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Online Travel Market, Global Analysis by Tourism & Hotel Booking (Online, Offline), Types of Platform (Mobile, PC), Regions & Companies

By Renub Research

Growth in digital platforms drives online travel and tourism industry globally. Hotel industry is playing the significant role for the growth of this market place. Most of hotelier’s adopt digital platforms to utilize digital boom as interne ...

01-Oct-2018 $2190

Japan In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market, by Diagnostics, Companies, Reimbursements, Porter's Model, Growth Drivers, Challenges, Opportunities

By Renub Research

In Japan In Vitro Diagnostic comes under medical device, which is consumable or disposable and used to collect numerous bio-samples under various medical conditions. According to Renub Research Japan In Vitro Diagnostics market is expected to surp ...

01-Oct-2018 $2690

Virtual Reality Market Global Analysis by Software, Hardware, Regions & Companies

By Renub Research

Technological novelty will impact digital marketing, and one of the most interesting tools to enter the background in the past few years is Virtual Reality (VR). Virtual reality (VR) creates a 3D computer generated multi-sensory immersive surround ...

14-Sep-2018 $1990

Cybersecurity Market Global Analysis By Product Services Industry Verticals & Regions

By Renub Research

Cybersecurity Market will be US$ 164 Billion opportunities by 2024. Cybersecurity helps an organization to check, identify, report, and counter cyber theft or damage to its electronic data. Globally spending on Cybersecurity is growing as there is ...

11-Sep-2018 $1990

China Dairy Market & Forecast by Type, Product, Production & Consumption, Import, Export Volume, & Companies

By Renub Research

China Dairy Market and its dairy products is expected to be USD 114 Billion industry by 2024. Increasing disposable income, growing health conscious population, availability in various flavors especially in ice-cream and Chinese government initiat ...

07-Sep-2018 $1990

Global Proton Therapy Market & Forecast (12 Countries Market Data), Patients Treated at Proton Therapy Centers, Reimbursement Policies

By Renub Research

Global Proton Therapy market will surpass US$ 18 Billion by 2018. According to Renub research analysis, the global proton therapy market will be growing at a rapid pace due to rising number of proton therapy center across the world. In addition, t ...

06-Sep-2018 $1990

Electric Bus Market, Volume Global Analysis by Types (Battery Electric e-bus & Plug-in Hybrid e-bus) Regions (China, Europe, Nordics, United States, India) Company (Yutong, BYD, Proterra Inc.)

By Renub Research

Electric Bus Market is expected to surpass USD 400 Billion by the year 2024. China is gaining high prominence in developing electric bus over rest of the world. The e-bus is comparatively new discovery than electric car and electric bike but, now ...

31-Aug-2018 $2190

Auto-injectors Market, Global Forecast by Application (Anaphylaxis, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.), Product Types, Usability, Distribution Channels, Regions & Companies

By Renub Research

Global auto-injectors market is expected to be more than USD 5 Billion by 2024. According to Renub Research analysis auto-injectors market will grow at double digit CAGR from 2018-2024 due to auto-injectors self-administration features which ultim ...

28-Aug-2018 $1990

China Molecular Diagnostics Market, Volume, by Application [Oncology Testing (Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer), Infectious Disease Testing (Virology, HPV), and Genetic Disease Testing (Blood Screening, HLA)]

By Renub Research

China Molecular Diagnostics Market is projected to reach US$ 1.8 Billion by the end of year 2024. Molecular diagnostics is a technique which is used for the molecular biological detection of any change in the structure or expression of patient&rsq ...

17-Aug-2018 $1490

Security and Vulnerability Assessment Market, Global Analysis by Region, End Users, Deployment, Industry & Companies

By Renub Research

Security and Vulnerability Assessment market will surpass US$ 14.7 Billion by 2024. Large, small organizations or even individual who are facing the cyber attacks can benefit from the vulnerability assessments. Nowadays, around the globe many orga ...

