Opportunities for Silver Inks, Pastes and Coatings: 2016 to 2025

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Date: 07-Oct-2016
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This is the latest in n-tech’s series of industry analysis reports on functional silver inks pastes and coatings.  In this report we identify the latest opportunities for these materials and the product/marketing strategies that are being deployed by the leading players in this space.

Silver inks and coatings suppliers have been quite lucky in the past.  They were able to ride the consumer electronics boom in the 1960s supply the contact material and then grew through digital era supplying conductive material for the PCBs used in personal computers and then cell phones.  When this opportunity began to fade, silver inks and coatings were able generate large amounts of revenues from the solar panel industry.  However, when the solar panel business crashed a few years back, the luck of the silver inks and coatings sector seemed to have run out.  Things weren’t helped by the virtual disappearance of the plasma TV, another product that used a lot of silver paste.

In the past couple of years, n-tech believes that the silver inks and coatings sector has been out seeking a new host industry like the ones it could count on in the past.  In this report, we provide a guide to where these new and revived markets will be found and where the silver inks and coatings market should look for new business revenue generation in the past:

One area where we project a renewed interest in silver pastes and inks is the solar panel industry, which is reviving after the great solar crash and is much more oriented toward crystalline silicon (c-Si) panels than before the solar crash.  This is good news for the silver pastes business, because c-Si panels are major consumes of silver.

We also examine what the opportunities for silver inks and pastes will be in the light of the rise of the Internet-of-Things and wearables.  Will these markets take over as growth sectors for silver, as traditional PCB markets begin to fade?

Yet, another area that we analyze in this report is the antimicrobial sector.  Silver has long been recognized as a good microbial and the market for silver antimicrobial coatings is being boosted by concerns about hospital acquired infections and resistant microbes.  Silver can be very effective, but in this report we also consider the impact of the new breed of smart antimicrobials (using, for example, peptides) and how silver will both compete with smart antimicrobials and be used as a constituent of such antimicrobials

Finally, we take one more look to see if nanosilver inks will ever make it out of the “research material” category.  Over the decade that n-tech has provided coverage of the silver market we have heard many speculations about large emergent markets for nanosilver, but none has emerged.  Do any of these speculations still ring true?

In this evolving market environment, this report identifies which market opportunities for silver inks and pastes are likely to be the most important over the next decade.  And as with other n-tech reports, we also include detailed eight-year forecasts in both volume and value terms, with breakouts by application, type of material and type of printing process used. The report also contains an assessment of the product/market strategies of leading silver inks and pastes firms.

Opportunities for Silver Inks, Pastes and Coatings: 2016 to 2025

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
E.1 Patterns of Opportunity
E.2 New Directions for Silver Inks: Wearables and Antimicrobials
E.2.1 Wearables and Smart Textiles
E.2.2 Antimicrobial Coatings Market
E.3 Silver Inks and Paste Opportunities in Today’s Solar Panel Market
E.4 Are There Any Opportunities Left in Traditional Thick-Film Markets?
E.5 Competition in the Silver Inks and Coatings Market
E.6 Five Companies to Watch in the Silver Inks and Coatings Market
E.6.1 Creative Materials
E.6.2 DowDuPont
E.6.3 Henkel
E.6.4 Microban
E.6.5 Sun Chemicals
E.7 Summary of Ten-Year Forecasts of Silver Inks, Pastes and Coatings

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Background to this Report
1.1.1 Changes Since the Last Report
1.1.2 Silver and the New Solar
1.1.3 Are Wearables the Next Big Opportunity for Silver Inks and Pastes?
1.1.4 Silver as an Antimicrobial Play
1.2 Objectives and Scope of this Report
1.3 Methodology of this Report
1.3.1 Data Sources
1.3.2 Forecasting Methodology
1.3.3 Pricing Assumptions and Pricing Trends for Silver Inks and Pastes
1.4 Plan of this Report

