Hispanic Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 5th Edition

Publisher Name :
Date: 27-Nov-2012
No. of pages: 200

Tortillas and taco kits outsell hamburgers and hot dog buns. Salsa boasts almost twice the dollar sales of ketchup. Latino culture has impacted the U.S. grocery aisles to such an extent that it has redefined American cuisine, or more accurately that its long-standing role in American cuisine has expanded to become irrepressibly evident. Hispanic foods and beverages appeal to a wide variety of consumers, from Spanish-only speakers to multicultural consumers and foodies to, in fact, most households in America.

And marketers have taken note. The market isn’t only the playground of traditional Hispanic food companies like Goya and the Gruma Corporation. Mainstream marketers such as General Mills and Kraft have jumped on the bandwagon as well, not only with Latin-flavored products but also with mainstream products whose market share they’d like to grow with the expanding Hispanic population.

This report examines the market for Hispanic foods and beverages in the U.S., including the trends driving growth and creating new product development and sales opportunities. Readers will learn about fast-growing brands and rising stars; the diverse range of Hispanic products; demographics and psychographics of the Hispanic foods and beverages consumer, and information on consumption habits; and the new, engaging ways in which marketers are connecting with customers.

The report segments and quantifies the market by channel and product type, providing historical sales figures and forecasts through 2017. The report examines market size based in part of retail sales-tracking data from SymphonyIRI, and the consumer landscape based on extensive analysis of Experian Simmons national consumer survey data. The report also maps out the competitive situation at the marketer and brand levels, with detailed profiles of several of the biggest Hispanic marketers in the food and beverage arena.

Report Methodology

The information contained in this report was obtained from primary and secondary research. Primary research entailed consultations with Hispanic food and beverage sources and on-site examination of retail venues. Secondary research included extensive Internet canvassing and research- and data-gathering from relevant consumer business and trade publications; company reports including annual reports, press releases, and investor conference calls; company profiles in trade and consumer publications; government reports; and other food and beverage market reports by Packaged Facts.

Sales estimates are based on data from the above sources as well as SymphonyIRI data for mass-market channels (supermarkets, drugstores and mass merchandisers other than Walmart); published and estimated sales of major market participants; market size estimates from other sources, including those appearing in the trade press; the performance of relevant retail venues; consumer usage rates for Hispanic food and beverages; and new product introduction activity in the market. Our consumer analysis draws primarily from a national consumer survey data from Experian Simmons. Through an ongoing program of telephone and booklet questionnaire surveys of a large probability sample of consumers who represent a statistically accurate cross-section of the U.S. adult population, Simmons is able construct detailed demographic profiles across various consumer product and service markets, including the Hispanic market. Additional resources include a roundup of consumer research about Hispanic shoppers conducted by a variety of industry participants.

Hispanic Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 5th Edition

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Executive Summary
Scope and Methodology
Scope of Report
Report Methodology
Size and Growth of the Market
2012 Sales of Almost $8.2 Billion
Table 1-1 Total U.S. Retail Sales of Hispanic Foods and Beverages, 2009–2012 (in millions of dollars)
Sales Expected to Reach Almost $10.7 Billion by 2017
Table 1-2 Projected U.S. Sales of Hispanic Food and Beverages, 2013-2017 (in millions of dollars)
Mexican Foods and Sauces Grow Slowly
Table 1-3 IRI-Tracked Sales of Mexican Foods and Sauces, 2012
Tortillas, Salsa Have Redefined American Cuisine
Hispanic Products Found Everywhere in the Grocery Store
Much of the Country Consumers Hispanic Foods
Hispanics Growing and Getting Younger
Hispanics’ Buying Power Rising
Mainstream Consumers Getting More Adventurous
No Shortage of Innovation in the Industry
Marketing Dollars Increase
Retailers Expand Selection, Staff
The Competitive Landscape
Table 1-4 Food Categories and Top Hispanic Brands
Every Mexican Food Category Has Gained
Hispanics Enjoy Variety on a Budget, Trying New Products