14-Aug-2018 $1990

China Cancer Drugs Market, by Drugs (Cytotoxic, Targeted, etc.), Cancer Types(Lung, Stomach, Breast, etc.), by Therapy & Companies

By Renub Research

Anti-Cancer drugs are the drugs which are used to reduce or prevent the cell proliferation of cancerous tissues. China Cancer Drugs Market is projected to reach US$ 30 Billion by the year 2024; owing to the increasing prevalence of various types o ...

10-Aug-2018 $1990

Electric Vehicle Market, Volume, Global Analysis by (Plug-in, Battery, Hybrid, Fuel Cell) Cars, Countries & Companies

By Renub Research

Global electric vehicle market is expected to surpass US$ 419 Billion by the end of year 2024. Several governments across the globe are promoting electric vehicle to a large extent and providing decent subsidies to boost the production level of EV ...

06-Aug-2018 $2290

China In–Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market, By Diagnostics (Immunoassay, Microbiology, Molecular, SMBG, POCT & etc.) & Companies

By Renub Research

China In–Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market is projected to exceed US$ 12 Billion by the end of year 2024. China In–Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market is growing significantly and is expected to continue its ongoing trend during the forecast p ...

03-Aug-2018 $1490

CAR T Cell Therapy Market, Global Forecast by Regions, Targeted Antigens, Clinical Trials/Study & Companies

By Renub Research

CAR T Cell therapy market is expected to grow with a CAGR of over 46 percent in the forecast period. Year 2017 has created new milestone for the oncology patients as FDA approved the first two CD19-targeted (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) CAR T cell t ...

02-Aug-2018 $2390

Breast Cancer Screening Market, Global Analysis by Population, Screening Tests [Mammography, MRI, Ultrasound] & Countries

By Renub Research

Breast Cancer Screening Market is projected to reach US$ 21 Billion by the end of year 2024. In both the developed and developing countries, Breast Cancer is the top cancer among women. The incidence of breast cancer is rising in the lower income ...

01-Aug-2018 $1590

United States Outbound Tourism Market to Nordics, Tourist Numbers to (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Greenland) Purpose & Accommodation

By Renub Research

United States Outbound Tourism Market to Nordics is projected to exceed US$ 1.5 Billion by the year 2024. A developed economy, with an exponential number of millionaires and growing per capita income factors drive the USA outbound tourism market. ...

01-Aug-2018 $1490

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Patients Treated by Indication, Product Analysis of 20 Manufacturers, Deals & Numbers by Region

By Renub Research

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a focal therapy technique, which targets the cancer tumors with little to no damage of the non-cancerous tissue surrounding them. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology is maturing very rapi ...

01-Aug-2018 $1290

Liquid Biopsy Market, by Cancer (Lung, Breast, Colorectal, etc), Products, Circulating Biomarkers, Sample, Clinical Application, Regions & Companies

By Renub Research

Liquid Biopsy Market is projected to exceed US$ 3.4 Billion by the year 2024, witnessing the worldwide increasing prevalence of cancer and raising awareness regarding the minimal invasive liquid biopsy technology across the world. Today, liquid bi ...

31-Jul-2018 $1990

Cardiac Marker Analyzer Market & Product Analysis, By Analyzers (Alere Meterpro Analyzer, RAMP 200, RAMP Reader, etc) & Companies

By Renub Research

Global Cardiac Marker Analyzer Market is projected to cross US$ 4 Billion by the year 2024. Cardiac Marker Analyzer (Cardiac Reader Systems) offers high point of care testing results for the diagnosis of cardiac related diseases like myocardial in ...

06-Jul-2018 $1490

Adult Vaccine Market, Global Analysis By Disease (Influenza, Cervical Cancer, Zoster, MMR , Pneumonia, Meningitis, Hepatitis, Tap , Varicella & Travel & Miscellaneous Vaccine) & Companies

By Renub Research

Adult Vaccine Market is projected to reach US$ 22 Billion by the year 2024. Vaccination can help prevent certain diseases in all the people. Nearly all countries across the globe have introduced a well-organized National immunization Programs in t ...

05-Jul-2018 $1690