Infrared Detectors Technology & Market Trends

Publisher Name :
Date: 29-Jul-2013
No. of pages: 150

Key Features of the Report

  • Market segmentation by 10 applications and 4 technologies. The report covers the IR sensors that supply a signal to be analyzed for detection rather than imaging.
  • Market forecasts by applications technologies 2013 – 2018 in revenue ($M) and shipments (units)
  • Value chain and supply chain analysis
  • Detailed applications analysis
  • Competitive analysis and detector manufacturers market share
  • IR detectors technology analysis & evolution: vacuum packaging, Wafer-Level-Packaging…

Next Growth Opportunities Spotted Outside Traditional Markets: Smart Building Automation And Mobile Phone Business

Total infrared detector market generated revenueof more than $153M in 2012, mostly due to themature motion detection market which relieson high-volume sales of automatic lighting andintrusion detection systems.

However in a scenario that includes spotthermometer function in mobile devices, it isexpected that these revenues will top at $381M in2018, growing at a 16% CAGR, fueled by :

  • Small detector applications, especially inconsumer mobile applications. That growth inmobile applications is expected to be driven,in the short term, by adoption of monopixelsensors for internal temperature measurementand spot thermometry in smartphones andtablets. Technological innovation will be the keyto compete successfully with other technologiesin that market. Wafer-level-packaging willbe necessary to successfully address thesemarkets driven by price and looking for eversmaller form factor sensors. A specific scenariofor adoption of IR sensors in mobile devicesraises the market revenues in 2018 by $30M.
  • Array detectors which range from medium size(4×4 to 16×16 pixels) to large size (32×32 andabove) are expected to grow at a ~30% CAGRin the 2013/2018 period. Medium size arrayshave started to be successfully sold in HVACfor buildings and automotive, people countingfor retail, home appliances and will continueto expand due to affordable pricing. Large sizearrays are expected to target the key marketfor smart building automation that will use awide variety of detector functions and couldsupport higher pricing. However, overall, thesepositive market dynamics will be fueled bydetector price erosion.

This report includes market insights in units &revenue by market segment and also by detectorresolution. IR detector market forecasts are realizedfor 2013 – 2018. The report includes an overviewof small IR arrays for imaging purposes, but thecomplete analysis of infrared imaging applicationsis covered in another Yole Développement report:“Uncooled Infrared Imaging”.

Technological Evolution Has Historically Pushed IR Detectors Toward Higher-End Markets With Array Detectors

Low cost and easy to manufacture, IR detectorshave been used in a wide diversity of markets suchas construction, security, appliances, and industrial,and for a wide variety of functions, e.g. motiondetection, temperature measurement, counting,fi re & gas detection… Initially limited to single pixelpyroelectric detectors with a basic motion detectionfunction, IR detectors have progressively beenused in more complex systems which diversifi edthe market into higher-end applications such astemperature sensing, or gas & fi re detection,spectroscopy…

At the end of 2000, that diversifi cation has beenpushed further into the high end of the market by theintroduction of array detectors. Multiple companies,led by Heimann Sensors, adopted a “technologypush” strategy to introduce IR detector arrays eitherbased on pyroelectric technology or thermopiletechnology. Coming from the MEMS industry, severalcompanies like OMRON & Panasonic have ensuredthe domination of thermopile technology on thearray detector market by capitalizing on their knowhowin complex MEMS structure manufacturing.

However, in 2013 the domination of thermopileshas been challenged by a new entrant based ona technology coming from the infrared imagingmarket: ULIS. The very large IR detector is thefi rst microbolometer having a true resolution(without windowing) below 100×100 pixels, whichaims to gain market share in the developing largeIR detector market. In 2014, competition in thesmall microbolometer array segment is expected toincrease with FLIR, the market leader of uncooledinfrared imaging. In the future, it is expected thatthe next technological step for IR detectors will beat the packaging level with either vacuum packageor Wafer-Level Package, and at pixel level withmanufacturing process optimization to decreasepixel pitch.

This report analyzes the technological trends of theinfrared detector market.

Major Technological Barriers Prevent Current Players From Moving From Low-End To High-End Applications.

Infrared detector competitive landscape is complexdue to the diversity of players in that market. Havinga clear understanding of each player’s technologicalbackground and positioning clarifi es what is the totalavailable market and the challenges that will have tobe faced.

While the small IR detector market is a commoditymarket driven by price, medium and large arraydetectors are cost/performance driven and stilloffer room for differentiation for new entrants.However strong barriers lie between each IRdetector technology: pyroelectric/thermopiles/microbolometers; because these technologies arebased on different manufacturing processes, makingthe move from one technology to another is verydiffi cult without a merger or acquisition. Similarlyfrom a product standpoint, the move from smalldetectors to array detectors is challenging becauseit relies on strong IP or on MEMS manufacturingcapacities. In this context, many companies are notin direct competition and there is still opportunityto take position in the high-potential large detectormarket.

