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Digital Video AdTech 2015 – 2017: Monetizing Beyond the Linear Clock

By AccuStream Research

Digital video adtech providers booked $7.3 billion in 2014 global net revenue, with ecosystem-wide comparable growth from all formats, screens and devices supported projected to increase 22% – 31% in 2015, according to a vendor, solutions, marketplace, business operations and …

3-Mar-2015 $2995

Mobile AdTech 2015 – 2017: Staying Relevant and Getting Paid in an Era of Accelerated Volatility

By AccuStream Research

$14 billion in global ad spend rumbling through the mobile adtech ecosystem has undergone a striking transformation over the past 12 months, redefining how agencies (and agency trading desks), vendors and audience platforms engage with digital budgets, impressions and apportion …

4-Dec-2014 $2995

Video Platforms, Players and Processing Tech 2006 – 2014: Exit Multiples and Transaction Outcomes

By AccuStream Research

Video software platforms, workflow CMS, media players and processing technologies operating independently prefigure an M & A deal market place worth $2.7 to $5.3 billion, according to an investment and acquisition analytics report by AccuStream Research. Exit valuations going forward …

14-Oct-2014 $2995

Video and Mobile AdTech M & A 2005 – 2014: Exit Valuations

By AccuStream Research

This new report is available in two custom research configurations: Sector Research Bundle that includes: This research bundle includes the Adtech M & A Exit Multiples research report, and either the desktop or mobile adtech sector report with a complete …

9-Sep-2014 $2995

Internet Radio Programmers 2014 – 2017: Music Plays and Monetization Mainstays

By AccuStream Research

Internet music radio and track play listening is on a 14.8% growth trajectory, surpassing 36 billion hours in 2014, delivered against promising programmer monetization efforts expected to achieve $1.9 billion in revenue, a 33.3% gain, according to a sector analytics …

13-Aug-2014 $2995

Virtual Video Viewing 2014 – 2017: User Demand and Exhibition Transition

By AccuStream Research

Audiences self-selecting into personal preference video through multiple device access points will watch 47.8 billion hours of programming in 2014, or 9.2% in equivalent TV viewing time, according to a publisher, site, aggregator and hosted network library share analytics report …

24-Jun-2014 $2995

Virtual Video Value Chain 2014 – 2017: Ecosystem Operations and Analytics

By AccuStream Research

The virtual video value chain (an ecosystem connecting CDN, desktop, mobile and multi-screen ad networks, ad serving tech, programmatic inventory clearing systems, robust software platforms supporting consumer facing and enterprise centered video, plus IPTV/OTT/VOD solutions, CMS workflow and transformation, media …

4-Jun-2014 $3695

CDN 2014 – 2017: Operations and Analytics

By AccuStream Research

CDN (Content Delivery Network) revenue is projected at $3.36 billion in 2014, up 19%,directed by user appetite for self-selected content, further accelerating linear broadcast, media and entertainment’ stransition into virtual paradigms, as detailed in a sector business ops and tech …

28-May-2014 $2995

In-Stream and Virtual Video Advertising 2014 – 2017

By AccuStream Research

In-stream and virtual video ad billings are forecast to realize 24% growth in 2014, led by extensive monetization against broadcast and cable programmer inventory, supported by a stable of multi-screen media executions, brand-direct spend, mobile, social, internet music radio and …

22-Apr-2014 $3495

Virtual Video Platforms and Workflow Solutions 2014 – 2016

By AccuStream Research

Virtual video platforms together with essential CMS workflow, encoding, transcoding, optimization, recommendation and discovery tools produced a market worth $1.53 billion in 2013 revenue. Enterprises, IPTV/OTT operators, TV Everywhere programmers, publishers, brands, businesses and eCommerce websites collectively are embracing or …

27-Mar-2014 $2995

Video Ad Tech Systems: Inventory Clearing, Trafficking, Spend and Business Operations Analytics: 2014 – 2016

