Epigenetics Technology Market (Epigenomics, DNA Methylation, Histone Modifications, RNA Interference, Cancer Therapeutics, Personalized Medicine) (2012 – 2017)

Publisher Name :
Date: 18-Jan-2013
No. of pages: 896

Over the last decade, genomics and proteomics have been used as key tools to discover potential drug targets and to better understand the complexities of biology. To balance research in these areas, epigenetics offers a potential opportunity in understanding the basis of various diseases in a different approach. Thus, epigenetics is study of heritable changes in genome function and gene expression had opened the new gate of biology to understand the basis of diseases and presents incredible opportunities for disease diagnosis and drug discovery.

Report covers the market by therapeutics sector in oncology conditions, non-oncology indications and personalized medicine. The report also covers the market by research and diagnostics sector in gene regulation studies, biomarker detection and drug discovery. In addition, it also includes the factors driving and restraining the market and covers the market scenario in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Rest of the World (ROW). This report will provide the company profiles of key companies along with the competitive analysis.

The Global Epigenetics market is showing a double digit growth (CAGR 25%) due to supportive factors such as, (i) huge amount of funds and investments, (ii) increasing partnerships and collaborations, and (iii) rapid screening tools. Epigenetics is used in the identification of new epigenetic biomarkers, which will aid in better diagnosis and prognosis of diseases. While there are factors favoring the market growth, there are concerns such as change in re-imbursement systems and lack of predictive markers holding back the growth of this market. However, the positive aspects in this field may very well offset the market restraints to aid the market grow at an exceptional rate.

The report also profiles leading participants of this industry with their recent developments and other strategic industry activities. These include: CH3 BioSystems (U.S.), Eisai (Japan), Covaris Inc. (U.S.), Epiontis (Germany), RiboMed Biotechnologies (U.S.), 4SC (Germany), Novus Biologicals (U.S.), Merck Millipore (U.S.), CellCentric (U.K.), Celgene (U.S.), Karus Therapeutics (U.K.), EpiTherapeutics (Denmark), Resverlogix (Canada), Epizyme (U.S.), Glaxosmithkline (U.K.), Epigenomics (Germany).

Scope of the Report

  • This technology report categorizes the market for epigenetics by geographical region (including the important countries in each region), applications, and epigenetic mechanisms, forecasting the market value in revenue by analyzing the current and future trends in research, diagnostics and therapeutics industries.
  • A detailed description of the global technology developments and evolving trends in the epigenetics field with key prominence on research innovations, collaborative efforts and focused research through consortiums dedicated for epigenetics.
  • A close view on the drug development for treatment of various diseases by providing the details and status of current epigenetic drugs in pipeline.
  • An impact analysis of major drivers, restraints and challenges influencing the adoption and growth of epigenetics market during the period from 2012 to 2017.
  • Market size – Global market forecast for 2012-2017, including demand side analysis and strategic recommendations for technology/product developers.
  • Competitive landscape based on the analysis of key patents and research publications that gives an insight into prominent activities and global participants.

Epigenetics Technology Market (Epigenomics, DNA Methylation, Histone Modifications, RNA Interference, Cancer Therapeutics, Personalized Medicine) (2012 – 2017)

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Key Take-Aways
1.2 Report Scope
1.3 Research Methodology
1.4 Key Data Points From Primary And Secondary Sources

2 Executive Summary

3 Epigenetics – Technology Landscape Analysis
3.1 Technology Overview
3.2 Technology Evolution – Milestones In Epigenetics
3.3 Epigenetic Mechanisms
3.3.1 DNA Methylation
3.3.2 Histone Modifications
3.3.3 RNA Interference
3.4 Technology Value Chain Analysis
3.5 Applications
3.5.1 Therapeutics Oncology Conditions Non-Oncology Indications Personalized Medicine
3.5.2 Research And Diagnostics Gene Regulation Studies Biomarker Detection Drug Discovery
3.6 Epigenetics – Technology Innovations And Products With Applications
3.7 Current Scenario In Epigenetics

4 Epigenetics – Market Landscape Analysis
4.1 Epigenetics Market Size – Potential Addressable Market
4.2 Global Epigenetics Market Segmentation
4.3 Global Market Revenue Forecast (2012-2017)
4.3.1 By Geography
4.3.2 By Applications
4.3.3 By Epigenetic Mechanisms
4.4 Market Share of Companies
4.5 Market Dynamics
4.5.1 Drivers
4.5.2 Restraints
4.5.3 Challenges

