Mobile Broadband Grand Prix 2013-2016

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Date: 28-Feb-2013
No. of pages: 150

Formula 1 MBB Strategies to Fuel-up ARPU Tanks, Fostering Consumer Adoption, Locking Churn, and Traffic Offloading Techniques in Rural & Urban Global Mobile Markets Constituting up-to-the-minute Case Studies, and much more..

An accurate study of the present and the expected face of the telecom market based on detailed research by our experts has been supported by true data extracted from the grass root levels. This study is a conclusive report based on interviews, data mining techniques, in depth analysis, scrutiny of factual data and possible innovative propositions that could equip an entity to tackle the ongoing advancements in the industry.

Mobile Broadband Grand Prix 2013 [aka MBG 2013] is the latest version of our Bestseller report for 2 years. Unlike earlier, this updated version takes on price wars, user segmentation, mobile Internet usages & content, urbanisation, traffic management, infra leasing & network collaborations, and App business modeling.

Key Questions Answered

  • How to optimise data traffic so your networks breathe easier?
  • What are the latest penetration techniques MNOs are using across untapped markets?
  • How to drive consumer adoption of MBB across stubborn regions/ markets?
  • What are the most promising VAS offerings?  What role innovative VAS would play in cutting down the churn, and adding numbers to your user base?
  • Which MBB Services would thunder in years ahead? What will be the supporting Business Models?
  • How to segment your MBB user class and cater to their personalised needs?
  • What are the top MBB Business Settings out there? How other players could learn from them?
  • How could the App community exploit opportunity of doing business with MNOs, Handset Makers and Store owners – and their best propositions?
  • Where are the niche markets for desired Mobile App returns; and how early movers can milk these opportunities ?
  • What formulae do TeleResearch Labs advise to tap the unserved markets of AMEA?
  • What would be the psychology of smartphone users in next 6 years? What offerings smartphone makers can introduce to enchain the customer beyond conventional      ‘Handset Sales’ business model?
  • How do MNOs, App Community and Handset Makers collaborate to spread the MBB  Addiction?
  • What are the latest MBB threats? What old methods MNOs need to forget, and what are the latest out-of-the-box way outs?

Who might be interested in this Report?

Telecom Investors

With an obvious interest in the ongoing happenings within the mobile broadband segment of Telecoms, the report provides indepth-insight for telecom investors they cannot neglect. High concerns on the possible variance their investments might go through, is a good enough reason why this report will be beneficial for them.


For a better understanding of the dynamics of Mobile Broadband markets across the globe, this study would also provide global opportunities and competition. Business Case Studies, Absolute picture of the MBB Subscriber growth & psychology and recent technological developments, is a must read for better understanding of live scenarios.


For better product development and giving a competitive edge to the product in sync with the technological revolution.

Service providers and Application Developers

Insight on the market expectations and forecasting risks and opportunities as MBB would plunder along global markets in the years ahead.

Content Providers

The possible changes that content development might go through and issues of adaptability solved.


A study of regulatory standards maintained across the globe and the possible amendments that might be required.

Educational Institutes (esp. in the telecom or IT sector)

A complete analysis with case studies for in depth understanding of the MBB technology revolution. A compelling study and research material for both students and professors.

