OTC market in Poland 2012

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Date: 01-Aug-2012
No. of pages: 195
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Sales of OTC health products are strong in active Polish market

New report includes projections for 2012-2014

The market for OTC products in Poland has been quite volatile in recent years, and industry professionals have needed to spend time and effort keeping current on major market developments, events, new products and switches from prescription to over the counter products. Changes in legal regulations, new companies entering the marketplace, changes in consumer preferences and popular distribution channels have all contributed to make the market more complex and difficult to navigate without a consistent and accurate source of news, data, analysis and forecasts.

OTC market in Poland 2012, Switch strategies and development forecasts for 2012-2014 is the latest edition of PMR’s unique publication dedicated to keeping potential, new and experienced industry professionals equipped with the information needed to conduct business with an eye to a successful future. In addition to the comprehensive coverage of years past, this report contains development forecasts for the pharmacy and non-pharmacy OTC sales.

The publication presents data on overall market value during the period from 2008-2011. Development forecasts for the whole market as well as these three segments are also included. It estimates the share of the larger pharmaceutical market occupied by OTC preparations and details the considerations of consumers when choosing between OTC preparations.

The report examines advertising practices within the OTC market, naming most-advertised products, companies that rely strongly on advertising, their spending amounts and top media choices for getting out the message on their OTC products. It focuses on the top manufacturers and distributors of OTC preparations, providing informative profiles and strategic updates, with evaluations of the switch strategies currently in place as well as those planned for the years ahead.

OTC preparations are delivered through a sharply defined distribution system, and this report offers corporate and sales data on the leading chain pharmacies, wholesale distributors and options for non-pharmacy sales such a hypermarkets, discount retailers and online offerings. It informs readers about active issues within Poland’s legal environment and upcoming changes that will affect the business procedures surrounding the manufacturing, advertising and sale of these products.

This unique information resource is especially suited for use by executives and managers of pharmaceutical companies engaged in the manufacture and marketing of OTC medicines, dietary supplements and dermocosmetic products. Wholesalers, retailers and advertising businesses, as well as enterprises that support the manufacture and sales of these products will also benefit from the information and forecasts supplied within the pages of this document.

OTC market in Poland 2012

Table Of Contents

Report methodology 9

Executive summary 15

Overview of the OTC market in Poland 2008-2014 21

Profiles of selected largest manufacturers on the OTC market 47

Rx-to-OTC and OTC-to-Rx switch strategies 75

Distribution of OTC products 93

Advertising of OTC products 131

Consumer behaviour 141

Legal environment 163

List of graphs 185

List of tables 191

About PMR 193

Contact PMR 194

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