Lightweight Automotive Materials in North America to 2018

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Date: 19-Jun-2014
No. of pages: 375
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North American demand to exceed $30 billion in 2018

Demand for lightweight automotive materials in the North American (NA) light vehicle market is anticipated to reach 22 billion pounds in 2018, valued at more than $30 billion. Advances will significantly outpace gains in automotive materials overall, with regulatory pressure being the major force propelling growth. The current race to lighten the automobile is largely being driven by the increasingly strict fuel economy standards being adopted throughout North America. In August 2012, the US issued new corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards for model year 2017- 2025 light-duty vehicles, with a nominal requirement of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. Canada and Mexico have previously implemented standards aligned with US CAFE requirements, and are expected to do so going forward, as they seek to establish continent-wide regulations to ensure that their respective automotive industries remain competitive.

Lightweighting key to reach standards

Lightweighting represents a key strategy employed by automakers to comply with North America’s footprint-based fuel economy standards. By 2018, total light vehicle weight is projected to fall to roughly 3,700 pounds from about 3,900 pounds per unit in 2013. Declines are expected to accelerate over the longer term, as the decline in average vehicle curb weight will coincide with the rising use of lightweight materials. These materials will expand their share of automotive material demand to 45 percent in 2023, up from just 20 percent in 2003, as automakers strive to meet 2025 standards.

Exterior/structural segment to exhibit best growth

Among applications, the best growth prospects are forecast for the exterior and structural segment, propelled by the ongoing development of lightweight materials suitable for use in structural applications and the substantial weight savings such materials can provide. In fact, this sector will account for nearly 75 percent of overall vehicle weight savings through 2023, with body and frame applications alone accounting for about half of average vehicle weight reduction levels. Interior applications are relatively mature and will see only limited growth going forward, as plastics have long been utilized in interior components, thus restricting opportunities for further weight reduction.

Aluminum, high-strength steel lead materials demand

Materials suppliers will increasingly collaborate with automakers to engineer lightweight components in an effort to achieve significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength, safety, and durability. Aluminum and high-strength steel represent the primary lightweight materials employed in this market. Aluminum will enjoy rapid growth in exterior and structural applications, as automakers explore the adoption of this material in place of steel for body components such as closures and panels. High-strength steel is predicted to offer the best opportunities for growth based on its relatively low cost and the ongoing development of new grades that provide a combination of exceptional strength and formability, which will make it the material of choice for structure and frame applications. Engineering plastics will remain the leading polymer type through the forecast period, having successfully supplanted metals in many applications based on advantages such as enhanced design freedom. Demand for high performance composites will rise rapidly from a small base due to their substantial weight savings potential, though high cost will remain an obstacle to growth.

Company Profiles

Profiles for 43 competitors in the North American industry such as Alcoa, ArcelorMittal & DuPont

Additional Information

This study analyzes the market for lightweight automotive materials in the North American original equipment light vehicle industry. Materials covered include lightweight metals (aluminum, high-strength steel, magnesium, metal powders) and polymers and composites (engineering plastics, polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomers, polyurethanes, non-tire rubber, composites, and other). (Note: Synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon are excluded from the scope of the study.)

Historical data for 2003, 2008, and 2013, and forecasts for 2018 and 2023 are provided in million pounds of material, in material pounds per vehicle, and in current US dollars (including inflation) for sales of lightweight automotive materials in North America. Forecasts are also provided by country (US, Canada, and Mexico) and by application (engine and mechanical, exterior and structural, and interior). The term “demand” — used interchangeably with “sales,” market,” and “consumption” — is defined as all shipments from North American production sites, plus imports, minus exports.

Lightweight Automotive Materials in North America to 2018

Table Of Contents

Introduction   X

I. Executive Summary  1

II. Market Environment  4
General    4
Macroeconomic Outlook  5
United States  7
Canada   8
Mexico  10
Light Vehicle Outlook  12
United States  14
Canada  17
Mexico  19
Automotive Industry Trends   20
United States  22
Canada  24
Mexico  25
Environmental & Regulatory Issues  27
Fuel Economy & Emissions Standards  27
Recycling  30
Light Vehicle Weight Trends   32
Materials Technology  35
Competitive Fuel Economy Technologies  39
Pricing Trends  42
Foreign Trade & International Activity  45

