Mobile Broadband Trends in Europe - 2019

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Date: 06-Jun-2019
No. of pages: 37
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Mobile Broadband Trends in Europe - 2019


"Mobile Broadband Trends in Europe - 2019", a new Telecom Insider Report by GlobalData, provides an executive-level overview of the mobile broadband market in Europe. It delivers quantitative and qualitative insights into the mobile market, analyzing key trends in the region.

In Europe, handsets will remain the largest contributor towards revenues over 2018-2023. M2M/IoT subscriptions will record the fastest growth over 2018-2023, driven by significant opportunities coming from use cases and solutions tailored to the different vertical industires including asset tracking, telematics, telehealth and digital signage. Going forward, operators will continue their focus on 5G network launches & coverage expansion. 5G will also provide several opportunities for telcos, such as monetizing premium speeds, larger data plans bundled with video and eGaming content, as well as a multitude of other opportunities in the B2B segment.

It provides an in-depth analysis of the following -

- Section 1: Europe in the global context; this section provides a comparison of European mobile telecom market size and trends with other regions.

- Section 2: Competitive dynamics; this section provides competitive analysis of various MNOs and MVNOs in Europe's mobile market.

- Section 3: Mobile broadband subscription trends in Europe; it provides analysis as well as historical figures and forecasts of mobile subscriptions, users, and penetration along with device and traffic trends.

- Section 4: Mobile broadband revenue trends in Europe; this section examines changes in the breakdown of overall revenue and ARPU over 2018-2023.

- Section 5: Key findings consists of a summary of key findings for European mobile broadband market.


- Mobile operators in Europe continue to tap opportunities in the mobile-fixed convergence market by merging or acquiring established or smaller local fixed service providers. This is part of European MNOs' strategy to maximize revenue and reduce churn.

- Data consumption in Europe is booming and GlobalData expects average data consumption to double between 2018 and 2023.

- M2M/IoT subscriptions will record the highest net additions between 2018-2023 among all mobile device types.

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- This Insider Report provides a comprehensive examination through forward-looking analysis of Europe's mobile telecommunications market trends in a concise format to help executives build proactive and profitable growth strategies.

- Accompanying GlobalData's Forecast products, the report examines the assumptions and drivers behind ongoing and upcoming trends in Europe's mobile communications markets.

- With more than 20 charts and tables, the report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality.

- The broad perspective of the report coupled with comprehensive, actionable detail will help operators, equipment vendors, and other telecom industry players succeed in the challenging telecommunications market in Europe.

Mobile Broadband Trends in Europe - 2019

Table of contents
List of exhibits
Europe's mobile broadband markets - key takeaways
Europe highlights
Section 1: Europe in a global context
Europe main facts - 2019
European demographics at a glance
Europe in a global context
Section 2: Competitive dynamics
Competitive dynamics in Europe
Europe's main competitive market trends
Competitive dynamics in Europe
Section 3: Mobile broadband subscription trends
Mobile user trends in Europe
Mobile technology trends in Europe
5G Innovators: Switzerland, Denmark, and Austria in
pole position in Europe
Mobile device trends in Europe
M2M/IoT trends in Europe
Mobile traffic trends in Europe
Section 4: Mobile broadband revenue trends
Mobile average revenue per user (ARPU) trends in Europe
Mobile revenue trends in Europe
Key Findings and Recommendations
Key Findings and Recommendations
Acronyms and definitions
Companies mentioned
Related research
Contact information

List of Figures
Exhibit 1: Population, 2018-2023 (Millions)
Exhibit 2: Nominal GDP, 2018-2023 (US$ Trillion)
Exhibit 3: Real GDP growth, 2012-2018
Exhibit 4: User penetration, 2019 (% of population)
Exhibit 5: Subscriptions penetration, 2019 (% of population)
Exhibit 6: Prepaid subscription as a % of total subscription, 2019
Exhibit 7: Monthly ARPU, 2019 (US$)
Exhibit 8: Data as a share of total ARPU, 2019 (% of ARPU)
Exhibit 9: Monthly voice MOU, 2019 (minutes/month)
Exhibit 10: Major competitive changes, 2015-2019
Exhibit 11: MVNO subscriptions and share of total mobile subscriptions in Europe, 2017-2023
Exhibit 12: Top five markets in terms of MVNO market share in Europe, 2018
Exhibit 13: Mobile user penetration vs. PPP-adjusted GDP per capita, 2018
Exhibit 14: Mobile users, Europe, 2018-2023 (Millions)
Exhibit 15: Mobile subscriptions and penetration in Europe, 2018-2023
Exhibit 16: Mobile subscriptions by technology generation, 2018-2023
Exhibit 17: Selected European markets in terms of 5G subscriptions as a % of total, 2023
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