NanoMarkets LC Market Research Reports

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Radiation Detection Materials Markets: 2015-2022

By NanoMarkets LC

Growth in the demand for radiation detection, especially for homeland security and medical applications, is driving the need for radiation detection materials that can provide sufficient performance at the right price. Increased interest in mobile radiation detection for security and …

26-Feb-2015 $3495

Smart Lighting Market Opportunities: Smart Bulbs and the Rise of Local Lighting Intelligence

By NanoMarkets LC

In the past 18 months, the smart lighting business has taken important new directions, creating opportunities at every level of the lighting value chain. As NanoMarkets has predicted for several years now, smart lighting vendors now see their value proposition …

4-Feb-2015 $2495

Markets for Sensors in the Industrial Internet

By NanoMarkets LC

This NanoMarkets report identifies the main business opportunities for sensors resulting from Industrial Internet deployment. This new study includes: An analysis of current and future sensor requirements of the Industrial Internet and how new types of sensor products will emerge …

29-Oct-2014 $3295

Smart Clothing Markets: Opportunities for Sensors and Smart Materials

By NanoMarkets LC

Clothing that could be plausibly called “smart” has been available for years. But it is only recently that this product category has shifted out of the niche status and many expect it will become a significant revenue generator for firms …

10-Oct-2014 $3295

OLED Automotive Lighting – 2014

By NanoMarkets LC

This report provides an analysis of the emerging OLED automotive lighting market, technology and suppliers, with specific focus on OLED technology’s suitability and readiness for automotive applications. We also provide detailed eight-year forecasts for the OLED lighting business specifically for …

6-Oct-2014 $1995

Smart Glasses: Component and Technology Markets: 2014

By NanoMarkets LC

Smart Glasses are spectacles embodying the wearable computing concept and either (1) allowing people to see better or (2) acting as an enabling technology for augmented reality (AR). Although currently at an early stage of development, smart glasses have been …

25-Sep-2014 $3295

Gestural Recognition: Sensors, Cameras and Other Technology Opportunities – 2014

By NanoMarkets LC

Over the next decade, gestural recognition could replace touch sensing as the leading edge computer input technology. Although gestural recognition and control technology has served niche markets in gaming and virtual reality for some time, NanoMarkets believes that within a …

22-Sep-2014 $3295

Power Sources for the Internet-of-Things: Markets and Strategies

By NanoMarkets LC

NanoMarkets believes that the deployments of sensors and processors for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) are creating huge new opportunities for manufacturers of power source devices. Because of IoT, power devices such as thin-film and printed batteries, energy harvesting modules, small flexible …

16-Sep-2014 $3295

Materials for Next-Generation Photovoltaics – 2014-2021

By NanoMarkets LC

The PV boom and bust has rebooted efforts to commercialize the next generation of materials platforms for solar panels.  There has recently been a resurgence of the solar panel industry but many of the surviving firms are Chinese companies making …

2-Sep-2014 $3295

Transparent Conductor Markets 2014-2021

By NanoMarkets LC

During the past year the transparent conductor (TCs) market has continued to evolve. It seems that all the focus remains on the touch panel sector, where alternatives to ITO have genuinely established themselves. As a result, this latestreport in NanoMarkets’ …

20-Aug-2014 $3295

Markets for Sensors for the Smart Grid: 2014-2021

By NanoMarkets LC

NanoMarkets has been providing coverage of the market for smart grid sensors for almost five years now and has acquired an insider’s knowledge of both the dynamics of this market and how sensors are currently being deployed in the smart …

12-Aug-2014 $3295

The Markets for Smart Lighting Drivers, Controllers and Sensor Chips – 2014

By NanoMarkets LC

Summary This report analyzes the market for LED drivers, MCUs, sensors and other chips used in smart lighting.  It is the latest in NanoMarkets ongoing series of reports on smart lighting, which covers both the lighting itself and important components …

29-Jul-2014 $2495

BIPV Markets Analysis and Forecasts 2014-2021

By NanoMarkets LC

In this latest report on the BIPV markets NanoMarkets is updating is quantitative and qualitative assessments and outlooks for the building integrated photovoltaic market. We have been covering the BIPV market since 2007. In this latest report we examine the …

16-Jul-2014 $3295

Silver Inks and Pastes Markets: 2014-2021

By NanoMarkets LC

This is the latest in NanoMarkets’ ongoing series of industry analysis reports on silver inks and pastes. In this report we analyze how the changes within the applications for silver inks and pastes have impacted the business and what this …

23-Jun-2014 $3295

Radiation Detection Markets: 2014-2021

By NanoMarkets LC

This report follows on from NanoMarkets’ successful reports on radiation detection equipment and radiation detection materials in 2013. It identifies the new opportunities that continue to emerge from the sales of equipment designed to detect ionization radiation. In many ways …

19-Jun-2014 $3295

OLED Materials Markets – 2014

By NanoMarkets LC

At the big picture level, not much seems to have changed in the OLED materials space since NanoMarkets reported on it in 2013. It is still a business that is dominated by Samsung and one that appears to be perpetually …

12-Jun-2014 $3295

Smart Lighting Markets-2014; V1. Market Drivers and Forecasts

By NanoMarkets LC

NanoMarkets has been covering the smart lighting market for four years and has acquired an understanding of the key markets, technologies and companies in this rapidly expanding business. This year, NanoMarkets has decided to cover this interesting sector in two …

27-May-2014 $3295

OLED Lighting Markets-2014

By NanoMarkets LC

Six years ago, OLED lighting was first being proposed as a serious commercial product. Back then, 2014 was projected as the year when OLED lighting would first make its impact felt on general illumination. It didn’t happen. OLED lighting has …

13-May-2014 $3295

3D Printing 2014: A Survey of SmarTech’s Annual Market Findings

By NanoMarkets LC

In 2013, 3D printing grew up. World-class manufacturers shifted their 3D printing focus from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing; Some of largest consumer firms – Amazon, HP, Microsoft, Staples and UPS – began to pursue 3D opportunities; New commercialization directions …

5-May-2014 $3995

CIGS Photovoltaics Markets-2014 and Beyond

By NanoMarkets LC

The industry shakeout in CIGS PV has been brutal. In 2010 there were more than 25 companies with plans for over 1 GW of capacity, but to date only Solar Frontier has achieved the goal. As the shakeout continued, there …

30-Apr-2014 $3295