China Swine Industry Chain Analysis

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Currently, China is the largest producer of pork in the world. Its output has come up to 53.5 million tonnes in 2012 with a CAGR of 2.28% during 2005-2012, accounting for around 48.0% of world’s output. Meanwhile, pork is the most popular meat in China, whose output share is about 65.0% in the total meat. This is closely related to the production of swine, which is quite important in China.

The same as the production situation of pork, the slaughter amount of swine keeps growing during 2006-2012 on a whole, from 612 million head to 696 million head. But the number has changed a little during these years due to the industry feature of China’s swine breeding industry. What’s the special industry features of swine breeding in China? And what’s the production situation of swine in China? What’s the future trend of swine breeding industry in China? Are there any investment opportunities in swine breeding industry in China? All these are elaborated in the report.

Meanwhile, China is also the largest consumer of pork in the world. Domestic consumption volume of pork is 53.81 million tonnes in 2012, increasing by 4.87 million tonnes than that in 2009, with a CAGR of 3.21%. But domestic output of pork can not fully meet the demand from the market: China imports some pork from all over the world. In the future, is there more development space for foreign countries to export pork to China? What categories of pork do Chinese consumers like? And what are consumers’ habits and their new changes? The report presents the consumption situation of pork in China from all the above aspects.

As an important link to joint swine breeding and pork consumption, China’s slaughter and meat processing industry has witnessed development and new changes as well as new characteristics over the years. This report shows detailed situation of slaughter and meat processing industry and promising pork products in China in order to find out more development opportunities.

Moreover, the upstream industries of swine breeding, import and export of pork and value chain analysis of swine breeding are also important parts of the report, which help readers to better figure out the overall situation of swine breeding in China.

In order to reveal the current situation of swine breeding industry and its related industries in China, CCM has carried out deep investigations through diverse channels, such as governments, experts, third parties and others. Eventually, the findings are presented based on CCM’s insights. The highlights are as follows:

  • Development environment of swine breeding industry (mainly policies)
  • Status of key upstream industries of China’s swine breeding industry (feed industry and veterinary drug industry)
  • Swine breeding situation in China (general situation, geographical distribution and scale, swine breeding model, technology, cost and profit, price, key swine breeding enterprises)
  • Slaughter and pork processing in China (production situation, category, mechanization level, production scale, promising pork category)
  • Import and Export of pork in China
  • Value chain of China’s swine breeding industry
  • Consumption situation of pork in China (consumption habit, volume, geographical distribution, per capita consumption, price, future trend)
  • Forecast on development trend of China’s swine breeding industry
  • Investment analysis on China’s swine breeding industry

China Swine Industry Chain Analysis

Table Of Contents

Executive summary


1 Analysis on development environment of swine breeding industry
1.1 Policies
1.2 Levels of industrialization and urbanization
1.3 Transformation and upgrading of China's agriculture

2 Status of key upstream industries of China's swine breeding industry
2.1 Overview of feed industry in China
2.1.1 Supply (total and key feed supply situation)
2.2 Overview of veterinary drug industry in China

3 Swine breeding situation in China
3.1 Industry feature of swine breeding in China
3.2 General situation of swine breeding in China
3.3 Geographical distribution and scale of swine breeding
3.4 Swine breeding model
3.5 Swine breeding technology
3.6 Analysis on cost and profit of swine breeding
3.7 Market price of swine
3.8 Key swine breeding enterprises in China

4 Slaughter and pork processing in China
4.1 Overview of China's slaughter and pork processing situation
4.1.1 Production situation of pork and processed pork products
4.1.2 Category
4.1.3 Mechanization level of slaughter 5
4.1.4 Production scale of China's slaughter and pork processing industry
4.2 Promising pork categories in China
4.2.1 Chilled meat
4.2.2 Pasteurized meat products
4.3 Key slaughter and pork processing enterprises

5 Import and Export of pork in China
5.1 Summary of I&E
5.2 Import
5.3 Export

6 Value chain of China's swine industry

7 Consumption situation of pork in China
7.1 General status of pork consumption in China
7.1.1 Consumption habit
7.1.2 Consumption volume
7.1.3 Geographical distribution
7.1.4 Per capita consumption
7.1.5 Price of pork
7.1.6 Category
7.1.7 Factors
7.1.8 Future trend of pork consumption