Mobile Broadband Grand Prix 2013-2016

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Executive Summary

Chapter 2: Competitive Strategies and Analyses of the Worldwide Mobile, Fixed-Line Broadband Operators/ Vendors, and Propositions for 2011 - 2016
2.1 A Market Survey - Decoding the MBB Mindset of Consumers
2.2 Fixed-Line Broadband versus Mobile Broadband – Their Past, Your Future
Figure 2-1 Global Mobile Broadband and Fixed-Line Broadband Subscriptions (In Billion), 2011 & 2012
Figure 2-2 Mobile Broadband Subscriptions by Region (In Million), 2011 & 2012
Figure 2-3 Mobile Broadband Subscriptions by Region (In %), 2010 – 2012
Figure 2-4 Mobile Broadband Subscriptions by Region (In %), 2012
Figure 2-5 Fixed-Line Broadband Subscriptions by Region (In Million), 2011 & 2012
Figure 2-6 Fixed-Line Broadband Subscriptions by Region (In %), 2012
Table 2-1  Mobile Broadband and Fixed-Line Broadband Annual Growth (In %), 2011
Figure 2-7 Mobile Broadband Subscriptions per 100 Inhabitants (World and by Level of Development), 2010 - 2012
Figure 2-8 Fixed-Line Broadband Subscriptions per 100 Inhabitants (World and by Level of Development), 2010 - 2012
Figure 2-9 Fixed-Line Broadband & Mobile Broadband Subscriptions per 100 Inhabitants by Region, 2011
2.3 Pros and Cons of Mobile Broadband and Fixed-Line Broadband
2.3.1 Mobile Broadband
2.3.2 Fixed-Line Broadband
2.4 How fixed-line/ wireless broadband can maneuver around mobile broadband?
2.5 Competitive Strategies for Mobile and Fixed-Line Broadband Players
2.5.1 Fixed-Line Operators
2.5.2 Fixed-Line Vendors
2.5.3 Mobile Operators
2.5.4 Mobile Vendors
2.6 The Know-How of Prepaid and Postpaid MBB
2.7 Viability, Comparison and Evaluation of the Different Internet Mediums
2.7.1 Narrowband Dial-up
2.7.2 Narrowband ISDN
2.7.3 DSL Broadband
2.7.4 Cable Broadband
2.7.5 Wireless Broadband
2.7.6 Satellite Broadband
Table 2-2  Comparison of Broadband and Narrowband
Table 2-3  Comparison of Download Time in Dial-Up & Broadband Internet

Chapter 3: Regional Mobile Broadband Forecasts – Subscriptions and Revenues 2013 – 2016
3.1  MBB Subscriptions Forecast (2013 - 2016)
Figure 3-1  Global MBB Subscriptions Forecast (In Million), 2011 - 2016
Figure 3-2  MBB Subscriptions by Region (In Million), 2011 & 2012
Figure 3-3  MBB Subscriptions by Region (In %), 2012
Figure 3-4  MBB Subscriptions Forecast by Region (In Million), 2016
Figure 3-5  MBB Subscriptions Forecast by Region (In %), 2016
Figure 3-6  MBB Subscriptions Forecast by Region (In Million), 2012 – 2016
Figure 3-7  MBB Subscriptions Forecast by Region (In Million), 2012 & 2016
3.2  MBB Revenues Forecast 2013 – 2016
Figure 3-8  Global MBB Revenues (In Billion US$), 2010 – 2012
Figure 3-9  Global MBB Revenues Forecast (In US$ Billion), 2012 – 2016
Figure 3-10  MBB Revenues Forecast by Region (In US$ Billion), 2012 - 2016
Table 3-1 MBB Revenues Forecast by Region (In US$ Billion), 2012 - 2016

Chapter 4: Roadmap to Build a Fail-safe MBB Business Platform
4.1 MBB Staircase
4.2 GSM/ 3GPP1 Family
4.2.1 EDGE Evolution
Table 4-1  Benefits of EDGE
4.2.2 UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System)
4.2.3 HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) and HSPA+
4.2.4 LTE (Long Term Evolution)  LTE, a Road to LTE Advanced
Table 4-2  LTE Vs. LTE-Advanced: Key Performance Indicators
4.2.5 CDMA/ 3GPP2 Family  CDMA2000 1XEV-DO (Evolution Data Only) Revision 0   Standard Revision and path towards CDMA EV-DO Revision A and Revision B   TIA-856 Revision 0
4.2.6 WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)  LTE vs. WiMAX: Who would win, finally?
Figure 4-1 MBB Subscriptions Market Share by Technology (In %), 2016
Figure 4-2 MBB Subscriptions Forecast by Technology (In Million), 2016
4.2.7 Wi-Fi
Table 4-3  Wi-Fi SWOT Analysis
Figure 4-3 Wi-Fi Hotspots for Selected Operators (In Numbers), 2012
4.2.8 Mi-Fi
Table 4-4  Regional Penetration of Rest of the Technologies
4.3 Mobile Broadband Catalysts and Hindrances
Table 4-5  Mobile Broadband Catalysts
Table 4-6  Mobile Broadband Hindrances
4.4 Mobile Broadband Devices – Viability and Usage
4.4.1 USB Modems/ USB Dongles
4.4.2 Embedded Modems
4.4.3 PC Cards and Express Cards
4.4.4 Mobile Phone Handsets

