Namibia Tourism Report Q4 2016

Publisher Name :
Date: 14-Sep-2016
No. of pages: 31

BMI View: The growth outlook for Namibia's tourism industry remains broadly positive. International

visitor numbers are rising, supported by an increasingly broad range of direct air travel connections as

well as government investment in cross-border marketing campaigns. While the hotel market is

underdeveloped, particularly in comparison to the most established regional market (South Africa), we are

seeing more investor interest in the hotel sector and the country is already home to several luxury safari

lodges which attract affluent and high-spend visitors. Visitor numbers are currently forecast to rise steadily,

boosting tourism-related spending and hotel industry value and making Namibia an increasingly attractive

investment destination.

Key Updates And Forecasts

? Dutch airline KLM is the latest major international airline to announce the launch of new flight routes to

Namibia. KLM will launch the new route in October 2016, connecting on to the existing flight route to

Luanda in Angola, and will offer three return flights a week.

? Following a spate of high profile wildlife conservation failures (including the recent poisoning of three

lions from the so-called 'Five Musketeers' which were the subject of a National Geographic

documentary), Namibia has reiterated its commitment to wildlife preservation and has noted tourism is a

key part of the country's conservation strategy.

? At present, we are forecasting solid growth of 5.1% in international tourism arrivals to Namibia in 2016,

bringing the total to just under 1.5mn. While the majority of arrivals are from regional states, Namibia

also attracts a significant number of affluent visitors from Germany, the UK and the USA which brings

much needed diversity to the market.

Namibia Tourism Report Q4 2016

Table of Contents

BMI Industry View 5
Table: Key Forecasts (Namibia 2013-2020) 5
Tourism 7
Industry Forecast 9
Table: Inbound Tourism (Namibia 2013-2020) 13
Table: Tourism Receipts (Namibia 2013-2020) 15
Table: Hotel Accommodation (Namibia 2013-2020) 17
Table: Tourist Departures and Consumption (Namibia 2013-2020) 18
Industry Risk/Reward Index 19
Tourism Risk/Reward Index 19
Table: Sub-Saharan Africa Risk/Reward Index 19
Rewards 20
Risks 20
Market Overview 22
Competitive Landscape 26
Domestic Hotel Groups 26
Table: Domestic Hotel Groups 26
International Hotel Groups 27
Table: International Hotel Groups 27
Methodology 28
Industry Forecast Methodology 28
Risk/Reward Index Methodology 29
Table: Weighting Of Indicators 31

List of Tables

Table: Key Forecasts (Namibia 2013-2020)
Table: Inbound Tourism (Namibia 2013-2020)
Table: Tourism Receipts (Namibia 2013-2020)
Table: Hotel Accommodation (Namibia 2013-2020)
Table: Tourist Departures and Consumption (Namibia 2013-2020)
Table: Sub-Saharan Africa Risk/Reward Index
Table: Domestic Hotel Groups
Table: International Hotel Groups
Table: Weighting Of Indicators
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