III. Overview  49
General   49
Demand by Product  50
Demand by Country  53
United States  55
Canada  58
Mexico  60

IV. Metals   63
General   63
Aluminum  66
Engine & Mechanical  69
Exterior & Structural   71
Interior  75
Producers  76
High-Strength Steel  78
Exterior & Structural   81
Engine & Mechanical  84
Interior  86
Producers  87
Other Metals  90
Metal Powders  91
Magnesium  95

V. Polymers & Composites   100
General  100
Applications  102
Interior  102
Engine & Mechanical   105
Exterior & Structural  107
Products  109
Engineering Plastics   112
Nylon  115
Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene  117
Polycarbonate   119
High-Temperature Resins  122
Other Engineering Plastics  127
Polypropylene   131
Applications   132
Producers  134
Thermoplastic Elastomers  136
Applications & Types  138
Producers  141
Polyurethanes   143
Applications   144
Producers  146
Rubber  147
Applications   149
Producers  152
Composites  153
Conventional   155
High Performance   157
Other Polymers   162

VI. Applications  165
General  165
Engine & Mechanical   168
Powertrain  171
Chassis  174
Other Engine & Mechanical  177
Exterior & Structural   178
Body Structure & Frame  181
Body Panels & Trim   184
Closures  187
Other Exterior & Structural  189
Interior  191
Seating  194
Door Modules  196
Instrument Panel   198
Other Interior   200

VII. Industry Structure   202
General  202
Market Share  203
Mergers & Acquisitions   210
Competitive Strategies   213
Research & Development   214
Marketing & Distribution  217
Cooperative Agreements   219
Company Profiles   226
Advanced Composites, see Mitsui Chemicals AK Steel Holding Corporation  227
Alcoa Incorporated   231
Aleris International Incorporated  234
Amber Composites, see Royal Ten Cate ArcelorMittal SA   236
BASF SE  241
Bodine Aluminum, see Toyota Motor Chrysler Group, see Fiat Constellium, see Rio Tinto Group Cosma International, see Magna International Double Eagle Steel Coating, see United States Steel Dow Chemical Company   246
DuPont (EI) de Nemours  250
DuPont Teijin Films US, see DuPont (EI) de Nemours and Teijin Exxon Mobil Corporation  254
Faurecia SA  256
Fiat SpA  260
Ford Motor Company   263
General Motors Company  265
GKN plc  269
Hindalco Industries Limited  274
Hoeganaes, see GKN Honda Motor Company Limited  277
INEOS Group AG   280
Johnson Controls Incorporated  286
Kaiser Aluminum Corporation  290
Kobe Steel Limited   292
Kraton Performance Polymers Incorporated   295
Luxfer Holdings plc   301
LyondellBasell Industries NV  304
Magna International Incorporated  308
Magneti Marelli, see Fiat Meridian Lightweight Technologies Incorporated  315
Mitsui Chemicals Incorporated  317
Momentive Performance Materials Holdings LLC   320
NanoSteel, see General Motors Nichols Aluminum, see Aleris International Norsk Hydro ASA   325
Novelis, see Hindalco Industries Plasan Carbon Composites Incorporated   330
PolyOne Corporation   331
PRO-TEC Coating, see Kobe Steel & United States Steel Rio Tinto Group   336
Royal Ten Cate NV   341
SABIC Innovative Plastics, see Saudi Basic Industries Sapa, see Norsk Hydro Saudi Basic Industries Corporation  345
Solvay SA  349
Styrolution Group, see BASF and INEOS Group Styron, see Trinseo Teijin Limited   353
Teknor Apex Company   359
Teksid, see Fiat Toho Tenax, see Teijin Films Toray Industries Incorporated  362
Toyota Motor Corporation  366
Trinseo SA  368
United States Steel Corporation  371
Washington Penn Plastic Company Incorporated   374
Zoltek Companies, see Toray Industries

List Of Tables

Section I -- Executive Summary
Summary Table   3

Section II -- Market Environment
1 North America:  Macroeconomic Environment  6
2 United States:  Macroeconomic Environment  8
3 Canada:  Macroeconomic Environment  10
4 Mexico:  Macroeconomic Environment  12
5 North America:  Light Vehicle Overview  14
6 United States:  Light Vehicle Overview  17
7 Canada:  Light Vehicle Overview   18
8 Mexico:  Light Vehicle Overview   20
9 Automotive Materials Demand in Light Vehicles  35
10 Lightweight Automotive Materials Pricing  45