Chapter 5: Mobile Internet Traffic – Regional Forecasts, Smart Offloading and Innovative Techniques to Rein-in the ‘Raging Bull’; and Methodology to Fuel MBB ARPUs 2013 – 2016
5.1 Global Traffic Meter – Accidents Waiting to Happen!
Figure 5-1 Mobile Data Traffic Y-o-Y Growth by Application Category (In %), 2012
Figure 5-2 Global Monthly Mobile Data Traffic Forecast (In EB), 2012 – 2016
Figure 5-3 Global Monthly Mobile Data Traffic per User Forecast (In GB), 2012 - 2016
Table 5-1  Mobile Data Traffic per Month by Region (In TB), 2012 - 2016
Figure 5-4 Mobile Data Traffic per Month by Region (In %), 2012 - 2016
Table 5-2  Mobile Data Traffic per Month by Device Type (In TB), 2012 - 2016
Figure 5-5 Mobile Data Traffic per Month by Device Type (In TB), 2012 - 2016
Table 5-3  Mobile Data Traffic per Month by Application Category (In TB), 2012 - 2016
Figure 5-6 Mobile Data Traffic per Month by Application Category (In %), 2012 – 2016
5.2 Manage Your Data Traffic Now, or Perish!
5.3 Traffic Offloading Techniques – A Shredding Analysis
5.4 Scope of Traffic Offloading Solutions – An Eye-Opener
5.5 Femtocell vs. Wi-Fi for Data Offloading – Which would make the ultimate cut?
5.6 What are the Alternatives to Traffic Offloading Solutions?
Figure 5-7 Traffic Management Chaos
5.7 Feasibility of Offloading onto Other Networks
5.8 Different Devices Need Different Concepts
5.9 MBB Data ARPUs – Let’s Fuel-up Your Tanks Now!
5.9.1 The Effect of Mobile Broadband on Operator’s Revenue (ARPU)
Figure 5-8 Blended ARPU, MBB Operators and Non-MBB Operators, 2005 - 2012
5.9.2 Mobile Operator’s Revenue from Non-Voice Services
Figure 5-9 Share of Mobile Operator’s Revenue from Non-Voice Services (In %), 2005, 2011, 2012 & 2016
5.10 MBB ARPU Trends of Major MNOs
5.10.1   AT&T Inc., USA
Figure 5-10 AT&T Total Wireless Data ARPU (In US$), Q2 2011 – Q1 2012
Figure 5-11 AT&T Postpaid Wireless Data ARPU (In US$), Q3 2011 & Q3 2012
5.10.2   Bharti Airtel Ltd., India
Figure 5-12 Bharti Airtel Indian Market Data ARPU (In INR), Q4 FY12 & Q1 FY13
5.10.3   NTT, Japan
Figure 5-13 NTT Packet ARPU of MBB Services (FOMA, Xi), (In Yen), 2010 - 2012

Chapter 6: Mobile Broadband –Tasting the Success by Unheard-Of VAS Strategies; Driving MBB in Underserved Regions and Crashing the Untapped
6.1  How to create an irresistible need for mobile broadband?
Table 6-1 Affect of Development, Resource Management and Networking on Society
6.2  Have you really exhausted your VAS pipeline? Think Again!
6.3  VAS Based on Subscription Services
6.4  VAS Embedded In the Mobile Phone
6.5  Have you thought of these VAS…? Perhaps Not!
6.6  Rural/ Underserved Regions – Opportunities and Challenges
6.6.1  Opportunities
6.6.2  Challenges
6.7  Unserved Regions - Would they ever become penetrable?
6.8  Metropolitan Regions – Emerging Challenges

Chapter 7: Mobile Broadband – Regional Consumer Psychology, Usage Patterns and Volumes 2013 – 2016
Figure 7-1 Mobile Broadband Subscriptions by Region (In %), 2012
Figure 7-2 Mobile Broadband Subscriptions by Region (In Million), 2011 & 2012
7.1 Europe
Figure 7-3 Europe Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Forecast (In Million), 2012 – 2016
7.2 Asia Pacific
Figure 7-4 Asia Pacific Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Forecast (In Million), 2012 – 2016
7.3 The Americas
Figure 7-5 The Americas Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Forecast (In Million), 2012 – 2016
7.4 Africa
Figure 7-6 Africa Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Forecast (In Million), 2012 – 2016
7.5 Arab States & CIS
Figure 7-7 Arab States Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Forecast (In Million), 2012 – 2016
Figure 7-8 CIS Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Forecast (In Million), 2012 – 2016

