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Radiation Detection Equipment Markets: 2015 - 2022

By NanoMarkets LC

Increasing concerns about nuclear terrorism and expanding use of medical imaging continue to fuel the need for accurate radiation detection equipment. Beyond traditional military and medical applications, industrial applications are also providing ...

21-May-2015 $3495

OLED Lighting 2015-2022: Reassessing Markets and Momentum

By NanoMarkets LC

A year ago the outlook for OLED lighting seemed to brighten a bit, anticipating that new capacity build-outs and continued development would enable higher outputs and lower costs, and finally start to unlock broad market demand. Unfortunately thes ...

15-May-2015 $3495

Markets for Self-Healing Materials: 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

This new report from n-tech identifies the commercial potential for the advanced self-healing materials that are currently emerging from industrial labs.  Although reversible polymers have been available for quite some time, these need an ext ...

15-May-2015 $3495

Smart Mirrors Technologies and Markets, 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

In this report n-tech Research updates our evaluation of the various types of technologies that companies are using to make mirrors "smart," while noting how different sectors may have different value propositions. We also explore the various market ...

16-Apr-2015 $3495

Thin-Film and Printed Battery Markets-2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

This report examines the latest developments in thin-film and printed battery technologies, from materials and design to manufacturing. We also look at the supplier landscape as it stands today and how it continues to change. In this report we also e ...

02-Apr-2015 $3495

Smart Surfaces Markets 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

In this report, NanoMarkets identifies the emerging market opportunities for smart surfaces across a wide range of applications.  Smart surfaces are capable of rearranging their morphology or composition in response to changes of the ambient environm ...

17-Mar-2015 $3495

Market Opportunities for Silver Nanowire Transparent Conductors 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

This report analyzes the latest developments in Ag NW transparent conductor technologies, their advantages and drawbacks, and what we see as their potential adoption in various key end markets. The goal is to examine the advantages and latest improve ...

16-Mar-2015 $1995

Market Opportunities for Metal Meshes as Transparent Conductors, 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

Metal mesh transparent conductors have come into their own in the past year, emerging as a serious alternative to widely used indium tin oxide (ITO), principally in the touch screen sensor space but also beyond that sector, where meshes are already s ...

02-Mar-2015 $2495

Radiation Detection Materials Markets: 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

Growth in the demand for radiation detection, especially for homeland security and medical applications, is driving the need for radiation detection materials that can provide sufficient performance at the right price. Increased interest in mobile ra ...

26-Feb-2015 $3495

Smart Lighting Market Opportunities: Smart Bulbs and the Rise of Local Lighting Intelligence

By NanoMarkets LC

In the past 18 months, the smart lighting business has taken important new directions, creating opportunities at every level of the lighting value chain. As NanoMarkets has predicted for several years now, smart lighting vendors now see their value p ...

04-Feb-2015 $2495

Radiation Detection In Industrial and Scientific Markets: 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

Aside from extensive use in healthcare, and military/domestic security contexts, radiation detection is seeing significant growth in a number of industrial applications. Nuclear power is an obvious end market, despite recent end-market shifts and tec ...

04-Feb-2015 $1995

Organic Photovoltaics Markets 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

NanoMarkets has covered the technologies and market opportunities for organic photovoltaics (OPV) for nearly seven years. Here we examine how this market has evolved since our last in-depth report in 2012, from the latest technology improvements to r ...

02-Feb-2015 $3295

Smart Coatings Markets 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

Smart coatings are coatings that dynamically adapt their properties to an external stimulus and they are of growing commercial importance. NanoMarkets has been covering the smart coatings market for four years and believes that the market opportuniti ...

15-Jan-2015 $3495

Markets for Carbon Nanotubes as Transparent Conductors

By NanoMarkets LC

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as transparent conductors (TC) have been an on-again, off-again affair for almost a decade. Originally proposed as a future competitor for ITO in the display industry, CNTs have lost mindshare as silver coatings and grids have ...

13-Jan-2015 $1995

Radiation Detection In Domestic Security and Military Markets, 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

The security and military sectors are two of the fastest-growing areas for radiation detection, attracting heavy investments at the present time. One obvious factor is the supposed increase in terrorist activity, and a need for monitoring and control ...

05-Jan-2015 $1995

Electrochromic Glass and Film Markets - 2014-2021

By NanoMarkets LC

Electrochromic (EC) glass is already being used in considerable quantities for smart mirrors by Gentex, but NanoMarkets believes that EC glass also has considerable opportunities going forward in the smart windows market. Indeed, of the half-dozen te ...

16-Dec-2014 $2495

Radiation Detection In Medical and Healthcare Markets, 2014-2021

By NanoMarkets LC

Medical/healthcare is an established end-market for radiation detection equipment in many applications, and continues to drive improvements in and demand for radiology diagnostic systems. Radiography is one of the most important aspects of non-destru ...

16-Dec-2014 $1995

Market Opportunities for Quantum Dots 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

NanoMarkets believes that opportunities for commercial use of quantum dots (QDs) have changed dramatically in the past year, and this, our most recent report on QDs, identifies where the money will be made as the a result of these new trends and deve ...

08-Dec-2014 $3495

Powered Smart Card Markets 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

NanoMarkets has covered opportunities in the powered smartcard market for more than five years. In this latest report on the topic, we examine how this market has evolved since our last in-depth on the market in 2012. In particular, in this report we ...

19-Nov-2014 $3295

Markets for Sensors in the Industrial Internet

By NanoMarkets LC

This NanoMarkets report identifies the main business opportunities for sensors resulting from Industrial Internet deployment. This new study includes: An analysis of current and future sensor requirements of the Industrial Internet and how new typ ...

29-Oct-2014 $3295