Iran Consumer Electronics Report Q4 2016

Publisher Name :
Date: 14-Sep-2016
No. of pages: 60

BMI View: We expect that the Iranian consumer electronics market will move into a stronger era of growth

from 2017 as a result of the easing of sanctions that will contribute to stronger economic performance and

increase competition as international vendors re-enter the market. We forecast that this shift will support a

device spending CAGR of 4.3% over 2016-2020, but caution that downside risk is still significant due to the

potential for further oil price declines. There are also bottlenecks within the devices market such as high

tariffs on the import of finished devices and a large informal devices market, so there is also upside should

the government enact pro-market reforms.

Latest Updates & Industry Developments

? Computer Sales: USD2.5bn in 2016 to USD2.8bn by 2020, corresponding to a compound annual growth

rate (CAGR) of 2.6%. Smartphones are proving a more significant threat to PC spending than previously

envisaged and as a result we lowered the growth outlook in the Q416 update.

? AV And Gaming Device Sales: USD1.5bn in 2016 to USD1.7bn in 2020, a CAGR of 3.2%. Local

supply of TV sets means the market was less affected by sanctions, but there is still some potential

remaining for flat-panel TV set upgrades.

? Handset Sales: USD3.9bn in 2016 to USD4.9bn in 2020, a CAGR of 5.7%. Underpenetrated smartphone

market informs our outlook for sustained upgrade momentum to underpin value growth.

Iran Consumer Electronics Report Q4 2016

Table of Contents

BMI Industry View 7
Latest Updates & Industry Developments 7
Consumer Electronics Market 9
Industry Forecast 11
Latest Updates 11
Structural Trends 11
Table: Consumer Electronics Overview (Iran 2014-2020) 16
Industry Risk/Reward Index 17
Table: Middle East And Africa Consumer Electronics Risk/Reward Index, Q4 2016 20
Market Overview 21
Recent Developments 21
Computers 21
Table: PC Sales (Iran 2014-2020) 21
AV Devices 27
Table: AV Sales (Iran 2014-2020) 27
Mobile Handsets 31
Table: Mobile Communications (Iran 2014-2020) 31
Industry Trends And Developments 37
Electronics Trade 37
Table: Middle East Consumer Electronics (CE) Trade, 2009-2014 37
Table: Iran Consumer Electronics (CE) Trade, 2010-2015 38
Operational Risk And Government Policy 39
Industry Breakdown 41
Regulatory Development 43
Table: Regulatory Bodies 43
Competitive Landscape 47
Iran Consumer Electronics Companies 47
Consumer Electronics Vendors - EMEA, 2015 48
Table: Computer Hardware 48
Table: TV Sets 48
Table: Mobile Handsets 49
Retail 49
Demographic Forecast 51
Table: Population Headline Indicators (Iran 1990-2025) 52
Table: Key Population Ratios (Iran 1990-2025) 52
Table: Urban/Rural Population & Life Expectancy (Iran 1990-2025) 53
Table: Population By Age Group (Iran 1990-2025) 53
Table: Population By Age Group % (Iran 1990-2025) 54
Methodology 56
Industry Forecast Methodology 56
Sector-Specific Methodology 57
Sources 57
Risk/Reward Index Methodology 58
Sector-Specific Methodology 59
Table: Consumer Electronics Risk/Reward Index Indicators 59
Table: Weighting Of Indicators 60

List of Tables

Table: Consumer Electronics Overview (Iran 2014-2020)
Table: Middle East And Africa Consumer Electronics Risk/Reward Index, Q4 2016
Table: PC Sales (Iran 2014-2020)
Table: AV Sales (Iran 2014-2020)
Table: Mobile Communications (Iran 2014-2020)
Table: Middle East Consumer Electronics (CE) Trade, 2009-2014
Table: Iran Consumer Electronics (CE) Trade, 2010-2015
Table: Regulatory Bodies
Table: Computer Hardware
Table: TV Sets
Table: Mobile Handsets
Table: Population Headline Indicators (Iran 1990-2025)
Table: Key Population Ratios (Iran 1990-2025)
Table: Urban/Rural Population & Life Expectancy (Iran 1990-2025)
Table: Population By Age Group (Iran 1990-2025)
Table: Population By Age Group % (Iran 1990-2025)
Table: Consumer Electronics Risk/Reward Index Indicators
Table: Weighting Of Indicators
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