Chapter 8: Mobile Broadband - Innovative Pricing Models for Different Consumer Segments and Churn Poisoning Ploys
Figure 8-1  Important Factors behind a Successful Pricing Strategy
8.1  Corporate
8.1.1  Vodafone Ireland’s Business Share Plan
Table 8-1 Vodafone Ireland’s Business Share Plan, November 2012
Table 8-2 Vodafone Ireland’s Business Share Plan, November 2012 – Key Features
Table 8-3 MBB (Tablet) Corporate Pricing Models by Vodafone UK, November 2012
8.2  Individual/ Personal
Table 8-4 Individual/ Personal MBB Plans by Vodafone New Zealand, November 2012
8.2.1  A Possible Special Pricing Model for Individual Users
8.3  Students
8.3.1  A Possible Pricing Model for Students   Vodafone Greece 'University Mobile Internet'
8.4  Heavy Users or Frequent Travelers
Table 8-5 Vodafone UK MBB Plan for Business Travelers, November 2012
8.4.1  A Possible Pricing Plan for Frequent Travelers and Business Executives
8.5  Light Users
Table 8-6 Vodafone Australia’s Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plans, November 2012
8.5.1  A Possible MBB Tariff Structure for Light Users
8.6  Mobile Broadband Churn Poisoning Ploys
8.6.1  Effective Strategies to Reduce Churn Rate and Retain Customers
Table 8-7 Effective Techniques to Cut Churn
Table 8-8 Management of Post-paid and Pre-paid User Class
Figure 8-2  How to Drive Customer Retention and Loyalty?

Chapter 9: Global Mobile Messaging – Forecasts on Volumes, Users (Consumer Vs. Business) & Revenues, and Key Factors Affecting Usage 2013 – 2016
Figure 9-1 Global Mobile Messaging Traffic (In Trilion), 2012 – 2016
Figure 9-2 Global Mobile Messaging Revenue (In US$ Billion), 2011 – 2016
9.1 OTT Messaging
Figure 9-3 Global OTT Messaging Traffic (In Trilion), 2011 – 2016
9.2 SMS, MMS, Mobile E-Mail and IM – What the Future Holds?
Figure 9-4 Global Mobile Messaging Traffic by Type (In Billion), 2012 - 2016
Figure 9-5 Global Mobile Messaging Traffic by Type (In %), 2012 - 2016
Figure 9-6 Global Mobile Messaging Traffic Share by Type (In %), 2012
Figure 9-7 Global Mobile Messaging Traffic Share by Type (In %), 2016
Figure 9-8 Global SMS Traffic (In Billion), 2011 - 2016
Figure 9-9 Global MMS Traffic (In Billion), 2011 - 2016
Figure 9-10 Global Mobile Email Traffic (In Billion), 2012 - 2016
Figure 9-11 Global Mobile IM Traffic (In Billion), 2011 - 2016
Figure 9-12 Global SMS Users (In Million), 2011 - 2016
Figure 9-13 Global MMS Users in Consumer segment (In Million), 2011 - 2016
Figure 9-14 Global Mobile Email Users (In Million), 2011 - 2016
Figure 9-15 Global Business Mobile IM Users (In Million), 2011 - 2016
Figure 9-16 Influential Factors that affect Uptake of Mobile Messaging Services