Chapter 2 Market Trends
Market Size and Growth
Hispanic Food and Beverage Sales Rise to $8.2 billion
Table 2-1 Total U.S. Retail Sales of Hispanic Foods and Beverages, 2009–2012 (in millions of dollars)
Figure 2-1 Total U.S. Retail Sales of Hispanic Foods and Beverages, 2009–2012 (in million $)
Mild Growth From Mexican Foods and Sauces
Table 2-2 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Mexican Foods and Sauces, 2012
Refried Beans, All Other Mexican Sauces Lead in Growth
Table 2-3 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Mexican Foods, 2012
Table 2-4 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Mexican Sauce, 2012
Tortillas, Salsa Outsell Many All-American Staples
Table 2-5 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Select Categories Compared to Tortillas/Taco Kits, 2012
Table 2-6 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Select Categories Compared to Salsa, 2012
Hispanic Products Make Inroads in Non-Hispanic Grocery Categories
Table 2-7 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Share and Growth of Hispanic Brands in Select Categories, 2012
Market Dynamics
Consumers of Hispanic Foods and Beverages Are Wide and Varied
Growth of Hispanic Population
Table 2-8 Demographic Snapshot of the U.S. Population, 2011 (number and percent of U.S. Hispanic population)
Table 2-9 Projected Population Growth, Hispanics vs. Other Population Segments, 2015-2050 (in thousands)
Number of Hispanics Under Age 14 to increase 14% by 2015
Table 2-10 Population of 2- to 12-Year-Olds by Race and Hispanic Origin, 2008 (in thousands)
Table 2-11 Change in Population of Kids Under the Age of 14,by Race and Hispanic Origin, 2010 (in thousands)
Table 2-12 Median Age of U.S. Population, by Race, 2011 (years)
California Has Largest Latino Population, New Mexico Highest Concentration
Table 2-13 20 U.S. States with Largest Hispanic Populations, 2011 (number and percent of U.S. Hispanic population)
Table 2-14 20 U.S. States with Largest Concentration of Hispanics, 2011
Hispanics’ Buying Power a Significant Force in the Economy
Table 2-15 Projected Growth in Hispanic Buying Power, 2008-2013
Top Hispanic Origin Groups
Mainstream Consumers Widen Their Embrace
Restaurant Trends Have an Influence
Flavors With Room for Growth
Innovation Efforts Target Hispanic Foods and Beverages
Sofi Awards Recognize Hispanic-Inspired Products
Leading Marketers Boost Their Hispanic Media Investment
Mainstream Retailers Try to Attract Hispanic Shoppers
Common Hispanic Foods and Beverages
Table 2-16 Foods and Beverages Identified as Hispanic
Looking Ahead
More Hispanic Food & Beverage Sales on the Horizon
Table 2-17 Projected U.S. Sales of Hispanic Food and Beverages, 2013-2017 (in millions of dollars)
Figure 2-2 Total Projected U.S. Retail Sales of Hispanic Foods and Beverages, 2010–2014 (in million $)

Chapter 3 The Competitive Landscape
Competitive Overview
All Types of Marketers Serve the Industry
Table 3-1 U.S. Retail Hispanic Foods and Beverages: Select Marketers, Brands, Products Offered, and Websites, 2012
Gruma Rules Tortillas
Table 3-2 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales Top Marketers of Hard/Soft Tortillas/Taco Kits, 2012
Table 3-3 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Refrigerated Tortillas, 2012
Table 3-4 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Frozen Tortillas, 2012
ConAgra, General Mills Lead In Refried Beans
Table 3-5 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Refried Beans, 2012
Juanita’s Leads Mexican Food Items Category
Table 3-6 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Mexican Food Items, 2012
Tostitos Dominates Salsa, But Small Players Abound
Table 3-7 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Salsa, 2012
Pace Paces Picante Sauce
Table 3-8 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Picante Sauce, 2012
Ortega Takes Almost Half of Taco Sauce
Table 3-9 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Taco Sauce, 2012
Las Palmas and Old El Paso On Top of the “All Other Mexican Sauce/Marinade” Category
Table 3-10 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of All Other Mexican Sauce/Marinade, 2012
Hispanic Brands/Flavors a Major Force in the Frozen Hand-held Entrees (non-breakfast) Category
Table 3-11 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Frozen Hand-held Entrees (non-breakfast), 2012
Frozen Appetizers/Snack Rolls Category Feels Hispanic Influence
Table 3-12 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Frozen Appetizers/Snack Rolls, 2012
Goya a Major Player in “Vegetables – All Other Beans” Category
Table 3-13 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of “Vegetables – All Other Beans” Category, 2012
Goya Is Tops Among Branded Dried Beans/Grains
Table 3-14 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Dried Beans/Grains, 2012
Hispanic Marketers Gaining Ground in Dry Rice and Dry Rice Mixes
Table 3-15 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Dry Rice, 2012
Flavors are the Future of Carbonated Soft Drinks
Table 3-17 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Regular Soft Drinks, 2012
Kraft Dominates Aseptic Juices and Juice Drinks
Table 3-18 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Aseptic Juice Drinks, 2012
Table 3-19 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Aseptic Juices, 2012
Hispanic Marketers Are Major Contributors to the Canned Juice Category
Table 3-20 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Canned Fruit Juice, 2012
Table 3-21 SymphonyIRI-Tracked Sales of Top Marketers of Canned Juice Drinks, 2012

