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World Online Advertising Market Programmatic - RTB - Search - Display - Mobile - Social networking – Video Markets at December 2015 & Forecasts to 2020

By iDate Research

The World Online Advertising market package includes: a database with quantitative data on online advertising, the key market for monetization of personal data, up to 2020 for 15 countries (USA- UK –France &nd ...

20-Sep-2016 $4400

LTE for fixed access - The next big thing?

By iDate Research

In developed countries, the deployment of superfast broadband (SFB) is today one of the hottest topics in connection with the convergence of fixed and mobile. Plans for replacing a landline with a mobile line are nothing new. The substitut ...

09-Sep-2016 $3300

World Telecom Services Market - Trends & Analyses, January to June 2016

By iDate Research

The World Telecom Services - Markets & Players study includes two deliverables: A report (ppt format) providing readers with the current status of the telecom services market, along with analyses of global trend ...

05-Sep-2016 $4400

Sport content: TV vs. OTT - New business models for sport content delivery

By iDate Research

While the latest negotiations for the TV rights to major sports resulted in record prices, and the Euro 2016 football and summer Olympic Games have delivered very strong ratings, this report takes a look at sport content on television, and the Int ...

19-Aug-2016 $3300

Telecom consolidation in Europe - Same drivers, new challenges

By iDate Research

This report starts by presenting a panorama of the major moves and trends that have been observed in Europe recently. It continues with an examination of how the regulatory stance seems to have evolved since the new European Commission took office ...

18-Aug-2016 $3300

World TV & Video Services Markets Terrestrial - Satellite - Cable - IPTV - DVD - Blu-ray - Video on demand Data & forecasts up to 2020

By iDate Research

Our TV experts publish half-yearly their TV & Video Services observatory covering 39 countries, 10 regions and world consolidated. This ongoing monitoring is accompanied by regular analyses and analyst viewpoints of trends, disruptions ...

10-Aug-2016 $4400

World LTE markets - 5G initiatives & MBB spectrum - Markets at December 2015 & Forecasts to 2020 Markets - Players - Technologies - CapEx - Pricing

By iDate Research

The bundle World LTE markets – 5G initiatives & MBB spectrum includes two deliverables dealing with both LTE and spectrum issues: A database (updated half-yearly): quantitative & qualitative data for 46 countries, 6 zo ...

09-Aug-2016 $5500

Digital Agenda Europe - Europe (EU-28) at the end of 2015

By iDate Research

This report examines the status of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) in the 28 European Union Member States (EU-28) with respect to objectives 2 and 3: respectively full coverage for >30 Mbps connections and 50% coverage and take-up for >1 ...

20-Jul-2016 $2200

World FTTx market - Markets at December 2015 & Forecasts to 2020

By iDate Research

The bundle World FTTx market includes two deliverables: A report analysing the developments in FTTx markets up to 2020. It presents a geographical panorama of FTTx access solutions in Europe, Asia, ...

11-Jul-2016 $5500

World OTT Markets : Markets & Forecasts up to 2020 - Fixed and Mobile Internet

By iDate Research

This yearly observatory - report and dataset- provides a comprehensive worldwide and regional/country level market value database covering all principal OTT services for the period of 2010 to 2020. Markets covered: Internet access a ...

05-Jul-2016 $5500

Video Solution Providers : Towards Software-Defined Video

By iDate Research

This report analyses the rollout of new IP-based video management and distribution solutions. This includes extensive company profiles which describe the positioning of leading players coming from the TV industry, telecom and IT equipment supplier ...

04-Jul-2016 $3300

Content Economics : How digital distribution is impacting content industries

By iDate Research

This report takes a look at four major content industry sectors: book publishing recorded music video games video. For each sector, it provides detailed market data, alo ...

30-Jun-2016 $4400

The Industrial Internet : Towards the 4th industrial revolution

By iDate Research

This report describes the phenomenon of the Industrial Internet. It analyses the impacts on the integration of IoT technologies into industrial assets (the 'smart factory'), as well as into end products. It also provides insights r ...

22-Jun-2016 $3300

OpenStack, the compelling cloud platform : Key for telco virtualisation

By iDate Research

This report presents the introduction of OpenStack as a major cloud platform and its effect on this industry. The first part of the report gives a description of OpenStack and the benefits from deploying it.The second part provides a ...

15-Jun-2016 $2200

Connected Healthcare - The gaps between promise and reality

By iDate Research

This report introduces the potential value proposition brought by connected healthcare solutions in respective of both business users (caregivers) and individual users (patients). The particularity of health industries have been considered in rega ...

09-Jun-2016 $2200

World Video Game Markets - Trends, analyses and in-depth market outlook

By iDate Research

The global video game market (including equipment) will grow from 74.5 billion EUR in 2016 to 107.6 billion EUR in 2020 (+9.6 % per year on average). This study follows the development of key indicators for the sector over the next five ye ...

07-Jun-2016 $5500

Public policies for UFB - Benchmarking 7 countries in relation to the Digital Agenda for Europe

By iDate Research

This report explores ultra-fast broadband rollouts carried out as part of national government-backed plans, by taking a detailed look at the situation today in seven countries: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK. ...

03-Jun-2016 $3300

Video-On-Demand - Europe's main markets in the aftermath of Netflix world conquest

By iDate Research

This study aims to identify and describe the key characteristics and challenges of the developing market of pay video-on-demand services by focusing on the United States market and major European markets (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, United King ...

17-May-2016 $3300

Network Sharing - Which innovations will shape the future of network sharing?

By iDate Research

This report deals with the evolution of network sharing by Mobile Network Operators. Today established as a common practice, it is still differently undertaken depending on market and geography. We will thus examine what the main forms of ...

11-May-2016 $3300

Mobile Security Solutions- An increasingly insecure mobile environment - Markets, trends & technologies

By iDate Research

This report examines the world of mobile security, providing a broad overview of the main players, their strategies and positioning, future trends and the market as a whole – its structuring and value chain (hardware, devices, IT, security, ...

10-May-2016 $3300