Chapter Two: Silver Inks and Coatings – Materials, Processes and Suppliers
2.1 Legacy Materials: Thick-Film Pastes
2.1.1 Materials for Thick-Film Technology
2.2 New Directions in Printing Silver
2.2.1 Silver and the New Printed Electronics
2.2.2 3D Printing of Functional Silver
2.3 Trends in Functional Silver Coatings
2.3.1 Antimicrobial Coatings Using Silver
2.3.2 Emerging Applications for Silver Coatings in the Textile Industry
2.3.3 Other Emerging Silver Coatings Applications and Technologies
2.4 Competitive Materials for Inks, Pastes and Coatings
2.4.1 Copper
2.4.2 Carbon and Nanocarbon
2.5 Key Suppliers of Functional Silver Coatings and Inks
2.5.1 Established Suppliers of Inks and Pastes
2.5.2 Silver Nano Business
2.5.3 Emerging Competition from Asian Market
2.6 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Three: Markets, Opportunities and Challenges for Silver Inks, Pastes and Coatings
3.1 Photovoltaics
3.1.1 Impact on the Silver Paste Market
3.1.2 Flexible PV: A Future Opportunity for Silver?
3.1.3 Strategies to Reduce the Amount of Silver in Conventional Solar Panels
3.2 Opportunities for Silver Inks and Coatings in Electronics and Related Applications
3.2.1 Silver and the End of the New Printed Electronics
3.2.2 Printed Antennas, Heaters and EMI/RFI Shielding
3.2.3 Prototyping of Multilayer PCBs
3.2.4 Interposers
3.2.5 Wearables: Opportunities for silver?
3.2.6 Other Sensor Related Opportunities for Silver
3.2.7 LEDs
3.3 Silver Coatings for Antimicrobial Markets
3.3.1 Medical and Related Markets
3.3.2 Silver Antimicrobials: Threats
3.4 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Four: Firms Shaping the Silver Coatings and Inks Market: Product and Market Strategies
4.1 ANP
4.2 BASF and AkzoNobel
4.2.1 Photovoltaic Products
4.2.2 Antimicrobial Products
4.3 Clariant
4.4 Creative Materials
4.4.1 Silver-filled Ink
4.4.2 Silver/Silver Chloride Ink
4.4.3 Colored Conductive Inks
4.4.4 Specialist Inks for Wearables
4.5 Dow and DuPont
4.5.1 Silver Inks
4.5.2 Silver-based Antimicrobials
4.6 Henkel
4.6.1 Novel Automotive Seat Heating Inks
4.6.2 “Fine Line” and Flexible Inks
4.6.3 Recent Arrangement with Tekra
4.7 Heraeus
4.7.1 New Supply Chain Strategy
4.7.2 New PV Paste Directions
4.8 InkTec
4.9 Methode
4.10 Microban
4.11 Nolla
4.12 PPG Architectural Coatings
4.13 Sun Chemical
4.13.1 Recent Product Introductions

Appendix A: Forecasts for Use of Silver Inks and Pastes
A.1 Silver Pricing
A.2 Silver Inks and Pastes in Solar PV
A.3 Silver Inks and Pastes Used in Displays
A.4 Silver Inks and Pastes Used in OLED Lighting Applications
A.5 Silver Inks and Pastes Used in RFID Applications
A.6 Silver Inks and Pastes Used In Sensor Applications
A.7 Silver Inks and Pastes Used In IoT and Wearables
A.8 Silver Inks and Pastes Used Traditional Thick-film Applications
A.9 Silver Coatings Used on Antimicrobial Surfaces
Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report
About the Author

List of Exhibits

Exhibit E-1: Evolution of Markets for High Value-Added Silver Inks, Pastes and Coatings
Exhibit E-2: Summary of the Market for Silver Inks and Pastes, by Application 2016-2025
Exhibit E-3: GRAND TOTAL Summary of the Market for Silver Inks and Pastes, by Printing Method 2016-2025
Exhibit E-4: Final Summary Ten-Year Forecast for Silver Ink, Paste and Coatings 2016-2025 ($ Millions)
Exhibit 2-1: Typical Silver Antimicrobial Technologies Available
Exhibit 2-2: Companies selling Silver-based Antimicrobials
Exhibit 3-1: Key Trends for Silver Inks, Pastes and Coatings in Photovoltaics
Exhibit 3-2: Key Trends for Silver Inks, Pastes and Coatings in Electronics
Exhibit 3-3: Key Trends for Silver Coatings for Antimicrobial Applications
Exhibit 4-1: Henkel Conductive Ink Products
Exhibit A-1: Pricing of Silver and Silver Inks/Pastes 2016-2025
Exhibit A-2: Ten-Year Forecasts of Silver Inks and Pastes in Crystalline Silicon (c-Si) and Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer (HIT) PV 2016-2025
Exhibit A-3: Ten-Year Forecasts of Silver Inks and Pastes in PV Applications by Printing Method 2016-2025
Exhibit A-6: Ten-Year Forecasts of Silver Inks and Pastes in Displays, by Display Type (2016-2025)
Exhibit A-5: Ten-Year Forecasts of Silver Inks and Pastes in Displays, by Ink/Paste Type and Printing Method (2016-2025)
Exhibit A-6: Ten-Year Forecasts of Silver Inks and Pastes in Displays by Ink Type 2016-2025
Exhibit A-7: Ten-Year Forecasts of Silver Inks and Pastes in OLED Lighting Applications 2016-2025
Exhibit A-8: Ten-Year Forecasts of Silver Inks and Pastes in RFIDs by Application 2016-2025
Exhibit A-9: Ten-Year Forecasts of Silver Inks and Pastes in RFIDs by Printing Method 2016-2025
Exhibit A-10: Ten-Year Forecasts of Silver Inks and Pastes for Sensor Applications 2016-2025
Exhibit A-11: Ten Year Forecasts of Silver Inks and Pastes for IoT & Wearables 2016-2025
Exhibit A-12: Nine-Year Forecasts of Silver Inks and Pastes for Traditional Thick-Film Applications 2016-2024
Exhibit A-13: Nine-Year Forecasts of Silver Inks and Pastes for Traditional Thick-Film Applications by Printing Method 2016-2024
Exhibit A-14: Calculations: Antimicrobial Medical Surfaces by Surface Area (000s Square Meters)
Exhibit A-15: Calculations: Smart Antimicrobial Medical Surfaces by Market Value ($ Millions)
Exhibit A-16: Share of Revenues by Type of Material (%)
Exhibit A-17: Calculations: Smart Non-Medical Antimicrobial Surfaces by Application
Exhibit A-18: Calculations: Non-Medical Smart Antimicrobial Surfaces by Type of Antimicrobial

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