5 Technology Investment Potential
5.1 Investor Network
5.1.1 Some Funds And Investments By Public Funding Bodies
5.1.2 Some Funds And Investments By Non-Government Organizations (Ngos)
5.1.3 Some Investments By Corporate, Private And Equity Investors
5.1.4 Insights on Current And Future Tech-Investment Trends
5.1.5 Funding Patterns And Investor Inclination
5.2 Investment Opportunities
5.2.1 Epigenetic Technologies And Products Available For Licensing & Acquisition For Stakeholders
5.2.2 Analysis of Potential Application Areas For Technology Investment – Based On Opportunity Strategy Evaluation (OSE) Analysis

6 Epigenetics – Technology Adoption Potential And Development By Geography
6.1 Introduction
6.2 North America
6.3 Europe
6.4 Asia
6.5 Row
6.6 Demand Side Analysis

7 Epigenetics Competitive Landscape
7.1 Key Mergers And Acquisitions
7.2 Partnerships And Collaborations
7.3 Therapeutic Drugs In Pipeline
7.4 Worldwide Consortiums And Networks In Epigenetics

8 Intellectual Property And Research Strength Analysis
8.1 Ip Strength Analysis of Epigenetics Between 2008-2012
8.2 Analysis of Research Strength From Ncbi Pubmed Publications

9 Analyst Insights And Recommendations
9.1 Analyst Insights
9.2 Analyst Recommendations
9.3 Open Opportunity Invitations In The Field For Business Development

10 Company Profiles
10.1 4sc (Germany)
10.2 Celgene (U.S.)
10.3 Cellcentric (U.K.)
10.4 Ch3 Biosystems (U.S.)
10.5 Covaris Inc (U.S.)
10.6 Eisai Co Ltd (Japan)
10.7 Epiontis (Germany)
10.8 Epitherapeutics (Denmark)
10.9 Epizyme (U.S.)
10.10 Karus Therapeutics (U.K.)
10.11 Merck Millipore (U.S.)
10.12 Ribomed Biotechnologies (U.S.)

11 Appendix

12 Glossary

List of Tables

Table 1 Global Epigenetics Market Revenue, By Geography, 2012–2017 ($Million)
Table 2 Global Epigenetics Market Revenue, By Application Segments, 2012–2017 ($Million)
Table 3 Global Epigenetics Market Revenue, By Therapeutic Applications, 2012–2017 ($Million)
Table 4 Global Epigenetics Market Revenue, By Research & Diagnostics Applications, 2012–2017 ($Million)
Table 5 Global Epigenetics Market Revenue, By Epigenetic Mechanisms, 2012–2017 ($Million)
Table 6 Market Share of Companies Based On Currently Available Four Drugs
Table 7 Some Funds And Investments By Public Funding Bodies
Table 8 Epidemiology And Genomics Research Program (Egrp) Funding Details For Epigenetics
Table 9 Nih Funding Details For Epigenetics
Table 10 Some Funds And Investments By Non-Government Organizations (Ngos)
Table 11 Some Investments By Corporate, Private And Equity Investors
Table 12 Worldwide Incidence & Mortality of Selected Cancers (Cases/Year)
Table 13 Mergers And Acquisitions
Table 14 Partnerships And Collaborations
Table 15 Therapeutic Drugs In Pipeline
Table 16 Key Patents
Table 17 Different Types of Products For Epigenetic Mechanisms – Dna Methylation
Table 18 Different Types of Products For Epigenetic Mechanisms – Histone Modifications
Table 19 Different Types of Products For Epigenetic Mechanisms – Rna Interference

List of Figures

Fig 1 Global Market of Epigenetics 2012–2017 ($Million)
Fig 2 Global Epigenetics Market Revenue, By Geography, 2012–2017 ($Million)
Fig 3 Global Epigenetics Market Share – By Geography
Fig 4 Global Epigenetics Market Revenue, By Application Segments,2012-2017 ($Million)
Fig 5 Global Epigenetics Market Revenue, By Therapeutic Applications, 2012–2017 ($Million)
Fig 6 Global Epigenetics Market Revenue, By Research & Diagnostics Applications, 2012–2017 ($Million)
Fig 7 Global Epigenetics Market Share – By Applications
Fig 8 Global Epigenetics Market Revenue, By Epigenetic Mechanisms, 2012–2017 ($Million)
Fig 9 Market Share of Companies Based on Currently Available Four Drugs
Fig 10 Epidemiology And Genomics Research Program (Egrp) Funding Details For Epigenetics
Fig 11 Nih Funding Details For Epigenetics
Fig 12 Epigenetics, Year-Wise Funding Patterns & Investment Forecast (2012–2017)
Fig 13 Current FundingPattern By Investors For Epigenetics
Fig 14 Patents Published Between 2008-2012
Fig 15 Pubmed Publications Between 2008-2012
Fig 16 Pubmed Publications on Epigenetic Enzymes 2008-2012

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