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Global and Regional Markets for Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) Infrastructure and Equipment


Portrayed in the past five years as a pipe dream, technological savior and prudent investment to complement existing energy infrastructure, carbon capture and sequestration (CCS; also known as carbon capture and storage) is projected by SBI Energy as ...

29-Aug-2013 $3960

Global Market for Incinerator Technologies


While global growth in incineration staggered in the wake of the global economic turndown, global incineration markets are well-poised for continued recovery and consistent growth. Since 2008, global markets for incinerators have resurged from $7.9 b ...

29-Mar-2013 $3960

Fuel Cell Technologies Worldwide


Fuel Cell Technologies Worldwide - Fuel cells represent an exciting and dynamic industry that could alter the way we produce and use energy for residential and commercial consumption, transportation, electronic devices, and more. While fuel cells ...

18-Mar-2013 $3960

The Global Market for Commercial Generators


Commercial generators, also referred to as gensets, are used to supply full power, temporary power, supplemental power or emergency back-up power to retail businesses, industrial manufacturers, construction outfits, municipalities, telecommunication ...

01-Mar-2013 $3960

World Biofuels Market


Three quarters of the 27.9 billion gallon global biofuels market of 2012 was for bioethanol, with the remaining quarter consisting of biodiesel sales. The U.S. and Brazil dominate the bioethanol market, with the two countries accounting for 85% of pr ...

25-Feb-2013 $3960

LED and OLED Global Markets, 2nd Edition


This research report presents an in-depth analysis of the development, performance, applications, products, manufacturers, and trends in the worldwide use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). LEDs are now widely ...

09-Jan-2013 $3960

Energy Efficiency Global Products and Services Markets


The global energy efficiency (EE) market encompasses product and service markets that enable residential, commercial and industrial energy consumers to use less energy and save money. EE products include EE building goods, EE appliances, EE consumer ...

03-Dec-2012 $3960

HVAC, 3rd Editioon


The U.S. market for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) manufacturing is recovering from a period of economic setback that started with the great U.S. recession of 2008. HVAC manufacturers had previously enjoyed a period of steady growth ...

30-Nov-2012 $3960

The U.S. Road, Bridge & Tunnel Construction Market


The U.S. road construction market continues to suffer even as the country recovers from the recession. The completion of most American Recovery and Reinvestment Act-funded projects, coupled with the lack of a long-term transportation bill through 201 ...

26-Nov-2012 $3960

Global Markets for Natural Gas Vehicle Components


Battered by gasoline and diesel fuel prices in recent years, many consumers, businesses and industries are intrigued by natural gas vehicles (NGVs), the most prevalent on-road alternative fuel vehicles in the world. In the last five years, record num ...

05-Oct-2012 $3960

Global Market for Membrane Wastewater Treatment


Wastewater is, at once, an environmental hazard and a potentially recoverable resource. Generated from a wide array of processes and activities, wastewater may contain hazardous toxins, heavy metals, oils and greases, nutrients, bacteriological compo ...

05-Oct-2012 $3960

The U.S. Steel Industry Outlook


The steel industry is vital to the economic competitiveness of the United States. Steel serves as the backbone to automobiles, bridges, buildings, railroads, and machinery and is an important component of national defens ...

30-Aug-2012 $4950

The World Market for Bio-Based Chemicals, 2nd Edition


The bio-based chemicals market has continued steady and solid growth in the past two years, helped along by stabilization in glycerin prices to achieve a market of $3.6 billion in 2011. Glycerin and lactic acid accounted for just over two-thirds of t ...

16-Aug-2012 $4950

Paints and Coatings, U.S. Market 2nd Edition


The U.S. paints and coatings market includes a wide range of solvent-based and water-based formulas, as well as powder coatings. These coating mixtures are specifically suited for a wide range of applications and include: architectural paints and ...

10-Aug-2012 $4950

Personal Protective Equipment in the U.S.


SBI estimates the U.S. market for personal protective equipment (PPE) will top $13 billion in 2012. As the economy begins to heat up, U.S. PPE sales should exceed $14.1 billion in 2013, which represents an 8.2 percent in ...

12-Jul-2012 $3960

Smart Appliances


Smart appliances will play a critical role in the transformation to Smart Grid infrastructure adoption. Smart appliances are products that use electricity and have the ability to receive, interpret, and act on a signal received from a utility and the ...

17-Jun-2012 $4950

EVSE Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Market Worldwide


The electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) market exploded in 2010 and 2011, a necessary increase as auto manufacturers finally started mass producing over a half dozen different plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) models worldwide. The number of charg ...

14-Jun-2012 $4950

Enhanced Oil Recovery, 2nd Edition


Enhanced oil recovery (EOR), also referred to as improved oil recovery or tertiary oil recovery, is most often achieved by injecting a liquid or gas into an oil reservoir, thereby lowering oil viscosity and increasing the amount of oil available for ...

08-Jun-2012 $4950

Green Building Materials and Construction, 3rd Edition


"Green" construction has a crucial role to play in the transition toward low carbon economy. Presently, the global building sector uses almost one third of the global energy and is the main single contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). ...

26-Apr-2012 $4950

Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Worldwide: Production and Infrastructure Markets


Dense and viscous, bitumen is counted along with extra-heavy crude oil and heavy crude oil as unconventional crude oil resources that are finding a growing role in upstream operations and producer portfolios worldwide. Between 2007 and 2011, global u ...

20-Apr-2012 $4950