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5G deployments and rollouts - 5G has arrived, but aren’t these testing times?

By iDate Research

This comprehensive and up-to-date report reviews recent 5G deployments and rollouts in some 11 countries.Through its international scoreboard, the report highlights moves made by national and regional players and scopes their planned r ...

26-Jun-2019 $2200

From network virtualisation to 5G slicing – Report & Dataset

By iDate Research

This report provides a benchmark of telcos’ network transformation strategy covering SDN/NFV implementations, network slicing overview and also datacenters evolution. The idea of the benchmark is to give a global overview of the real ...

19-Jun-2019 $3300

TV & Video Services Markets in North America - Terrestrial - Satellite - Cable - IPTV - OTT - Video on Demand

By iDate Research

This TV and Video Market observatory covers North America (Canada and the United States). It contains historic data going back to 2015, and market forecasts up to 2023.It covers how viewers access TV programming alon ...

23-May-2019 $2750

Rakuten: a greenfield mobile operator – Can virtualisation really help a greenfield player?

By iDate Research

Rakuten is going to launch a fully virtualised 4G network in October this year and a 5G network in 2020. The network is expected to be more flexible, easier to maintain and upgrade. Building a totally new type of mobile network is ...

14-May-2019 $1100

Robotics – A meteoric market, flying high on the digital transformation of vertical industries

By iDate Research

This report presents an overview of the robotics market and its interactions with other emerging technologies and digital trends. In presenting the major technological stakes of robotics, it focuses on existing and emerging technologies fo ...

13-May-2019 $2750

FTTx markets in Asia-Pacific - Markets as at December 2018 - Forecasts up to 2023

By iDate Research

This study proposes an overview of the evolution of FTTx technologies at December 2018 in major Asian countries. In order to provide a consolidate and complete overview, the study is structured in two parts: ...

10-May-2019 $3850

Open Innovation & Telecoms Incubators - Benchmark of telcos' corporate incubators

By iDate Research

To develop their innovation strategies, companies (and telecoms market players in particular) are arming themselves with corporate incubators.This IDATE DigiWorld report examines the different incubation models and trends through an an ...

30-Apr-2019 $1650

5G Video - Game-changer, market-booster of the decade

By iDate Research

This report examines the prospects of video entertainment contents and services within the framework of upcoming 5G launches. An introductory section describes the 5G roadmap in the world. Some 5G video uses cases are then illustra ...

29-Mar-2019 $3300

World TV & Video Services Markets – Database & Report Terrestrial - Satellite - Cable - IPTV - OTT - VOD - Data & forecasts up to 2022

By iDate Research

This half-yearly updated observatory on the TV & Video services market includes a database and a state-of-the-art report. It covers the evolution of 41 countries and 11 regions and sub-regions and proposes a worldwide market consolidation. ...

31-Jan-2019 $4400

5G & profitability - Market variables shaping rollouts

By iDate Research

5G is coming at a time when mobile data use shows no signs of waning, in markets where value is not always easy to maintain. 5G also ushers in new rollout constraints, notably with the advent of new (mmWave) frequencies. Th ...

24-Jan-2019 $2200

Public Broadcasting in the Digital Age - What does the future hold with globalised consumption?

By iDate Research

The internet has dealt a double blow to public service media (PSM) – smaller audiences and the relevance of their mission under scrutiny now that content and information is so abundant – which raises internal and external questions abo ...

21-Jan-2019 $3300

World Telecom Services & Players - Trends & Analyses - Markets at December 2018 & Forecasts to 2022

By iDate Research

The global telecom services market’s trajectory in 2017 and 2018 confirmed, and even amplified, the change in direction that began in 2016 on both sides of the Atlantic. In the United States, mobile revenue has been on a downwards sl ...

21-Jan-2019 $4400

World Cellular M2M market – Technologies & Market forecasts up to 2022

By iDate Research

This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the cellular M2M market around the globe. It explores the driving forces behind the market’s growth and transformation, including an examination of major market t ...

15-Jan-2019 $4400

World IoT Markets – Markets & forecasts up to 2022

By iDate Research

This study analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the IoT market around the globe. It explores the driving forces behind the market’s growth and transformation. Its examination of market trends in 14 major vertica ...

15-Jan-2019 $4400

World LTE markets – 5G initiatives & MBB spectrum - Markets at June 2018 & Forecasts to 2022 - Markets – Players – Technologies – Spectrum

By iDate Research

The bundle World LTE markets – 5G initiatives & MBB spectrum includes two deliverables dealing with LTE, 5G and spectrum issues: A database (updated half-yearly): quantitative & qualitative data for 46 countr ...

10-Jan-2019 $5500

Business Models in the Phygital World - How the telcos are adapting in an increasingly OTT-dominant world

By iDate Research

The world is today entering into an increasingly « phygital » era; a world where both the physical and digital sides are merging, especially through the use of personal data with Internet giants at the forefront of this trend. ...

10-Jan-2019 $2200

World FTTx market - Markets at June 2018 & Forecasts up to 2022

By iDate Research

The bundle World FTTx market includes two deliverables: 1. A half-yearly updated dataset covering: 70+ countries & 200+ player sheets including their roll-out projects (bottom-up approac ...

21-Dec-2018 $5500

Smart Farming - Opportunities for plant, livestock and agricultural equipment-related applications

By iDate Research

This report explores technological innovations in the agriculture landscape, encompassing three distinct categories: Plant-related applications Livestock-related applications Machinery and equipm ...

20-Dec-2018 $3300

Internet Giants Investing in Content - Not a core business but a market game changer

By iDate Research

This report examines the market of digital content (video, music, games, books, press) from the specific perspective of the internet giants. The introductory section describes market trends in digital content revenues, consumption and the ...

18-Dec-2018 $3300

FTTH: A Strategic Game-Changer for Telcos - How can telcos leverage FTTH to reinvent their business models and adapt to evolving usage patterns?

By iDate Research

FTTH is now widely considered a goal for fixed connectivity. On many accounts, this technology widely differs from other available broadband solutions, which fosters new usages and makes way for new entrants. This report raises que ...

13-Dec-2018 $3300