Section III -- Overview
1 Lightweight Automotive Materials Demand by Product   52
2 North America:  Lightweight Automotive Materials Demand by Country  54
3 United States:  Lightweight Automotive Materials Demand by Product & Application   57
4 Canada:  Lightweight Automotive Materials Demand by Product & Application   59
5 Mexico:  Lightweight Automotive Materials Demand by Product & Application   62

Section IV -- Metals
1 Lightweight Automotive Metals Demand by Product & Country  65
2 Automotive Aluminum Demand by Application & Country   69
3 Engine & Mechanical Applications for Automotive Aluminum  71
4 Exterior & Structural Applications for Automotive Aluminum  75
5 Interior Applications for Automotive Aluminum  76
6 Automotive High-Strength Steel Demand by Application & Country   81
7 Exterior & Structural Applications for Automotive High-Strength Steel  84
8 Engine & Mechanical Applications for Automotive High-Strength Steel  86
9 Interior Applications for Automotive High-Strength Steel  87
10 Other Lightweight Automotive Metals Demand by Type, Application, & Country  91
11 Automotive Metal Powders Demand by Application  95
12 Automotive Magnesium Demand by Application  99

Section V -- Polymers & Composites
1 Automotive Polymers & Composites Demand by Application & Country  101
2 Interior Applications for Automotive Polymers & Composites  104
3 Engine & Mechanical Applications for Automotive Polymers & Composites  107
4 Exterior & Structural Applications for Automotive Polymers & Composites  109
5 Automotive Polymers & Composites Demand by Product  111
6 Automotive Engineering Plastics Demand by Type, Application, & Country  114
7 Automotive Nylon Demand by Application  117
8 Automotive Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Demand by Application   119
9 Automotive Polycarbonate Demand by Application   122
10 Automotive High-Temperature Resins Demand by Application   127
11 Other Automotive Engineering Plastics Demand by Application   130
12 Automotive Polypropylene Demand by Application & Country  132
13 Automotive Thermoplastic Elastomers Demand by Application & Country  138
14 Automotive Polyurethanes Demand by Application & Country  144
15 Automotive Rubber Demand by Application & Country  149
16 Automotive Composites Demand by Type, Application, & Country  155
17 Conventional Automotive Composites Demand by Application   157
18 High-Performance Automotive Composites Demand by Application   161
19 Other Automotive Polymers Demand by Application & Country  164

Section VI -- Applications
1 Lightweight Automotive Materials Demand by Application  167
2 Lightweight Engine & Mechanical Automotive Materials Demand   170
3 Lightweight Powertrain Automotive Materials Demand  174
4 Lightweight Chassis Automotive Materials Demand   176
5 Other Lightweight Engine & Mechanical Automotive Materials Demand   178
6 Lightweight Exterior & Structural Automotive Materials Demand   180
7 Lightweight Body Structure & Frame Automotive Materials Demand   184
8 Lightweight Body Panels & Trim Automotive Materials Demand   186
9 Lightweight Closures Automotive Materials Demand  189
10 Other Lightweight Exterior & Structural Automotive Materials Demand   191
11 Lightweight Interior Automotive Materials Demand  193
12 Lightweight Seating Automotive Materials Demand   196
13 Lightweight Door Module Automotive Materials Demand  197
14 Lightweight Instrument Panel Automotive Materials Demand  199
15 Other Lightweight Interior Automotive Materials Demand  201

Section VII -- Industry Structure
1 North American Lightweight Automotive Materials Sales by Company, 2013   204
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures  212
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements  222

List Of Charts

Section II -- Market Environment
1 United States:  Light Vehicle Production by Company, 2013  24
2 Canada:  Light Vehicle Production by Company, 2013   25
3 Mexico:  Light Vehicle Production by Company, 2013   27

Section III -- Overview
1 Lightweight Automotive Materials Demand by Product   53
2 North America:  Lightweight Automotive Materials Demand by Country  54

Section IV -- Metals
1 Lightweight Automotive Metals Demand by Product, 2013   66

Section V -- Polymers & Composites
1 Automotive Polymers & Composites Demand by Product, 2013   112

Section VI -- Applications
1 Growth in Demand for Lightweight Automotive Materials by Application, 2013-2023  168
2 Share of Lightweight Materials in Engine & Mechanical Applications, 2003-2023  171
3 Share of Lightweight Materials in Exterior & Structural Applications, 2003-2023  181
4 Share of Lightweight Materials in Interior Applications, 2003-2023  194

Section VII -- Industry Structure
1 North American Lightweight Automotive Materials Market Share, 2013   206

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