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Retail Banking Country Snapshot: France 2016

By Verdict

Summary The markets for mortgages and personal loans are largely dominated by a single provider (Crédit Agricole for mortgages, LCL for loans). Across all main products branches remain the key channel for acquiring ...

28-Nov-2016 $3450

Discretionary Asset Management: HNW Demand and Drivers

By Verdict

Summary Globally over half of HNW investment portfolios are placed in discretionary mandates. However, the uptake of these services differs by country. While wealth managers in developed economies such as the UK and the US ...

28-Nov-2016 $5250

Insurance Competitor Profile: Aviva 2016

By Verdict

Summary This profile offers a review of Aviva, its business structure and strategy, its financial performance, and a SWOT analysis. Aviva has 34 million customers worldwide and 16 million in the UK (before the dedu ...

24-Nov-2016 $1295

Wealth in India: Sizing the Market Opportunity 2016

By Verdict

Summary Driven by economic performance, over the past few years the Indian wealth market has impressed with strong growth rates, which are expected to continue to 2020. India currently holds the crown as the world's fastes ...

23-Nov-2016 $3450

Home Retail Series: Laundry & Cleaning

By Verdict

Summary The laundry & cleaning market is expected to grow 1.6% in 2016, the highest rise in over five years. With growth heavily reliant on replacement purchases and sales of everyday household essentials, the market h ...

11-Nov-2016 $8600

Retail Banking Country Snapshot: US 2016

By Verdict

Summary The US is a very competitive market for all financial products. Product ownership rates are high, particularly for current accounts and savings accounts. Both younger and older age groups use branches often, meanin ...

10-Nov-2016 $3450

Consumer Payments Country Snapshot: UAE

By Verdict

Summary The UAE market is defined by limited penetration of payment cards and a high reliance on cash among consumers. In spite of an increasing trend in the use of technology, contactless payment rollout and adoption have ...

09-Nov-2016 $3450

Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Mexico 2016

By Verdict

Summary While the market for current accounts and savings in Mexico is largely controlled by the four largest commercial banks, state-backed lenders dominate the mortgage market. Consumers place a lot of emphasis on ethica ...

08-Nov-2016 $3450

Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Sweden 2016

By Verdict

Summary Sweden has a competitive market for most financial products, with only Swedbank maintaining a dominant position in the provision of current accounts, savings accounts, and mortgages. Overall, consumers are cautious ...

08-Nov-2016 $3450

Click and Collect in the UK

By Verdict

Summary Click and collect is forecast to grow by 64% between 2016 and 2021, driven by the clothing and footwear sector (growth of 85%) as increasingly time poor consumers are looking to reduce time spent shopping. ...

07-Nov-2016 $5750

Insurance Competitor Profile: Allianz 2016

By Verdict

Summary Allianz Group is an integrated financial services provider with a global reach of more than 70 countries. It is the market-leading insurer in Germany, and also has a strong presence in France, Italy, the US, and th ...

06-Nov-2016 $1295

Consumer Payments Country Snapshot: Mexico 2016

By Verdict

Summary The Mexican cards market is generally underdeveloped. Despite a high penetration of pay-now cards, financial inclusion is incomplete and the market in general is heavily reliant on cash. The cards market is growing ...

06-Nov-2016 $3450

Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Canada 2016

By Verdict

Summary The market for most financial products in Canada is largely controlled by the top five banks, although non-bank lenders have made significant inroads into the mortgage market in recent years. Consumers have conserv ...

04-Nov-2016 $3450

Wealth in the UK: Competitive Dynamics 2016

By Verdict

Summary Since the introduction of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) in 2012, the UK wealth management competitive landscape has undergone a steady evolution. New business models have emerged as both new and established ...

03-Nov-2016 $3450

Wealth in Belgium: Sizing the Market Opportunity 2016

By Verdict

Summary Wealth market growth in Belgium has experienced a slowdown in 2016 following the terrorist attacks and Brexit. Combined with the volatility of the stock market, Belgian individuals have been driven to adopt cautiou ...

02-Nov-2016 $3450

Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Singapore 2016

By Verdict

Summary Singapore has a highly concentrated market for most financial products, with DBS, POSB, and OCBC dominating the provision of current accounts, savings accounts, and mortgages. Consumers are cautious in their choice ...

01-Nov-2016 $3450

Consumer Payments Country Snapshot: Netherlands 2016

By Verdict

Summary The Dutch payments market is highly mature, with consumers very comfortable using debit cards and online payment channels (especially local brand iDEAL, backed by wide acceptance and a convenient user experience). ...

01-Nov-2016 $3450

Outdoor Eating

By Verdict

Summary Growth in the outdoor eating market has slowed to 0.4% in 2016 (from 3.1% in 2015) but is set to recover, to 0.8%, in 2017. The outdoor eating category is continuing to grow and is expected to increase c.£4m ...

01-Nov-2016 $8600

Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Taiwan 2016

By Verdict

Summary Taiwan has an advanced but overcrowded financial services market. Ownership of the key financial products is widespread, with consumers favoring providers that have a good reputation and with which they have an exi ...

31-Oct-2016 $3450

Retailing in the Philippines- Market Summary & Forecasts

By Verdict

Summary The Philippines' retail sector is expected to witness healthy growth over the next five years, backed by improving economic conditions, government efforts to boost domestic consumption, relatively low inflation lev ...

31-Oct-2016 $4950