Machine Vision Technology & Market Trends

Publisher Name :
Date: 29-Jul-2013
No. of pages: 200

Key Features of the Report

  • Machine vision market segmentation: metrology/compact inspection/high-end IP surveillance
  • Machine vision market analysis: market forecasts 2013-2018 in revenue ($M) and shipments (units)
  • Detailed value chain and supply chain analysis Competitive analysis and detailed market share at camera and image sensor levels
  • Machine vision technology’s evolution: CCD vs. CMOS/3D imaging/BSI/hyperspectral

Exclusive Market Segmentation and Identification of Nine Key Growth Segments

The machine vision market is complex, composedof myriad niche applications that are eitherindustrial or non-industrial. To simplify themachine vision market’s structure and dynamics,we’ve created a novel market segmentation thatcross-references technical and behavioral criteria.By cross-referencing technical and behavioralneeds, nine homogeneous groups of key machinevision customers have been defined.

From an industrial point-of-view, versatiledetection, versatile inspection and compact 3Dinspection will fuel most of the machine visionindustrial market’s growth, driven by new low-endapplications. From a non-industrial standpoint,all identified segments will sustain steady, highgrowth at a 15%+ CAGR; namely high-endIP surveillance, license plate recognition andautomotive safety.

This report includes a structuring segmentationto help facilitate machine vision marketcomprehension. It also highlights key growth areasand the available strategies to gain profitability ormarket share.

By 2018, The Industrial Machine Vision Market Will Reach Nearly $2B!

Total industrial machine vision sales accountedfor 1.2M cameras in 2012, a number expectedto reach $2B in 2018, at an 8% CAGR. Aftermoderate 1% growth in 2012 (a reflection of theeconomic downturn facing the global industry),an upturn is expected in the future, thanks tothe automatization trend in Asian factories,new capital expenditures in the semiconductorindustry and the emergence of new low-endapplications. Growth in the low-end segmentswill be driven by strong price erosion stemmingfrom the commoditization of machine visionsubsystems.

Machine vision players’ main challenge will be howto gain market share in the dynamic low-end marketsegments while maintaining sustainable profitability.

Concurrently, adjacent non-industrial applicationsare expected to burgeon at a double-digit rate,driving future growth.

This report includes market insights in the formof units & revenue for market segments in bothindustrial and non-industrial machine vision.Industrial machine vision market forecasts arerealized for 2013-2018 and include industrialcameras, smart cameras and vision sensors.

Fragmented Shares Will Fuel Market Consolidation

Machine vision applications’ complex diversityresulted in the emergence of a multitude of smallmachine vision camera manufacturers. Consequently,the machine vision market is very fragmented at thecamera level. On the flip side, the machine visionimage sensor market is quite concentrated due to thepresence of strong technical know-how necessary fordesigning to a specific sensor.

From a technological standpoint, industrial machinevision is mostly characterized by incrementalinnovations: subsystem manufacturers increasingresolution, frame rate and subsystem capacity. Themarket’s technological maturity makes disruptiveinnovation challenging, and minimizes any uniqueselling proposition.The combination of high fragmentation and limitedproduct differentiation has led the machine visionmarket to unavoidable commoditization, driven bystrong price competition from companies like PointGrey Research and Basler. Now that the markethas attained significant manufacturing volume, it’shighly probable that a consolidation will occur at thelow-end through successive acquisitions by marketleaders strategically positioned there.

In this report you’ll enjoy a detailed analysis ofthe machine vision value chain and supply chain,along with market share at both image sensor andsubsystem level.

Objectives of the Report

To provide market data on key machine vision market metrics & dynamics:

  • Machine vision subsystem unit shipments by revenue and market segment
  • Market share by player, with detailed breakdown
  • Application focus on key growth areas for machine vision

To provide key technical insight into future technology trends and challenges:

  • From an image sensor standpoint: design, front-end and back-end innovations. A special focus is given to BSI (Backside illumination) technology, which is reshaping the image sensor industry’s consumer markets
  • From a camera standpoint

To provide an in-depth understanding of machine vision’s value chain, infrastructure and players:

  • Who are the industrial machine vision image sensor players (IDMs, foundries, design houses) and how are they related?
  • More generally, who are the key suppliers to watch and how will the machine vision market evolve?

Companies Cited in the Report

ADIMEC, Alexima, Allied Vision Technology, Anafocus, Aphesa, Aptina Imaging, Awaiba, Basler,Banner Engineering, Baumer Optronics, Bluetechnix, CMOSIS, Cognex, Critical Link, Datalogic,Dongbu Hitek, Dynamax Imaging, e2v, Edixia, Edmund Optics, EVT, Fotonic, FRAMOS, HamamatsuPhotonics, IDS Imaging, IFM, IMEC, ImperX, Industriesensorik Gmbh, ISRA Vision, JAI, JDSU,Kappa Optronics Gmbh, Leuze Electronic, Lfoundry, LMI Technologies, Lumenera, Matrix Vision,Matrox Imaging, Melexis, MESA Imaging, Micron, Microscan, Mobotix, New Imaging Technologies,NED, Odos Imaging, Omnivision, Omron, ON Semiconductor, Optomotive Mechatronics,Panasonic, Pelco, Photonfocus, PMD Technologies, Point Grey Research, Pyxalis, SensoPart,SICK IVP, SK Hynix, Smartray, SoftKinetics, Sony, Stemmer Imaging, SVS Vistek, TeledyneDALSA, The Imaging Source, Toshiba Teli, TowerJazz, Viimagic, Vieworks, Vision Components,Viscom, Vitronic, VR Magic, Wenglor, WLCSP, Ximea, X-Fab, 1st Vision and many more.

Machine Vision Technology & Market Trends

Table of Contents

Report objectives & scope 3

Executive summary 9

Background & definitions 33
Machine vision definitions
PC-based systems
Smart cameras
Vision sensors
Positioning and price breakdown

Machine vision market strategies 51
Market segmentation
Ongoing strategic moves

Machine vision market analysis 66
Market forecasts
2011-2018 forecasts by segment (in units and in $M)
Market size split by geographic location
Market segment details (tech & economic analysis)
Industrial segments
Out-of-factory segments

Machine vision supply chain analysis 94
Value chain description
Main players positioning
Machine vision cameras price breakdown
Supply chain structure
2012 market share in revenue ($M)
At image sensor level
Split by technology: CCD vs. CMOS image sensors
Split by product type: line scan vs. area sensors
2012 market share in revenue ($M)
At subsystem level
Split by product type:
Line scan vs. area cameras
Smart & compact subsystems (smart cameras + vision sensors)

Application focus 118
Manufacturing applications
Automotive manufacturing
PCB manufacturing
Semiconductor manufacturing
Flat panel manufacturing
Pharmaceutical industry
Food & packaging industry
Out-of-factory applications
High-end IP surveillance
Automotive driver assistance
License plate recognition

Machine vision technological analysis 151
At image sensor level
Shift from CCD to CMOS
Pixel pitch shrinking trend
Global shuttering: a must-have
The challenge of IR & UV imaging
At camera level
The interface multiplication
Multispectral & hyperspectral imaging
Camera miniaturization trend
3D imaging: a fast-emerging market
Laser triangulation

General conclusion 197

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