CCM International Market Research Reports

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Global Guide of Coming Off-patent Agrochemical Active Ingredients Edition (3)

By CCM International

Penoxsulam, developed and produced by Dow AgroSciences LLC (Dow AgroSciences), is a trizolopyrimidine herbicide applied in paddy fields with the widest herbicidal spectrum. It has great effect not only on aquatic weeds but also on barnyard grass w ...

23-Sep-2016 $2160

Production of Glufosinate-ammonium in China Edition (2)

By CCM International

Boosted by soaring overseas demand and Chinese producers' production technology improvement, China's glufosinate-ammonium production has maintained a spectacular growth in 2012-2015, compared with that in 2008-2011. Attracted by the promis ...

09-Sep-2016 $1944

Research on China Li-ion Battery Market Edition (1)

By CCM International

In 2014-2015, China's Li-ion battery market has witnessed a rapid growth bacause of the fast growth in the alternative energy vehicle industry. In 2015, the domestic output of power Li-ion battery increased to 15.7 GWh, while that in 2014 ...

08-Sep-2016 $1620

Report on Glyphosate Business Opportunities Worldwide Edition (3)

By CCM International

This report is a value chain analysis of glyphosate's upstream industries whose development and opportunities are driven or influenced by glyphosate industry. The whole report is an integrated analysis and a professional forecast to guide investme ...

27-Jul-2016 $8640

Specialised Control and Prevention of Pests and Diseases for Crops in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

Specialised control and prevention of pests and diseases for crops is a scientific method to control and prevent pests and diseases at the same plant growth period, with the same pesticide dosages and by professional organizations. Since 2 ...

12-Jul-2016 $1080

Chloroform Market in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

This report is a value analysis describing the detailed production, consumption and influencing factors of chloroform in China, so as to guide investments and business movements for players who pay close attention to chloroform industry or try to ...

12-Jul-2016 $1728

Market and Producers of Stevia Sweeteners in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

From 2011 to Q3 2015, the stevia sweetener industry has experienced fluctuation. For the upstream, both the price and planting area of stevia leaves declined from 2011 to 2013. For the production of stevia sweeteners, the average annual market pri ...

08-Jul-2016 $6480

Company Profiles of Chinese Pyridine Manufacturers Edition (2)

By CCM International

The sales value of pyridine herbicides in China has shown an upward trend in the past few years at a CAGR of 5.9% in 2009-2014. Currently, 11 kinds of pyridine herbicide products are being sold on the domestic market and it was 10 before 2 ...

06-Jul-2016 $1620

Production and Market of Atrazine in China Edition (3)

By CCM International

As a triazine herbicide, atrazine is widely used worldwide, due to its good herbicidal effect, safety to application crops and economical price. Primarily applied to control annual weeds in corn and sugarcane fields, China consumes over 16,000 ton ...

04-Jul-2016 $1620

Production and Market of Paraquat in China Edition (8)

By CCM International

Paraquat, one of the most widely used herbicides in the world, was firstly launched in Britain in 1962 and introduced to China in 1978. But it is highly toxic, and studies have found that ingesting just 3 grams of it can cause failure of the liver ...

24-Jun-2016 $6480

Biomaterial Industry in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

Biomaterial industry is growing rapidly in China. Biodegradable plastics are the major biomaterials that have been put into industrial production. As of 2015, there were mainly six types of biodegradable plastics being produced in China, namely po ...

24-Jun-2016 $5184

2016 Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises in China Edition (2)

By CCM International

The report of China 2016 Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises is an analysis report about the ranking lists of the China's pesticide industry, including the lists of China 2016 Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises, China 2016 Top 30 Pesticide Formulation Enterp ...

08-Jun-2016 $1620

Crop Farming in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

Crop farming has enjoyed a quite good start at the beginning of 2016. In this year, the Chinese government decided to cut 666.67 ha of land used for corn cultivation as the key task of crop farming adjustment. It is predicted that the arable land ...

31-May-2016 $3240

Sodium Borohydride Market in China Edition (4)

By CCM International

Currently, China's sodium borohydride industry is facing overcapacity. Although the capacity in 2015 declined by 16.95% compared with that in 2014, it's still superfluous to the current demand. During 2011-2015, some producers exited from the indu ...

18-May-2016 $7020

Production and Export of Clethodim in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

From this report, you can: get a comprehensive overview of China's clethodim industry; gain clear information about the production of clethodim in China from 2011 to 2015, including capacity & output a ...

18-May-2016 $1620

Value Chain Analysis of China's Stevia Sweetener Industry Edition (1)

By CCM International

Value Chain Analysis of China Stevia Sweetener Industry traces the movement of China's stevia sweetener value chain from stevia planting and stevia leaf supply to stevia sweetener extraction, purification, domestic consumption, trading and marketi ...

11-May-2016 $12960

Analysis of Site Selection for Engineering Plastics Production in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

Through selecting specific regions in China and giving detailed analysis of them, this report draws an overall picture of the industrial development and market factors of engineering plastics (EP) and its compounds in the country, trying to provid ...

10-May-2016 $7560

Report on Financial Performance of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises in 2015 Edition (1)

By CCM International

As representatives of pesticide companies in China, domestic listed pesticide enterprises are supposed to be the guides for the development of the whole industry. In this report, financial performance of 18 domestic listed enterprises involved in ...

10-May-2016 $1296

Survey of 2,3,4,5,6-Pentafluorophenol and 2,3,5,6-Tetrafluorobenzyl Alcohol in China Edition (1)

By CCM International

This report mainly focuses on the supply and production technology of 2,3,4,5,6-pentafluorophenol and 2,3,5,6-tetrafluorobenzyl alcohol in China, which will bring you following values: It has analyzed and forecasted 2,3,4,5,6-pentaf ...

06-May-2016 $6480

Supply and Demand of Modified Food Starch in China Edition (2)

By CCM International

By analyzing the major changes, factors behind the changes and their future trends, CCM's report Supply and Demand of Modified Food Starch in China not only reveals the recent two years' situation of China's modified food starch supply situation f ...

29-Apr-2016 $5400