By AccuStream Research

Video ad networks,traffickingplatforms and programmatic systems processed $7.2 billion in 2013multi-screen media spend, an annual increase of 43.6%, as quantified in an inventory, monetization and operations revenue report produced by AccuStream Research. The report, Video Ad Tech Systems: Inventory Clearing, …

21-Jan-2014 $2995

Desktop and Mobile Music Monetization 2005 – 2016: Advertising, Download and Subscription

By AccuStream Research

Digital desktop and mobile music monetization channels are on track to chart a U.S. business worth $6.4 billion in 2013, 59.8% of the global market, according to a multi-segment research report by AccuStream Research. The report, Desktop and Mobile Music …

5-Nov-2013 $2995

The Economics of Mobile Ad Spend 2013 – 2016: Global Inventory, Media Billings and Business Operations

By AccuStream Research

Mobile advertising networks, exchanges, programmatic trading systems and direct publisher sales combined form a global marketplace worth $7.4 billion in unduplicated 2013 media billings, according to an inventory, spend and sector solutions revenue report produced by AccuStream Research. The report, …

8-Oct-2013 $2995

Streaming Radio, Curated Station and Track Play Music: Listening Hours and Revenue Analytics 2013 – 2016

By AccuStream Research

Streaming music radio, curated station and track play listening hours are spinning ahead at a 2013 growth rate of 47.5%, backed by monetization initiatives channeling $1.22 billion into the digital music ecosystem. This due diligence level sector analytics report presents …

9-Jul-2013 $2895

Digital Pre-Roll and In-Stream Video Avails: 2013 – 2016

By AccuStream Research

Digital pre-roll and in-stream video inventory is expanding at a 20.3% rate in 2013, while corresponding media spend is expected to increase 37.8% over the calendar year, as presented in an avails analytics report by AccuStream Research. The report, Digital …

3-Jun-2013 $2895

Digital Video Views 2012 – 2015: Site, Brand, Category Share and Platform Analytics

By AccuStream Research

Digital video viewing occurringacross professional, UGC and social networking channels, destinations, multiple screens and platforms cleared the 511 billion mark in 2012, a 20.3% annual increase. Professionally produced, hosted and managed video advanced 17.9% to 104.4 billion. UGC/social networking channels, …

23-Apr-2013 $2895

Digital Video Value Chain 2013

By AccuStream Research

Digital Video Value Chain Climbs 38% To $6.3 Bil. In ’12; Global Ecosystem Revenues Reach $9.4 Bil. The digital video value chain (comprising CDN, video ad networks, serving platforms, auctions, exchanges, RTBs, integrated video platforms, media transformation, processing, optimization and …

19-Mar-2013 $3495

CDN Operational, Account and Content Vertical Analytics 2012 – 2015

By AccuStream Research

CDN Sector Expands 18.3% In 2012 To $2.28 Billion; Network And Platform Specialization Sharpens Account Acquisition Focus CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) raised contract revenue 18.3% in 2012, to $2.28 billion, as value-added services (site/app acceleration, cloud solutions, analytics, specialized HTTP …

26-Feb-2013 $2895

Digital Video Monetization 2012 – 2015: Advertising, Download and Subscription Revenues

By AccuStream Research

Digital Video Monetization Marketplace Spools Out $12.5 Bil. In ’12 Revenue Digital video advertisers and virtual storefront merchandizers presided over a collective marketplace worth $12.55 billion in 2012, bookending a nine-year CAGR run of 56.6%, as quantified by a multi-disciplinary …

5-Feb-2013 $2995

Digital Subscription and Download Media Merchandizing 2003 – 2015

By AccuStream Research

Digital Audio/Video Download And Subscription Storefronts Ring Up $12.5 Bil. In ’12 Digital subscription and download media storefront revenue (audio and video) increased 32+% in 2012 to $12.5 billion, concluding a ten-year CAGR run of 52.8%, details a retail sector …

8-Jan-2013 $2895