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World Telecom Services & Players – Report & Dataset Trends & Analyses - Markets at December 2016 & Forecasts to 2021

By iDate Research

2017 was a year of change in the global telecom services market, compared to previous years. While, in the United States, mobile revenue is losing steam but fixed internet services are still enjoying tremendous growth, over in Europe the m ...

08-Nov-2017 $4400

Advertising and TDaaS: trends in personal data monetisation Can telcos break the Google / Facebook duopoly?

By iDate Research

The monetisation of personal data is a fundamental and key concept for Internet players, best known in the form of digital advertising. So fundamental, that players such as Google and Facebook generate 90% of their revenues from it. At the same ti ...

07-Nov-2017 $3300

Monetising fibre - Competitive pressure pushing operators to monetise fibre beyond their core business

By iDate Research

Summary This report delivers a detailed snapshot of the strategies that operators around the globe – USA, Europe, Asia – are using to monetise their fibre networks. What marketing strategies and ...

23-Oct-2017 $3300

The E-Sports Economy - A reshuffling of cards

By iDate Research

Summary Poised to become a real social phenomenon, eSports is an emerging market whose current limited revenue is growing fast, and could reach €3 billion by 2021 – or 4% of the video game market. This figure is ...

18-Oct-2017 $3300

5G Monetisation - Will Gigabit LTE and 5G bring higher revenues?

By iDate Research

Summary This study on the monetisation of 4G and 5G first examines how 4G is currently monetised by MNOs given that this is a key challenge for the industry as a whole. It then explores in depth the paths to moneti ...

12-Sep-2017 $3300

Virtualisation in telco networks – Which markets for SDN and NFV, and what perspectives with network slicing for 5G? - Dataset & Report

By iDate Research

This report provides a state of the art review of the real benefits and various implementations of SDN and NFV concepts within telco network infrastructures. It describes how the two concepts will be necessary for the evolution of telco networks f ...

11-Sep-2017 $4400

Broadcast & Broadband TV - New choices and trade-offs in video distribution

By iDate Research

Summary This report analyses new approaches to TV and video distribution. It begins by setting out the changes being ushered in by the growing use of streaming, initially for on-demand video services, and now more and more ...

06-Sep-2017 $3300

World TV & Video Services Markets – Database & Report - Terrestrial - Satellite - Cable - IPTV - OTT - VOD - Data & forecasts up to 2021

By iDate Research

This half-yearly updated observatory on the TV & Video services market includes a database and a state-of-the-art report. It covers the evolution of 41 countries and 11 regions and sub-regions and proposes a worldwide market consolidation. ...

29-Aug-2017 $4400

World FTTx market – Database & Report - Markets as of December 2016 & Forecasts up to 2021

By iDate Research

The bundle World FTTx market includes two deliverables: 1. A report analysing the developments in FTTx markets up to 2021. It presents a geographical panorama of FTTx access solutions and superfast ...

22-Aug-2017 $5500

World LTE & 5G markets - data & forecasts up to 2021

By iDate Research

The bundle World LTE markets – 5G initiatives & MBB spectrum includes two deliverables dealing with both LTE and spectrum issues: A database (updated half-yearly): quantitative & qualitative data for 42 count ...

14-Aug-2017 $5500

World OTT Markets - data & forecasts up to 2021 – Fixed and Mobile Internet

By iDate Research

This yearly observatory – report and datasetprovides a comprehensive worldwide and regional/country level market value database covering all principal OTT services for the period of 2010 to 2021. Markets covered: Internet access and ...

10-Aug-2017 $4400

Programmatic TV to Addressable TV - The new potential of targeted advertising for television

By iDate Research

Summary In a context where linear TV consumption is declining, and where the Internet presents fierce competition in terms of viewing time and its ability to attract ad spend from advertisers, the TV sector is looking to r ...

08-Aug-2017 $2200

OTT Regulation - Hot topics: Level Playing Field, Privacy, Taxation, Net Neutrality, Platform and Competition

By iDate Research

This report addresses the emerging debates regarding regulation for OTT services. Indeed, as seen with Google Shopping or Apple taxes and sharing economy specific rules in many countries, the initiatives from public stakeholders are becoming more ...

24-Jul-2017 $3300

Key IoT technologies - Unlocking the IoT potential

By iDate Research

Summary This report identifies the emerging IoT technologies. For each of them, it also analyses their: Operating principle including advantages and drawbacks ...

13-Jul-2017 $3300

Video Content: The New El Dorado? - Competition for content between telecom operators, audiovisual players and the Internet

By iDate Research

Summary The report looks at the potential success of vertical integration in the audiovisual value chain by telcos, TV broadcasters and Internet players. It analyses the reasons for the many operations we ar ...

15-Jun-2017 $3300

TV market outlook for Africa & the Middle East Growth catalysts, regional dynamics, changing products and services

By iDate Research

This report examines TV and video market dynamics in Africa and the Middle East . It begins with an investigation of how TV access modes have evolved, analysing the situation with the different distribution networks (satellite, cable & ...

06-Jun-2017 $3300

KPIs: Telcos vs OTTs - How Internet giants differ from telcos

By iDate Research

This report looks into the KPIs from both the telco and OTT angles. A simple comparison is not sufficient as these two industries have very different dynamics, and hence cannot be measured in the same way. This report goes in depth to iden ...

05-Jun-2017 $3300

5G plans and investments Approaching the starting blocks

By iDate Research

Summary 5G has not been fully standardised yet. But 5G is set to become a reality by 2020 and, for some MNOs by 2018. MNOs and equipment manufacturers are all in the starting blocks and trialling 5G. MNOs ...

29-May-2017 $2200

The Industrial Internet Towards the 4th industrial revolution

By iDate Research

Summary This report describes the phenomenon of the Industrial Internet. It provides a general analysis of the trend and specific examples of recent developments in various verticals. This analysis focuses ...

24-May-2017 $3300

Gigabit Nations - Ultrafast access markets and players

By iDate Research

Since 2010 and Google’s announced fibre Gigabit network rollouts in the US, we have been seeing more and more Gigabit plans being introduced in most corners of the globe. After a brief look at the maturity of the technologies being u ...

18-May-2017 $2200