Chapter 10: MBB - Thought Provoking Case Studies
10.1 Case Study 1: NTT DoCoMo, Japan
Table 10-1  Quick Facts – NTT DoCoMo, Japan
10.1.1   About the Operator
10.1.2   Why NTT DoCoMo?
Figure 10-1 NTT DoCoMo Subscriptions (In Thousands), FY2008 – FY2011
Figure 10-2 Subscriber Share of MNOs in Japan (In %), FY2011
Figure 10-3 FOMA (3G) Subscriptions of NTT DoCoMo (In Million), FY2010 & FY2011
Figure 10-4 Xi (LTE) Subscriptions of NTT DoCoMo (In Thousands), FY2010 & FY2011
Figure 10-5 Packet ARPU of NTT DoCoMo (In JPY), FY2008 – FY2011
Figure 10-6 NTT DoCoMo Subscriptions (In Million) & Churn Rate (In %), FY2008 – FY2011
Figure 10-7 NTT DoCoMo Subscriber Segment by Network Coverage (In %), October 2012
Figure 10-8 NTT DoCoMo Smartphone Sales FOMA Vs. Xi (In Million Units), Fy2010 – FY2012
Figure 10-9 NTT DoCoMo d-market Revenue (in Yen Billion), FY2012 & FY2015
Figure 10-10 NTT DoCoMo VIDEO Store Subscribers (In Million), 2012
10.2 Case Study 2: Ncell, Nepal
Table 10-2  Quick Facts – Ncell, Nepal
10.2.1   About the Operator
10.2.2   Rationale behind selecting Ncell
10.2.3   Ncell – Outperforming Competition!
Figure 10-11 Ncell Subscribers (In Million), mid-July 2012 & mid-August 2012
Figure 10-12 Ncell Revenue Share (In %), FY2009 – FY2011
Figure 10-13 Ncell Revenue (In NPR Billion), FY2009 – FY2011
10.2.4   Recent Strategies and Developments  Call UK at Rs. 4.99/min  Ncell's Utsav Pack  Ncell Express
10.3 Case Study 3: Telkomsel, Indonesia
Table 10-3  Quick Facts – Telkomsel, Indonesia
10.3.1   About the Operator
10.3.2   Rationale behind the Case
Figure 10-14 Telkomsel Revenue (In IDR Trillion), 2009 – 2011 & Q1 2012
Figure 10-15 Telkomsel Revenue Break-up (Data & VAS Vs. SMS Vs. Voice) (In IDR Trillion), 2009 – 2011 & Q1 2012
Figure 10-16 Telkomsel Revenue Break-up (Data & VAS Vs. SMS Vs. Voice) (In %), 2009 – 2011 & Q1 2012
Figure 10-17 Telkomsel Data Revenue Contribution (In %), 2009 – Q1 2012
Figure 10-18 Telkomsel Subscribers (In Million), 2012 March, 2012 June & 2012 Oct
Figure 10-19 Telkomsel Subscribers (In Thousands), 2007-2011
Figure 10-20 Telkomsel SMS (Chargeable) Traffic (In Billion), 2007-2011
10.3.3   Success Enablers
Table 10-4  Telkomsel, Indonesia - VAS, SMS & Broadband Services
10.4 Case Study 4: Vodafone, India
Table 10-5  Quick Facts – Vodafone, India
10.4.1   About the Operator
10.4.2   Rationale behind the Case
Figure 10-21 Vodafone India Total Revenue (In INR Billion), H1 FY2011 - H1 FY2013
Figure 10-22 Vodafone India Messaging Revenue (In INR Billion), H1 FY2011 - H1 FY2013
Figure 10-23 Vodafone India Data Revenue (In INR Billion), H1 FY2011 - H1 FY2013
Figure 10-24 Vodafone India Messaging Vs. Data Revenue (In INR Billion), H1 FY2011 - H1 FY2013
Figure 10-25 Vodafone India Customers (In Million), Q3 FY2011 – Q2 FY2013
Figure 10-26 Vodafone India ARPU (In INR), Q3 FY2011 – Q2 FY2013
Figure 10-27 Vodafone India Prepaid ARPU (In INR), Q3 FY2011 – Q2 FY2013
Figure 10-28 Vodafone India Contract ARPU (In INR), Q3 FY2011 – Q2 FY2013
10.4.3   Key Strategies to Drive Mobile Broadband Usage
Table 10-6  Vodafone India 3G Services, November 2012  Vodafone India 3G Data Plans
Table 10-7  Vodafone India Prepaid 3G Tariff Plans, November 2012
Table 10-8  Vodafone India Postpaid 3G Tariff plans, November 2012
Table 10-9  Vodafone India Unlimited Postpaid 3G Tariff plans, November 2012

