Guatemala Insurance Report Q4 2016

Publisher Name :
Date: 07-Sep-2016
No. of pages: 46

BMI View: Guatemala's insurance market is developing rapidly, particularly the small life insurance

segment. Rising average income rates are boosting the affordability of both life and non-life products, and

the range of products available in the market is expanding steadily, supported by growing distribution

channels, including bancassurance. Widespread poverty remains a significant hindrance to the growth of

the insurance industry, however, and the development of the market is heavily reliant upon wider economic

growth and political stability in Guatemala.

Key Updates And Forecasts

? GDP growth in Guatemala is expected to slow in 2016, with our Country Risk team currently forecasting

growth of 3.4%, down from 4.1% in 2015. A number of factors are affecting the growth outlook,

including a weak business environment, dependency on low-value manufactured exports and high

vulnerability to swings in commodity prices.

? Growth in the country's non-life sector is expected to broadly track wider economic expansion, with

premiums written currently forecast to increase by 3.9% (in local currency terms) in 2016. Currency

movements mean growth will be slower in US dollar terms, at 2.6%.

Guatemala Insurance Report Q4 2016

Table of Contents

BMI Industry View 5
Table: Headline Insurance Forecasts (Guatemala 2013-2020) 5
Insurance 6
Industry Forecast 7
Life Premiums Forecast 7
Table: Life Premiums (Guatemala 2013-2020) 10
Table: Life Insurance Claims (Guatemala 2008-2015) 10
Non-Life Premiums Forecast 11
Table: Non-Life Premiums (Guatemala 2013-2020) 14
Table: Non-Life Insurance Claims (Guatemala 2009-2015) 14
Non-Life Sub-Sector Forecast 15
Table: Non-Life Insurance Premiums by Product Line (Guatemala 2013-2020) 22
Industry Risk Reward Ratings 24
Latin America Insurance Risk/Reward Index 24
Table: Latin America and the Caribbean Insurance Risk/Reward Index - Q416 25
Market Overview 26
Life Market Overview 26
Product Offering 26
Competitive Landscape 26
Table: Life Market Share (USDmn), 2012-2015 28
Non-Life Market Overview 29
Product Offering 29
Competitive Landscape 29
Table: Non-Life Market Share (USDmn), 2012-2015 30
Company Profile 32
G&T Continental 32
Seguros el Roble 38
Methodology 40
Industry Forecast Methodology 40
Risk/Reward Index Methodology 43
Table: Indicators 45
Table: Weighting of Indicators 46

List of Tables

Table: Headline Insurance Forecasts (Guatemala 2013-2020)
Table: Life Premiums (Guatemala 2013-2020)
Table: Life Insurance Claims (Guatemala 2008-2015)
Table: Non-Life Premiums (Guatemala 2013-2020)
Table: Non-Life Insurance Claims (Guatemala 2009-2015)
Table: Non-Life Insurance Premiums by Product Line (Guatemala 2013-2020)
Table: Latin America and the Caribbean Insurance Risk/Reward Index - Q416
Table: Life Market Share (USDmn), 2012-2015
Table: Non-Life Market Share (USDmn), 2012-2015
Table: Indicators
Table: Weighting of Indicators
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