utilities

By iDate Research

This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the M2M market around the globe. It explores the driving forces behind the market’s growth and transformation, including an examination of major market trends, pl ...

28-Nov-2016 $4400

Future TV - Media groups, Internet platforms, telcos: who will win?

By iDate Research

Audiovisual sector is growing flat and seems to stay at this pace for a while – thereby creating huge challenges for the industry. The shift to online is only one of several disrupting factors. Within our latest prospective study for ...

18-Nov-2016 $3300

Smart Cities & IoT Trends and outlook for urban IoT

By iDate Research

This report explores the topic of the smart city from the perspective of the development of the Internet of Things in four vertical markets: mobility, the environment, public safety and managing flows (power, water, gas). It delivers a det ...

15-Nov-2016 $3300

Telcos' Customer Experience Management : A tech-enabled data-driven revolution

By iDate Research

Customer experience is key for telcos' retail strategies.Our study highlights the challenges and opportunities enabled by new technologies and marketing techniques.The report compares the telecom sector with others -especially OT ...

14-Nov-2016 $2200

UHD TV and Immersive Video - Trends and prospects for UHD, HDR, VR

By iDate Research

Recent technological developments in the audiovisual field, through new formats and innovative equipment, are providing greater immersion and improving our representation of the real world. This report presents the current state of Ultra-H ...

28-Oct-2016 $3300

Blockchain - A new IT infrastructure

By iDate Research

This report provides a detailed exploration of Blockchain technologies, their current applications and potential impact. It describes how a blockchain works, its possible variants and technological limitations. The report also take ...

27-Oct-2016 $3300

Data Monetisation - Opportunities beyond OTT: finance, telecom, social networks, health and automotive

By iDate Research

This report describes the existing but fast-shifting degree of data monetisation in the verticals of finance, telecom, healthcare and automotive. Woven through all this is the thread of the influence of such cross-cutting trends as social networks ...

17-Oct-2016 $3300

Telco investment challenges - CapEx dynamics

By iDate Research

As the need to deploy superfast systems becomes apparent, telcos are signing more and more cooperation agreements (sharing, pooling, outsourcing) and seeking out new financing models. But they also need to keep up with network investments. ...

17-Oct-2016 $4400

FTTx vendors - Strategies and market share

By iDate Research

This report analyses the FTTx market from the equipment suppliers' viewpoint. It delivers a market analysis, with particular focus on equipment suppliers' strategies around the world. It also provides market share estimates for PON ...

03-Oct-2016 $1100

World SDN/NFV market - Benchmark of telcos' projects and investments

By iDate Research

This report provides an analysis of telecom network evolution and transformation to a software-based infrastructure. We spotlight the main players deploying SDN/NFV as well as their actual projects – at August 2016 exhaustively detai ...

28-Sep-2016 $4400

World Online Advertising Market Programmatic - RTB - Search - Display - Mobile - Social networking – Video Markets at December 2015 & Forecasts to 2020

By iDate Research

The World Online Advertising market package includes: a database with quantitative data on online advertising, the key market for monetization of personal data, up to 2020 for 15 countries (USA- UK –France &nd ...

20-Sep-2016 $4400

LTE for fixed access - The next big thing?

By iDate Research

In developed countries, the deployment of superfast broadband (SFB) is today one of the hottest topics in connection with the convergence of fixed and mobile. Plans for replacing a landline with a mobile line are nothing new. The substitut ...

09-Sep-2016 $3300

World Telecom Services Market - Trends & Analyses, January to June 2016

By iDate Research

The World Telecom Services - Markets & Players study includes two deliverables: A report (ppt format) providing readers with the current status of the telecom services market, along with analyses of global trend ...

05-Sep-2016 $4400

Sport content: TV vs. OTT - New business models for sport content delivery

By iDate Research

While the latest negotiations for the TV rights to major sports resulted in record prices, and the Euro 2016 football and summer Olympic Games have delivered very strong ratings, this report takes a look at sport content on television, and the Int ...

19-Aug-2016 $3300

Telecom consolidation in Europe - Same drivers, new challenges

By iDate Research

This report starts by presenting a panorama of the major moves and trends that have been observed in Europe recently. It continues with an examination of how the regulatory stance seems to have evolved since the new European Commission took office ...

18-Aug-2016 $3300