Chapter 11: Mobile Applications – An Exhaustive Analysis of Platforms, App Stores, Business Models, and Regional Forecasts on App Downloads and Revenues 2013 – 2016
11.1 Mobile Applications Overview
Figure 11-1 Average Number of Apps Installed on a Smartphone, 2011 & 2012
Figure 11-2 US Web vs. Mobile App vs. TV Consumption per day (In Minutes), 2010 – 2012
11.2 Mobile App Stores – Flooding To Quench Users’ Thirst
Table 11-1  Major App Stores
11.3 Developments in Smartphone App Markets
Table 11-2  Six Major Trends Shaping the Smartphone Application Ecosystem
11.4 Business Models of App Stores
Figure 11-3 Obstacles of Third Party App Developer Programs
Table 11-3  Different Approaches to Working with ACPs
11.5 Market Trends & Outlook
11.5.1   Free Mobile Applications Dominate the App Market
Figure 11-4 Worldwide Mobile Apps Downloads - Free vs. Paid (In %), 2012
Table 11-4  Worldwide Mobile Apps Downloads Forecast - Free vs. Paid (In Million), 2011 - 2016
Figure 11-5 Worldwide Mobile Apps Downloads Forecast - Free vs. Paid (In Million), 2011 - 2016
Figure 11-6 Worldwide Mobile Apps Downloads Forecast (In Billion), 2011 – 2016
Figure 11-7 Worldwide Free Mobile Apps Downloads Forecast (In Billion), 2011 - 2016
Figure 11-8 Worldwide Mobile Apps Downloads Forecast - Free vs. Paid (In %), 2012 & 2016
11.5.2   Competitive Landscape
Figure 11-9 Mobile App Store Size (In Numbers), September 2012
Figure 11-10 Worldwide Average App Revenue per User by Operating System (In US$), 2012
11.5.3   Application Categories
Figure 11-11 Worldwide Smartphone App Consumption per day by Category (In Minutes), Q1 2011 & Q1 2012
Figure 11-12 Fastest Growing App Categories - Based on Growth in Minutes Spent per Active User from October 2011 to March 2012
11.5.4   Sources of Revenue
Table 11-5  Mobile Apps Revenue Sources (In %), 2012
Figure 11-13 Mobile Apps Revenue Sources (In %), 2012
11.5.5   Mobile App Revenue
Figure 11-14 Worldwide Mobile App Revenue Forecast (In US$ Billion), 2011 - 2016
Figure 11-15 iOS Revenue in Key Markets (In %), October 2012
Figure 11-16 Google Play Revenue in Key Markets (In %), October 2012
Figure 11-17 Revenue Generated by Applications Available in the Local Languages & Apps Available in Local Language (In %), May 2012
11.6 Overview of top Five Most Popular Social Networking Sites, and their Affect on MBB Uptake
Table 11-6  Worldwide Top Five Most Popular Social Networking Sites, 2012
Figure 11-18 Facebook Users by Region (In Million), September 2012
Figure 11-19 Worldwide Facebook Penetration Rate (In %), Q1 2011 & Q1 2012
Figure 11-20 Facebook Net Income (In US$ Billion), 2009 - 2011
Figure 11-21 Top 20 Countries by Number of Twitter Accounts (In Million), July 2012
Figure 11-22 Worldwide Twitter Ad Revenue Forecast (In US$ Million), 2010 - 2016
Figure 11-23 Twitter Ad Revenue Forecast – US vs. Non-US (In US$ Million), 2011 -2016
Figure 11-24 LinkedIn Total Revenue (In US$ Million), Q2 2010 – Q2 2012
Figure 11-25 LinkedIn Total Revenue by Segment (In US$ Million), Q2 2010 – Q2 2012
Figure 11-26 Myspace Revenue (In US$ Million), 2011 & 2012
Figure 11-27 Google+ Users (In Million), June 2011 – June 2012
11.7 Key Elements of Facebook and Twitter
11.7.1   Why people love Facebook?
11.7.2   What’s so special about Twitter?
11.8 Communication Styles in different Social Settings
11.9 So Which Social Network is the Best?
11.10  What is an App-Centric Business Model?
Figure 11-28 App-Centric Business Model – Explained
11.11  What is an Operator-Centric Business Model?
Figure 11-29 Operator-Centric Business Model – Explained
Figure 11-30 Revenue sharing in Operator-Centric Business Model

