Digital Identity Opportunities for telecom operators

Publisher Name :
Date: 28-Dec-2016
No. of pages: 70

This report analyses the technology and market trends around digital identity.

It presents the major technologies used for authenticating end users and managing their digital identity, including some identity-based services such as e-signature, fraud detection and access control.

The market report focuses on the strategy of telecom operators towards digital identity and the surrounding ecosystem of competitors and providers.

The value of digital identity is also examined in detail, along with market forecasts and an overview of the main drivers and barriers influencing the development of the market.

List of players

  • 3D Secure

  • Adobe Systems

  • Amazon

  • AT&T

  • Atmel

  • Authentec, Inc

  • Banco Santander

  • Barclays

  • BioCatch

  • China Mobile

  • China Telecom

  • Citrix

  • Deutsche Telekom

  • DocuSign

  • Facebook

  • Fingerprint Cards AB

  • Finsphere

  • Gemalto

  • Google

  • GSMA

  • MasterCard

  • Microsoft

  • Morpho


  • Nuance Communication

  • O-film

  • Orange

  • Royal Bank of Canada

  • Safran Identity and Security

  • Samsung

  • Secured Signing Limited

  • SIGNiX

  • Swisscom

  • Synaptics

  • Telefónica

  • Telenor

  • Telenor Group

  • Validity Sensors

  • Verizon Enterprise

  • VMW

  • Vodafone

Slideshow contents

Digital identity: technologies and solutions

  • Overview of digital identity technologies

  • Authentication process

  • Digital identity management

Market structure and player strategies

  • Market structure

  • Authentication technology providers

  • Internet platforms

  • Role of telcos in digital identity

Market and forecasts

  • Market development factors

  • Development forecast

Digital Identity Opportunities for telecom operators

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology & definitions

3. Digital Identity Technologies and Solutions
3.1. Overview
3.2. Authentication technologies
3.2.1. Passwords and tokens
3.2.2. Biometrics
3.2.3. Contextual and behavioural fingerprinting
3.3. Digital identity management
3.3.1. Federation of identity
3.3.2. Digital signature
3.3.3. Transaction authentication and fraud detection
3.3.4. Access control
3.3.5. Blockchain-based identity management

4. Market structure and player strategies
4.1. Market structure
4.1.1. Value chain
4.1.2. Business models
4.2. Authentication technology providers
4.2.1. Identity and security players
4.2.2. Biometrics on smartphones
4.2.3. Provider of innovative authentication technologies
4.3. Internet platforms
4.3.1. Google
4.3.2. Facebook
4.4. The role of telco in Digital Identity
4.4.1. Positioning of the telecom operator in the digital identity market
4.4.2. Case studies: Telcos Strategies

5. Markets and forecasts
5.1. Market development factors
5.1.1. Analysis of growth drivers
5.1.2. Potential barriers
5.2. Development forecast
5.2.1. Market figures
5.2.2. Key trends to development

6. Technical Annex

List of Tables

Table 1: Positioning of authentication solution providers
Table 2: Gemalto mobileID solution
Table 3: Orange B2B identity offering

List of Figures

Figure 1: Overview of digital identity technologies and solutions
Figure 2: Number of passwords used outside of the work environment (user survey)
Figure 3: Password as burden for the user
Figure 4: Principle of the one-time password
Figure 5: One-time password physical token
Figure 6: Out-of-band authentication
Figure 7: Example of 3D secure OOB authentication of transaction
Figure 8: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, fingerprint sensor
Figure 9: Components of TouchID
Figure 10: 'Pay by selfie' mobile-based face recognition by MasterCard.
Figure 11: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris recognition
Figure 12: Voice recognition selling point
Figure 13: Use of context to shorten authentication process
Figure 14: Example of federated IDs to access a platform
Figure 15: Process to log in through Facebook Connect
Figure 16: Example of federated IDs button to sign in or log in a platform
Figure 17: Orange OpenID
Figure 18: OpenID connect protocol basis
Figure 19: GSMA Mobile Connect authentication process
Figure 20: Example of OpenID implementation by ElevenPaths / Telefónica
Figure 21: Demand for identity federation solutions
Figure 22: Low trust in identity federation for critical services
Figure 23: Digital signature process
Figure 24: DocuSign electronic signature
Figure 25: Evolution of worldwide e-commerce and m-commerce market (Billion EUR)
Figure 26: 3D Secure scheme
Figure 27: Smartphone used for access control
Figure 28: Blockchain basics
Figure 29: Blockchain applications and services
Figure 30: Digital Identity Value Chain
Figure 31: Gemalto identity verification offer
Figure 32: Safran Identity and Security Mobile Biometrics SDK
Figure 33: Synaptics products in the SmartPhone
Figure 34: Fingerprint Cards sensors
Figure 35: Voice recognition over a conversation
Figure 36: BioCatch reconstruct biometric traits from usage data
Figure 37: Authentication challenges hidden in user interfaces
Figure 38: positioning of Internet platforms
Figure 39: Google single sign in
Figure 40: Google Smart Lock password manager
Figure 41: Google Firebase identity toolkit
Figure 42: Google 2-step authentication 43
Figure 43: Google multi-modal authentication
Figure 44: Facebook federated ID programme
Figure 45: Complete list of data a third party may request from user authenticating using Facebook
Figure 46: Facebook rules for requesting identity verification
Figure 47: Types of digital identity services offered by telecom operators
Figure 48: Main targets of telecom operators digital identity services
Figure 49: Telecom operators strategies regarding digital identity services
Figure 50: Orange OpenID implementation
Figure 51: Orange Digital Mirror recommendation engine
Figure 52: Orange Cash
Figure 53: Docomo 'D Account' login process
Figure 54: Services accessible through Docomo 'D Account'
Figure 55: BankID application
Figure 56: BankID login process
Figure 57: BankID satisfaction rating
Figure 58: Telefónica ElevenPaths Latch security solution
Figure 59: Latch commercial offers
Figure 60: Telefónica SmartID authentication solution
Figure 61: On-screen signature capture for biometric identification
Figure 62: Vodafone Mobile Enhanced Authentication: use of phone location
Figure 63: Vodafone mobile enhanced authentication claimed benefits
Figure 64: Price analysis for Vodafone Mobile Enhanced Authentication
Figure 65: Authentication with Open ID by Deutsche Telekom
Figure 66: Authentication through QR code or OTP in Verizon Universal ID
Figure 67: Information retrieved through AT&T Mobile Identity depending on user consent
Figure 68: AT&T Mobile Identity feature: form fill
Figure 69: AT&T location Information Services
Figure 70: Trust in digital services
Figure 71: Global digital identity market (2016 - 2021)
Figure 72: Asymmetric cryptography
Figure 73: Hash Function

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