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We Lost Australia! Retail’s $1.1 Trillion Inventory Distortion Problem

By IHL Services

Overview Building upon previous research from IHL, this research study looks at the true cost of Inventory Distortion (Out-of-Stocks and Overstocks) to retailers worldwide. Beyond just looking at empty shelves or the disco ...

08-Jun-2015 $1695

mPOS: Houston, Do We Have A Problem?

By IHL Services

Overview Mobile and the buzz about Mobile POS (mPOS) in Retail has been increasing ever since Apple began using it in their stores. The market has taken off, but in a somewhat bifurcated manner. While among smaller retaile ...

05-Jun-2015 $3295

EMV: Retail’s $35 Billion “Money Pit”

By IHL Services

Overview October 1, 2015 will usher into US Retail the single biggest tax being levied upon it since Y2K.  This is the date of the liability shift due the the EMV Mandate set by the card brands.  On this date lia ...

28-May-2015 $1995

Latin/South America POS Terminals

By IHL Services

Overview Walmart and the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics are helping to drive POS adoption throughout Latin/South America. The market for POS grew at faster rate in 2014 than in recent years. Large western retailers continue ...

23-Apr-2015 $3295

EMEA POS Terminals

By IHL Services

Overview There were several macroeconomic issues in the Europe/Middle East/Africa region in 2014 that should have had disastrous impact on the POS shipments to the region.  From conflicts and sanctions resulting from ...

30-Mar-2015 $3295

Asia/Pacific POS Terminals

By IHL Services

Overview While the North American and EMEA regions experienced satisfactory POS shipment growth in the current economy, the strong growth in the Asia/Pacific region continues to be a highlight of the worldwide POS market. ...

17-Mar-2015 $3295

North American Retail POS Terminals

By IHL Services

Overview The rumors of the demise of the Retail POS Terminal market in North America are greatly exaggerated.  If one looked at the press, Point-of-Sale technology seemed all but dead.  But a funny thing happened ...

27-Feb-2015 $3295

Retail 2018 – Retail Transformed

By IHL Services

Retail is undergoing a dramatic transformation, the greatest since internet was introduced to the stores. What were once silos among many different channels for many retailers are being merged to get to a single view of the customer.  Let&rsq ...

28-Jan-2015 $3495

Hidden Treasure – The CMO’s Budget in Retail

By IHL Services

Overview The structure of IT within the Retail enterprise has been undergoing a significant transformation over the past several years. No longer does the CIO have complete command and control over all things IT within the ...

18-Dec-2014 $1695

Cloud POS - Why The Time Might Be Right

By IHL Services

It wasn’t all that long ago that when someone mentioned “the cloud” as an option for Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, those in the know would scoff and say, “It’s just not possible.” And quite frankly, the initial deployments of cloud POS systems were no ...

17-Sep-2014 $1495

Mobile POS: Reaching Escape Velocity - All Systems Go

By IHL Services

Overview Mobile in retail is now a $7.8 Billion business worldwide and one that continues to grow rapidly. In fact, for It is the single fastest moving trend in retail since Internet was added to the stores. Mobile and the buzz ab ...

05-Jun-2014 $3495

North American Retail POS Printers

By IHL Services

Overview This 76 page report focuses on the housed receipt printer market for retail POS devices in North America. Packed with 98 figures, this report details the market shipshare, distribution channels and installed base ...

03-Jun-2014 $3295