Chapter 12: Mobile Applications – Business Models and Case Studies
12.1 Case Study 1: Apple App Store [Side by Side Comparison with Google Play]
Figure 12-1 Number of Applications on iTunes App Store vs. Google Play, July 2008 – July 2012
Figure 12-2 Apple App Store Paid vs. Free Applications (In %), 2012
Figure 12-3 iOS Application Downloads in Key Markets (In %), October 2012
Figure 12-4 Google Play Application Downloads in Key Markets (In %), October 2012
Figure 12-5 Apple App Store Revenue (In US$ Billion), 2011 & 2012
Figure 12-6 Average Prices of Most Popular Apps – iPad vs. iPhone vs. Android (In US$), January 2012
12.1.1   Business Model
12.1.2   Key Developments
12.2 Case Study 2: BlackBerry World
Figure 12-7 BlackBerry Apps (in Numbers), January 2012, April 2012 & September 2012
Figure 12-8 BlackBerry Apps Downloads, January 2012 & September 2012
Figure 12-9 Average Revenue per App per Month (in US$), 2012
Table 12-1  BlackBerry World – App Categories, 2012
12.2.1   Business Model

Chapter 13: So, Are You Ready for ‘The MBB Grand Prix 2013 – 2016’?
13.1 Present Situation of Mobile Broadband (2011-2012)
13.2 The Path Ahead
13.2.1   Underserved Markets
13.2.2   Unserved Markets
13.2.3   Matured Markets
Table 13-1  Strategies to Cope with Increasing Demand for Data Services over Mobile Networks

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  • Kazakhstan and Central Asia Telecommunications Report Q1 2015
    Published: 30-Jan-2015        Price: US $1295 Onwards        Pages: 163
    BMI View: The return of MTS to Uzbekistan is a strong indicator for the potentially high rewards that the Central Asian region offers. Uzbekistan's low penetration and high population size means it is the most attractive market from an organic growth outlook. Russian telecoms operator Multiregional Transit Telecom (MTT) has also entered the region as an mobile virtual network operator (MVNO); the first of its kind it will be able to tap into the large numbers of migrant workers living in Rus......
  • Machine to Machine Market 2014 – 2019
    Published: 30-Jan-2015        Price: US $1000 Onwards        Pages: 44
    Report Audience Mobile Cellular Carriers Cloud Services Companies Wireless Device Manufacturers Wireless Infrastructure Providers Commerce, Content and Application Providers Report Benefits Understand the market potential for M2M connected devices Understand market drivers and constraints for M2M marketplace Identify specific applications and services for M2M communications Identify market potential for M2M equipment and services through 2019 Report Overview M2M ......
  • 2015 Deep Research Report on Global and China Electric Balers Industry
    Published: 29-Jan-2015        Price: US $2600 Onwards        Pages: 125
    This is a professional and depth research report on Global Electric Balers industry. For overview analysis, the report introduces Electric Balers basic information including definition, classification, application, industry chain structure, industry overview, policy analysis, and news analysis, etc. For international and China market analysis, the report analyzes Electric Balers markets in China and other countries or regions (such as US, Europe, Japan, etc.) by presenting research on glob......
  • Advancement in Camera Technologies Market by Component (Microcontroller & Microprocessor, Sensor, and IC), Technology (3D Depth Sensing, IR Thermal, 4K Pixel & UHD, Panoramic, SCMOS Image Sensor), Application and Geography – Analysis & Forecast to 2014 – 2020
    Published: 29-Jan-2015        Price: US $4650 Onwards        Pages: 253
    ACT is a market where recent advanced technologies are used in cameras for image capturing, depth sensing, security concerns, and image displays. The advancements in cameras have been driven by the continuous technological evolution in the present era. These technologies are widely used in several applications, which include consumer electronics, media and entertainment, industrial, robotics and gaming, automotive, defense and aerospace, and healthcare. This report has divided the industry in......
  • The Taiwanese Tablet Industry, 4Q 2014
    Published: 29-Jan-2015        Price: US $1000 Onwards        Pages: 12
    This research report presents shipment volume and value forecast and recent quarter review of the Taiwanese tablet industry. The report includes shipment volume and value, ASP, and product mix analysis. The content of this report is based on primary data obtained through interviews with tablet makers. The report finds that the Taiwanese tablet industry's shipment volume reached about 21.6 million units in the third quarter of 2014, up 2.2% sequentially. Apple's iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 were bo......
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