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Opportunities in Beauty Oils ; Exploring consumer attitudes, drivers, innovation, and actions

By Canadean

Summary The use of ""natural"" oils in beauty formulations has exploded in recent years, creating new opportunities for brands to capitalize on these ingredients across the beauty spectrum. This brief explores the trend in ...

04-Feb-2016 $1450

Hot Drinks: Identifying the latest trends for beverage manufacturers in the hot drinks industry

By Canadean

Summary Hot drinks are a regular part of consumers' diets, however, generally the category risks being considered old-fashioned and boring, or appealing only to connoisseurs. Other opportunities exist to launch premium pro ...

31-Jan-2016 $7995

TrendSights: Premiumization and Indulgence; Buying better and more expensive

By Canadean

Summary The entire FMCG industry is influenced by the human search for "better." It is this notion that drives the Premiumization and Indulgence trend across the market, and supports its continued growth. K ...

30-Jan-2016 $3450

Consumer and Market Insights: Prepared Meals Market in the US

By Canadean

Summary The US is the largest Prepared Meals market in the world, and continues to increase, with expected growth at a CAGR of 2.1% from 2014-2019. This growth is driven by rising consumption rates amongst affluent US cons ...

30-Jan-2016 $6320

Redefining Anti-Aging Marketing Strategies for the Beauty Industry; Creating alternative terminology and approaches that resonate with consumers

By Canadean

Summary In today's society, the term "anti-aging" is used freely and widely to describe beauty products that claim to arrest or even reverse the signs of aging. But should beauty companies be adapting their messaging to ch ...

29-Jan-2016 $3450

Travel and Tourism in India to 2020

By Canadean

Summary The expanding economy reflected the increased disposable income of the Indian population, encouraging them to take more trips. The trend is expected to continue over the coming years (2016-2020). Tamil Nadu and Utt ...

28-Jan-2016 $1950

The Global Luxury Hotels Market To 2019

By Canadean

Summary The global luxury hotels market registered strong growth in 2014, thanks to the expanding travel and tourism sector, rise in ultra-high-net-worth individuals (grew by more than 5,000 in 2014) and the growing prefer ...

24-Jan-2016 $3450

The Global Budget Hotels Market to 2019

By Canadean

Summary The global budget hotels market registered moderate growth in 2014, based on the Canadean analysis of 40 countries around the world. The expanding domestic and international tourism market, along with a rise in tra ...

23-Jan-2016 $3450

Global Executives Survey: Ways to build Trust through Packaging

By Canadean

Summary Although organizations face difficulty in convincing consumers about health claims, product safety, and claims of effectiveness, they believe that brands have effective strategies to build consumer trust in quality ...

22-Jan-2016 $1950

Top Inbound Tourism Markets, Trips and Spending per Country To 2019

By Canadean

Summary The report “Top Inbound Tourism Markets, Trips and Spending per Country To 2019” provides detailed information on the top inbound tourism markets globally. This report analyzes market data and provides ...

22-Jan-2016 $3450

Top Outbound Tourism Markets, Trips and Spending per Country To 2019

By Canadean

Summary The report "Top Outbound Tourism Markets, Trips and Spending per Country To 2019" provides detailed information on the top outbound tourism markets globally. This report analyzes market data and provides a better u ...

21-Jan-2016 $3450

Global Executives Survey: Counterfeit Avoidance - Viewpoint and Recommended Strategies

By Canadean

Summary Concerns surrounding counterfeit goods are increasing among FMCG organizations. As expenses incurred towards counterfeiting are manageable, the focus is on increasing the adoption of counter measures, such as educa ...

21-Jan-2016 $1950

Dietary Supplements in an Age of Personalized Nutrition ; How the trend towards personalized health will impact the dietary supplements market

By Canadean

Summary The rise of personalized nutrition is providing fresh impetus and new opportunities within the market for dietary supplements. This report considers the evolving landscape of the supplements industry. ...

20-Jan-2016 $2795

The Global Car Rental Market to 2019

By Canadean

Summary The global car rental market registered an impressive growth in 2014 with all the four regions - Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa - demonstrating positive growth. North America stood as the la ...

16-Jan-2016 $3450

The Global Low-Cost Airline Market to 2019

By Canadean

Summary In terms of revenue, the global airline industry has grown rapidly over the years. As per the International Air Transport Association (IATA), revenues increased from US$369 billion in 2004 to US $746 billion in 201 ...

12-Jan-2016 $3450

Top Five Trends in Flavored Alcoholic Beverages ; Key insights driving innovation opportunities

By Canadean

Summary Flavored alcoholic beverages have traditionally been saddled with perceptions of being frivolous, youth-oriented, and artificial. The category is, however, highly adaptable, and brands have seized opportunities to ...

31-Dec-2015 $3450

Opportunities in Umami ;Exploring the potential of the fifth taste

By Canadean

Summary Umami is the recently accepted fifth basic taste, and describes the strong savory flavor that works as an important building block for many food items. There is a growing opportunity for the umami concept within th ...

23-Dec-2015 $2795

Consumer and Market Insights: Wine Market in China

By Canadean

Summary The Chinese Wine market is rapidly growing due to continued consumer demand for high-quality, affordable and complex wines. China is now an important wine producing nation; however, very few brands export wine to o ...

23-Dec-2015 $6320

The Global Full-Service Airline Market to 2019

By Canadean

Summary The global aviation industry is expected to post good growth in 2015 which can be attributed to several factors such as stronger global economic prospects, high load factors, and lower fuel prices. North America, w ...

19-Dec-2015 $3450

Packaging Industry Business Outlook and Procurement Survey H2 2015

By Canadean

Summary Although packaging organizations are concerned about responding to pricing pressure and rising competition, focus on expansion in current markets and new product developments, will increase during H2 2015 (Oct 2015 ...

17-Dec-2015 $1950