CCM International Market Research Reports

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Survey of Fluorine Industry in China Edition (5)

By CCM International

Fluorine industry has been one of the fastest developing and most promising chemical industries in China. And the country has become one of the largest fluorine production and consumption areas. Inorganic fluoride, fluor-refrigerant, fluor polymer ...

30-Mar-2018 $8640

Production and Market of Glycine in China Edition (7)

By CCM International

Four grades of glycine are produced in China, namely tech-grade, food-grade, feed-grade and pharmaceutical-grade. Among them, tech-grade glycine has kept the dominate role, and about 15% of tech-grade glycine was consumed to produce the other thre ...

13-Mar-2018 $7236

New Registrations of Pesticide Technical in China in 2017 Edition (3)

By CCM International

In 2017, there had been 434 new registrations and 499 renewed registrations of pesticide technical in China, accounting for 47% and 53% of the total 933 registrations, respectively. Implemented on 1 June, 2017 and 1 Aug., 2017 respectively ...

28-Feb-2018 $1566

Market Research of Aluminium Sulphate in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

Aluminium sulphate is an inorganic chemical, widely used as water purifying agent and industrial raw material in China. China's papermaking, industrial wastewater treatment, water purification for residential and industrial uses, sanitary wastewat ...

14-Feb-2018 $4536

Forecasts on Pests and Diseases of Corn, Rice and Wheat in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

Based on comprehensive analysis of previous occurrence of pests and diseases, crop distribution, planting methods, climatic trend and other factors, it is predicted that the occurrence of major crop pests and diseases will remain severe in 2018. O ...

13-Feb-2018 $1080

2,4-D Survey in China Edition (4)

By CCM International

From 2012 to 2016, 2,4-D industry in China had witnessed increasing capacity, meanwhile it also confronted with challenge not only from severe competition due to oversupply, but also from environmental protection pressure. The overall operating ra ...

12-Feb-2018 $3456

Production and Market of Azoxystrobin in China Edition (6)

By CCM International

China's azoxystrobin industry has made great progress during the past few years, and is playing a more and more important role in the world's azoxystrobin market. It is noteworthy that the Chinese government is now actively strengthening the pesticid ...

11-Feb-2018 $3800

Market Research of Pea Protein Industry in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

Started in 2008 by Yantai Shuangta Food Co., Ltd., a former bean vermicelli company, pea protein industry in China is still at its fast expanding stage. China has become one of the biggest pea protein suppliers in the global market in recent years ...

05-Feb-2018 $4320

Market Research on China Phosphorus Industry Edition (3)

By CCM International

China has become one of the biggest phosphorus producers and exporters in the world after 20 years of fast expansion. A relatively complete industrial system for phosphorus industry has been established in China, flowing from mining of phosphate r ...

15-Jan-2018 $3024

Prevention and Control of Small Size Pests on Fruits and Vegetables in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

Fruits and vegetables are important economic crops in China. But in recent years, small size pests on fruits and vegetables have caused significant losses to China's fruit and vegetable production. A consensus has been reached that it is difficult ...

03-Jan-2018 $1080

Survey of Pesticide Industry in China Edition (6)

By CCM International

After over 60 years' development, China has become the largest production base of pesticides in the world, with over one third of its output exporting to over 160 countries and regions every year. China’s pesticide industry has made ...

27-Dec-2017 $6480

Policies for Pesticide Industry in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

Pesticides play an important role in agricultural development. Aim to solve the problems of pesticide industry, pesticide policies focus on all aspects of pesticides such as registration, production, business, environmental protection, pesticide r ...

06-Dec-2017 $1296

Survey of Inorganic Fluoride in China Edition (3)

By CCM International

China has become one of the largest countries of fluorine chemical production and consumption. At present, domestic inorganic fluoride industry is developing rapidly, and domestic high-end techniques for inorganic fluoride production are close to ...

23-Nov-2017 $2700

Survey of Acetochlor in China Edition (4)

By CCM International

As a traditional agricultural country, China plays an important role in pesticides production in the domestic, and has become a key pesticide exporter in the world. Nowadays, China can produce more than 400 varieties of pesticides and export more ...

17-Nov-2017 $2700

Production of Starch Sugar in China 2014-2016 Edition (1)

By CCM International

Starch sugars are the important substitutes for sucrose and are widely used in food and beverage industries (the two largest consumption sectors of starch sugar in China), pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc. There are various starch s ...

16-Nov-2017 $3024

Mergers and Acquisitions in Chinese Pesticide Industry in 2011-2017 Edition (1)

By CCM International

In 2010, there were more than 2,400 pesticide producers in total in China, most of which were small and medium-sized ones with poor R&D capability. In recent years, Chinese pesticide industry has made substantial progress in the adjustment of ...

01-Nov-2017 $1080

Overview and Trends of the Feed Probiotics Market in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

This report aims to analyse the general situation and development trend of China's feed probiotics market and to sort out the interview records with selected insiders who are specializing in feed production, livestock and poultry farming in China. ...

01-Nov-2017 $1620

Review and Impact Analysis of Corn Subsidy Policies of Chinese Government Edition (1)

By CCM International

This report aims to analyse the impacts of the policies on corn industry in the aspects of planting area, production, import & export, inventory and price after 2007, revealing the reasons for the change of the corn policies and the future trend for ...

27-Oct-2017 $1296

Market Research on China Stevia Sweetener Industry Edition (8)

By CCM International

As a thorough research on stevia sweetener industry in China, this report provides an integrated analysis of stevia planting, stevia sweetener production, and stevia sweetener consumption as well as professional market cycle analysis and forecasts to ...

25-Oct-2017 $7344

Outlook for China Glyphosate Market 2017-2021 Edition (9)

By CCM International

Glyphosate, a broad-spectrum non-selective herbicide widely used to kill unwanted plants both in agricultural and in non-agricultural landscapes, has been in a leading position in the world's herbicides in the past few years. Glyphosate ...

19-Oct-2017 $7020