Chapter 4 Marketer Profiles
B&G Foods
New Products
Campbell Soup
New Products
General Mills
Goya Foods
Goya Gives Back
New Products
Gruma Corp.
New Products
Kraft Foods
MegaMex Foods (Herdez/Hormel Joint Venture)
OLÉ Mexican Foods
New Products
Ruiz Foods
J.M. Smucker
Windsor Foods

Chapter 5 The Consumer
U.S. Consumers of Hispanic Foods and Beverages: Demographics
Note on Experian Simmons Surveys
U.S. Households Use of Mexican Foods Increases
Table 5-1 Mexican Food & Ingredients Usage, 2004-2012 (Number in Thousands & Percent)
Table 5-2 U.S. Households Who Use Mexican Food/Ingredients,by Race/Ethnicity, 2012 (percent and index)
Every Mexican Food Category Has Gained
Table 5-3 U.S. Households That Use Mexican Food/Ingredients,by Product Type, 2004-2012 (percent)
Burritos are Mainstream, Enchiladas and Tamales Less So
Table 5-4 Demographics of Adult Mexican Prepared Food Users by U.S. Households, 2012 (Index)
Use of Peppers and Condiments Varies by Age
Table 5-5 Demographics of Mexican Peppers and Condiment Users by U.S. Households, 2012 (Index)
Flour Tortillas Used by Most Demographics
Table 5-6 Demographics of Adult Tortilla and Tostada Users by U.S. Households, 2012 (Index)
Families Embrace Kits and Taco Fixings, But Other Differences Emerge
Table 5-7 Demographics of Adult Mexican Prepared Food Users by U.S. Households, 2012 (Index)
Traditional Brands Rank among Hispanic Households;Whites and Blacks Go for Mainstream
Table 5-8 U.S. Households Who Use Mexican Food/Ingredients,by Brand, 2012 (index)
Table 5-9 U.S. Households Who Use Mexican Food/Ingredients,by Brand, 2012 (index)
Hispanic Households Index More Heavily for Some Brands
Table 5-10 Brands That Skew Towards Hispanics, 2012 (index)
U.S. Consumers of Hispanic Foods and Beverages: Attitudes and Behaviors
Experian Simmons Food Lifestyle Segmentation
Hispanics Lean Towards Variety on a Budget
Table 5-11 Experian Simmons Food Lifestyle Segmentation,by Race/Ethnicity, 2012 (Index)
Table 5-12 Experian Simmons Food Lifestyle Segmentation,by Race/Ethnicity, 2012 (Percent)
Figure 5-1 Experian Simmons Food Lifestyle Segmentation,by Race/Ethnicity, 2012 (Percent)
Experian Simmons Retail Shopper Segmentation
Hispanics Look for Discounts and New Products
Table 5-13 Experian Simmons Retail Shopper Segmentation,by Race/Ethnicity, 2012 (Index)
Table 5-14 Experian Simmons Retail Shopper Segmentation,by Race/Ethnicity, 2012 (Percent)
Figure 5-2 Experian Simmons Retail Shopper Segmentation,by Race/Ethnicity, 2012 (Percent)
Hispanics Seek Out New Stores and Specialty Stores;Favor Lunch Over Other Meals
Table 5-15 Food and Shopping Psychographics by Race/Ethnicity,2012 (Index)
Table 5-16 Food and Shopping Psychographics by Select Brands,2012 (Index)
Table 5-17 Food and Shopping Psychographics by Select Brands,2012 (Index)
Meals by Latina Moms

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