Objectives of the Report

  • Provide market data on key infrared detectors market metrics & dynamics:
  • Infrared detectors sales in units & in revenue by market segment
  • Market share by player
  • Application focus on key growth areas for infrared technologies
  • Provide key technical insight into future technology trends and challenges
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of IR detector value chain, infrastructure and players:
  • Who are the industrial IR detector players (IDMs, foundries, design houses) and what is their market and technological position?
  • More generally, who are the key suppliers to watch and how will the IR detector market evolve?

What’s New Compared to Last Edition?

  • Identification of current technological trends and on-going developments
  • Latest industry news and analysis of the new market entrants and exits
  • More detailed product segmentation with the introduction of large and medium detectors categories
  • Introduction of new applications:
  • Smart building automation application
  • Gesture recognition application
  • Internal temperature measurement & spot thermometer in mobile devices (smartphones & tablets)
  • Up-to-date market forecasts

Companies Cited in the Report

3S Pocketnet Technology, Agilent, Ametek, BAE, Bosch Security Systems, Cerberus, CSST, Delphi,Dias Infrared, Dostmann, DRS, E+E Elektronik, Excelitas, FLIR Systems, Fluke, Fuji Piezo, G&E,Hager, Hamamatsu, Heimann, Heitronics, Honeywell Security, ICX FLIR, Infratec, Intex, Irisys,Johnson Controls, Korea Digital, L3com, Land, Legrand, Leister Axetris, Lumasense ITC, Melexis,Memstech – Ann Arbor, Merten, Mitsubishi Electric, Murata, NEC Avio, Nicera, Omega, Omron,Panasonic, Perkin Elmer, Pyreos, Raytheon, Ritsumeikan University, Samsung, SCD, SchneiderElectric, Selex Galileo, Sensair, Senseair, Sensource, Shimadzu, Somfy, Sony, Symetrix, Telaire,Texas Instruments, Thermofisher, Tyco Security Products, Tyndall, ULIS, UTC fire & security,Visonic, Winsen, Wuhan Cubic, Yongsheng, ZB sensor…

Infrared Detectors Technology & Market Trends

Table of Contents

Executive summary p 16

Overview of infrared detector markets p 39
Current IR detecting systems and pricing
IR detector supply chain with current key players
Infrared detector market forecast by application
Scenario 1: No adoption in mobile devicesFrom 2011-2018 in shipments (MUnits) and in revenue ($M)
Infrared detector market forecast by application
Scenario 2: Penetration in mobile devices
From 2011-2018 in shipments (MUnits) and in revenue ($M)
Infrared detector ASP by application 2011-2018 evolution
Infrared detector breakdown by application Pyroelectric vs. Thermopile
Infrared detector market forecast by format from 2011-2018 in shipments (in MUnits) and in revenue ($M)

Overview of current infrared detection technologies p 53
Current infrared detector technologies overview
Technology positioning
Pyroelectric sensor
Pyroelectric crystal detector – fabrication process
Pyroelectric hybrid ceramic arrays (Irisys) +
reverse engineering extracts
Pyroelectric thin-film detectors/arrays (Pyreos)
Pyroelectric thin film arrays
Pyroelectric thin-film processing techniques
Pyroelectric film arrays - construction
Thermopile detector
Sensitive elements materials
Microbolometer technology history
Microbolometer: a-Si and Vox materials
Microbolometer process flow example
Technology comparison
Infrared detector technologies: vacuum-package
Infrared detector technologies: influence of the optics
Infrared detector technologies: packaging options
IR Detector array – cost breakdown

Overview of manufacturers’ positioning and technologies p 85
Players & technologies for thermopiles and pyroelectic IR detectors
Players for thermopiles and pyroelectic IR detectors - Size vs. Maturity
Infrared detector players for thermopiles and pyroelectic IR detectors - Players HQ location
Main current pyroelectric and thermopile manufacturer production data
Infrared detector players: pyroelectric and thermopiles market Share
Thermopile detectors MEMS manufacturers activity: Melexis, OMRON, Texas Instrument, Hamamatsu, Panasonic Main microbolometer player locations
Microbolometer player profiles
Microbolometer player production for imager applications

Analysis of infrared detectors’ current applications p 101
Infrared detector applications: price vs. performance
IR detector technologies: wavelength segmentation
Detector pricing evolution by array size
Small format detectors applications
People & motion detection (1)
People & motion detection (2) – Emerging energy saving market
People & motion detection (3) - Synthesis
High-end pyrometer/ temperature
measurement system
Low-end temperature sensors
Gas & fire detection
New potential application: gesture recognition
New potential application: internal temperature measurement for smartphones & tablets
New potential application: spot thermometry for smartphones & tablets
Medium format detectors applications
People/door counting
Queue management
Other medium format applications
Large format detectors for smart building automation applications
Single detector vs large detectors
Large detectors implementation
Competing technologies to large IR detectors
Smart building automation supply chain: market players
Analysis of large detector applications: technology positioning
Current status of the potential technologies
Products introduction roadmap by array size
Challenges to access to smart building automation market
Critical role of optics
Player developments of large format detectors
Microbolometer players position: NEC Avio, Ulis, FLIR
Pyroelectric players positions
Player positions
Large detectors for smart building automation market forecast

Overview of small IR imaging arrays applications p 143

General conclusions p 147

Yole Développement presentation p 150

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