Analysys Mason Market Research Reports

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The Network management and orchestration systems: worldwide market shares 2016

By Analysys Mason

"Huawei led the USD4.4 billion network management system (NMS) product and USD2.3 billion NMS professional services markets in 2016, due to the breadth of its offerings and footprint." This report assesses which vendors le ...

21-Jul-2017 $7999

The Consumer smartphone analytics: mobile video

By Analysys Mason

This report investigates how people use their smartphones in Germany, India, the UK and the USA. It provides insights into how people consume mobile video services, the importance of OTT and multi-screen and examines how people use specific video ...

19-Jul-2017 $4999

The Customer care systems: worldwide forecast 2017–2021

By Analysys Mason

"SaaS-based customer care systems will become the preferred choice for communications service providers by 2021."The worldwide customer care systems market is forecast to grow from USD13.9 billion in 2016 to USD14.7 bi ...

18-Jul-2017 $7999

The Multi-access edge computing: content moves to the edge of the network

By Analysys Mason

"One of the fundamental use cases for 5G is low-latency applications; stakeholders can use multi-access edge computing to deliver and monetise new services such as location-based services." Multi-access edge computing (MEC ...

10-Jul-2017 $1499

The Digital eXperience Index: measuring the digitalisation of consumer experience

By Analysys Mason

"Our Digital eXperience Index enables operators to measure their progress in providing their consumer customers with an operational digital experience." Nearly all communications service providers (CSPs) state that providi ...

10-Jul-2017 $4999

The Enterprise survey 2017: enterprise interest in, and adoption of, IoT

By Analysys Mason

"There are more companies that do not know what IoT is than there are companies that have an operational solution." Analysys Mason interviewed over 1600 enterprises worldwide in February 2017 about their usage, providers a ...

05-Jul-2017 $1499

The Enterprise survey 2017: ICT services for large enterprises

By Analysys Mason

"Operators will need to improve the quality of their traditional connectivity services  if they are to capitalise on the opportunity to provide ICT services to large enterprises." Many operators are facing flat or fal ...

04-Jul-2017 $1499

The IoT connectivity management platforms: new opportunities

By Analysys Mason

"A small number of established vendors are addressing a majority of the demands for the connectivity management market; other vendors will have to explore further aspects of IoT connectivity to differentiate themselves." I ...

03-Jul-2017 $1499

The Service assurance systems: worldwide market shares 2016

By Analysys Mason

This report provides market share data for communications service provider (CSP) spending on telecoms-specific service assurance software systems and related services for 2016. It provides details of how the spending varied by delivery model, serv ...

29-Jun-2017 $7999

The Enterprise survey 2017: ICT services for small and medium-sized enterprises

By Analysys Mason

Operators have struggled to obtain a significant market share for most ICT services, despite their considerable advantages and channels to market. ICT services still represent a considerable growth opportunity for operators, but they must leverage ...

28-Jun-2017 $1499

The Service delivery platforms: worldwide market shares 2016

By Analysys Mason

"Sustained investment by operators in next-generation communication services, multi-screen/OTT video and virtualisation were the main drivers of growth in the service delivery platforms market in 2016." This report assesse ...

26-Jun-2017 $7999

The Revenue management systems: worldwide market shares 2016

By Analysys Mason

"Most revenue management vendors had a challenging year in 2016, as a combination of mature markets, pricing pressure and operators prioritising network investments resulted in a decline in spending." This report assesses ...

26-Jun-2017 $7999

The Analytics software systems: worldwide market shares 2016

By Analysys Mason

"Although market expectations are high, this may be the year when analytics will provide significant advances to communications service providers." The analytics software systems market is rapidly evolving with the use of ...

23-Jun-2017 $7999

The Customer care: worldwide market shares 2016

By Analysys Mason

"Deployment of cloud-native systems has increased faster than expected, while artificial-intelligence-driven customer support systems have attracted operators' attention." This report assesses which vendors are leading in the customer care ...

19-Jun-2017 $7999

The Accelerating a return on investment in FTTx in emerging Asia–Pacific: best practices

By Analysys Mason

FTTx operators in emerging Asia–Pacific (EMAP) have, in many cases, struggled to gain a return on their fibre investment due primarily to poor take-up of retail offers, which is the result of inadequately designed offers and competition from ...

16-Jun-2017 $4999

The Consumer smartphone analytics: ecommerce in Germany, the UK and the USA

By Analysys Mason

"Amazon and eBay are the leading mobile commerce apps in terms of penetration and engagement in the countries analysed." This report analyses real-world smartphone usage data to answer urgent questions about the status of ...

15-Jun-2017 $1499

The Next-generation wireless network investment: LTE will fill the 5G gap for operators and vendors

By Analysys Mason

"Most MNOs will defer investment in 5G for the next 5 years until the technology matures and the business need becomes clearer." Mobile network operators (MNOs) recognise the strategic importance of 5G, but most will defer ...

13-Jun-2017 $4999

The Artificial intelligence in analytics: the next development in network optimisation

By Analysys Mason

"New analytics and artificial intelligence platforms can monitor anomalous activity, traffic patterns and user behaviour across multiple network domains." Big data analytics provides functions such as capacity planning, dy ...

13-Jun-2017 $1499

The Enterprise survey 2017: fixed services satisfaction and churn for large enterprises

By Analysys Mason

This report explores large enterprises’ levels of satisfaction and future plans for fixed services, based on our survey of over 500 large enterprises. The results show price competition and poor customer service are driving churn and many in ...

09-Jun-2017 $1499

The Autonomous vehicles: exploring the opportunities for operators

By Analysys Mason

"Autonomous vehicles could transform society when (and if) they become available, but their impact on the telecoms industry is likely to be much more modest." All of the major car companies and many technology firms are de ...

07-Jun-2017 $1499