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China Cobalt (Metal/Salt/Powder) Industry PEST Ananlysis and Top 12 Manufacturers in-depth Survey, 2017 to 2020 Forecast (updated 2017.7)

By Chisult Insight

Market size and sales The gloomy nickel price in past 5 years resulted in a poor production expanding desire for global major copper and nickel mining companies, which indirectly caused the passive reduction of coba ...

13-Jul-2017 $3000

China Cathode Material (NCM/NCA/LFP) Industry PEST Ananlysis and Top 14 Manufacturers in-depth Survey,2017 to 2020 forcast (updated 2017.7)

By Chisult Insight

Market size and sales The cathode material output of China reached 161.6 kilotons in 2016, which increased by 43% on a YoY basis. The growth was mainly driven by a 60% output increase in power battery market. In 201 ...

13-Jul-2017 $3500

China Tourism Industry Research Report, 2016-2019

By Chisult Insight

Disposable income growth, demographic change and accelerated urbanization are driving structural growth in China’s tourism industry. Along with favorable government policies, optimized infrastructure and looser visa policies overseas, these ...

21-Oct-2016 $2500

Global and China Forklift Industry Research Report, 2016-2018

By Chisult Insight

Europe witnessed a fastest growth among global regional forklift market in 2015 with a sales volume increase of 6.12% to 359,096. Encumbered by depressed Brazil demand, the sales growth in America was less than 2%, even though sales in the United ...

18-Oct-2016 $2500

China Welding Equipment Industry Research Report, 2016-2019

By Chisult Insight

The welding equipment industry in China continued to slide in 2015, but the falling range been narrowed. A large number of middle and small-sized enterprises still been confronted with difficulties of survival, transformation and upgrading. ...

27-Sep-2016 $2000

India Port Industry Investment Research Report, 2016-2019

By Chisult Insight

India ports have no outstanding fame in the history. For years they have generally been impressed of inefficiency and poor infrastructure. On the contrary, China has vast, state-of-the-art range of facilities available along China’s coastlin ...

13-Sep-2016 $2000

China Third-party Food Safety Testing Industry Research Report, 2016-2020

By Chisult Insight

In recent years, constantly appeared food safety events have forced the Chinese government to implement stricter food regulations. The Food Safety Law of 2015 Edition had come into run from 1st October, 2015, which newly included internet food sal ...

06-Sep-2016 $1600

China Laser Processing Equipment Industry Research Report, 2016-2018

By Chisult Insight

Under the background of industry transformation and upgrading, Chinese government has introduced number of supporting policies to promote the development of laser industry in recent years. In 2015, the government published “China Manufacturi ...

21-Aug-2016 $2400

Global and US HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Market Research Report, 2016-2017

By Chisult Insight

With solid discipline around price, smooth 14 SEER transition, and some emerging technology around compressors and controls, the US HVAC industry is gradually recovering. In residential, it should result in an outsized volume growth due to low une ...

28-Jun-2016 $2700

China Private Hospital Industry Research Report, 2015-2016

By Chisult Insight

With the implementation of numerous favorable policies tailored to facilitate the growth of private healthcare services in the past few years, the private hospitals are much better positioned for the next stage of growth in China. Among them, the ...

27-Apr-2016 $2600

Global and China Machine Tool Industry Research Report, 2015

By Chisult Insight

In recent years, China has gradually step into a ‘New Normal’ economic form. The growth and structure of Chinese economy has significantly changed. Affected by this, Chinese machine tool industry appeared some changes accordingly. ...

27-Feb-2016 $3600

Chinese TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) Industry Research Report, 2015

By Chisult Insight

Currently TPU film accounts for very few market share among plastic film industry. But due to its excellent comprehensive performance and natural degradation character, it has become an ideal substitute for most plastic films. Additionally, based ...

06-Dec-2015 $1700

Global and China Plastic Injection Molding Machine Industry Research Report, 2015

By Chisult Insight

Injection molding machine, extruder and blowing machine are the top 3 products in Chinese plastic processing machinery market. As the leading product, currently injection molding machine accounts for nearly 40% of the total market share. I ...

12-Sep-2015 $2400

Global and China Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) Industry Research Report, 2015

By Chisult Insight

In recent years, the trend of engineering plastics instead of metal materials is significant. Moreover, the prosperous terminal product market and the rise of biobased materials further fuelling the global PBT market. The market size of global PBT ...

12-Sep-2015 $2000

China Yeast Industry Research Report, 2015

By Chisult Insight

In 2014, the yeast output approximated 309.6 kilotons in China, rising by 5.3%. The yeast production in China is mainly dominated by high activity dry yeast, with output accounting for over 50% of total output; feeding yeast is the second largest ...

07-Sep-2015 $1500

China Hemodialysis Industry Research Report, 2015

By Chisult Insight

Counting by theoretic morbidity, currently there are nearly 2000 thousand people in China with terminal nephropathy. If all these patients receive dialysis treatment, the market size of dialysis in China will exceed RMB 100 billion on a cost per p ...

02-Sep-2015 $2400

Research on China Telemedicine and Online Healthcare Industry, 2015

By Chisult Insight

Due to the severely imbalanced medical resources, telemedicine and online healthcare have huge development penitential in China. The rapid development of medical informatization and wearable devices have and will continue to boost the bright prosp ...

29-Aug-2015 $2300

Research on China Heparin Industry, 2015

By Chisult Insight

Currently there are 4 major products in the global low molecular heparin preparation market: SNY’s enoxaparin sodium, Pfizer’s dalteparin sodium, GSK’s nadroparin calcium and LEO’s tinzaparin sodium. Among which, enoxaparin ...

26-Aug-2015 $2000

Research on China Polyether Monomer Industry, 2015

By Chisult Insight

In 2014 the capacity of polyether monomers used for water reducing agent in China exceeded 1300 thousand tons. Currently there are over 30 domestic manufacturers, among which, 9 of above players achieved a capacity over 40 thousand tons/a. ...

26-Aug-2015 $2100

Research on China SCR Denitration Catalyst Industry, 2015

By Chisult Insight

According to ‘the 12th five year energy conservation and emission reduction comprehensive work plan’, the total NOX emissions will be controlled by 2046.2 × 104 tons in 2015, which will down 12.5 % from the level in 2012. ...

21-Aug-2015 $1400