8 Forecast on development trend of China's swine breeding industry
8.1 Swine breeding scale
8.2 Swine breeding model
8.3 Supply of pork
8.4 Demand for pork

9 Investment analysis on China's swine breeding industry
9.1 Porter's Five Forces analysis
9.2 Barriers to entry into China's swine breeding industry
9.3 Recommendation on investment

List Of Tables

Table 1.1-1 Policies related to swine breeding in China, 2007-2013
Table 1.1-2 Detailed supportive policies on swine breeding in China, 2007-2012
Table 1.2-1 Urbanization rate and number of enterprises above designated size in China, 2007-2012
Table 3.3-1 Comparison between sporadic breeding and large-scale breeding in China
Table 3.6-1 Average cost and profit of industrial swine breeding in China, 2008-2010, USD/head
Table 3.6-2 Profit comparison between sporadic breeding and large-scale breeding in China, 2008-2010
Table 3.8-1 Some key swine breeding enterprises in China, 2011
Table 4.1.4-1 Swine slaughter amount of enterprises with above designated size in China, 2009-2012
Table 4.2.1-1 Comparison among raw meat categories in China
Table 4.3-1 Production situation of some key swine slaughter and pork processing enterprises in China, 2011
Table 5.2-1 Import situation of pork in China, 2009-2012
Table 5.3-1 Export situation of pork in China, 2009-2012
Table 7.1.6-1 Consumption comparison among meat categories in China, 2012

List Of Figure

Figure 2.1-1 Pattern of swine breeding cost in China, 2012
Figure 2.1.1-1 Output of pig feed and feed in China, 2005-2011, tonne
Figure 2.1.1-2 Output share of pig feed in feed in China, 2005-2011
Figure 2.1.1-3 Output of corn in China, 1978-2012, tonne
Figure 2.1.1-4 Market price of corn in China, 2005-2012, USD/t
Figure 2.1.1-5 Supply of soybean in China, 2005-2011, million tonnes
Figure 2.1.1-6 Market price of soybean meal in Shandong Province, 2011-2012
Figure 2.2-1 Output value of veterinary drug industry in China, 2007-2012
Figure 3.2-1 Live pigs stock and slaughter amount in China, 2006-2012
Figure 3.3-1 Geographical distribution of swine breeding by slaughter amount in China, 2011
Figure 3.3-2 Swine breeding scale by slaughter amount in China, 2010
Figure 3.3-3 Ratio of large-scale swine breeding in China, 2006-2011
Figure 3.5-1 Key technologies of swine breeding in China
Figure 3.6-1 Price ratio of pig to feed in China, 2010-2012
Figure 3.7-1 Market price of piglet in China, 2010-Feb. 2013, USD/t
Figure 3.7-2 Ex-works price of live pigs in China, 2010-Feb. 2013, USD/t
Figure 4.1.1-1 Output of pork in China, 2005-2012, tonne
Figure 4.1.1-2 Output of processed meat products in China, 2009-2012, tonne
Figure 4.1.2-1 Production pattern of meat in China, 2010
Figure 4.1.2-2 Output share of meat categories in China, 2010
Figure 4.1.3-1 Mechanization level of slaughter in China, 2009
Figure 4.1.4-1 Number of slaughter and meat processing enterprises with above designated size in China, 2005-2010
Figure 4.2.1-1 Output of chilled meat in China, 2009-2012, tonne
Figure 4.2.1-2 Per capita disposable income of urban residents in China, 2007-2011
Figure 4.2.2-1 Output of pasteurized meat products in China, 2009-2012, tonne
Figure 5.2-1 Top 10 import origins of pork in China by volume, 2012
Figure 5.2-2 Top 10 import destinations of pork in China by volume, 2012
Figure 5.3-1 Top 10 export destinations of pork in China by volume, 2012
Figure 5.3-2 Top 10 export origins of pork in China by volume, 2012
Figure 6-1 Smiling curve of swine industry in China, 2012
Figure 6-2 Profit allocation in every link of swine value chain in China, 2012
Figure 7.1-1 Share change of pork in meat by output volume in China, 1996-2012
Figure 7.1.2-1 Apparent consumption volume of pork in China, 2009-2012, tonne
Figure 7.1.3-1 Geographical distribution of pork consumption in China by volume, Oct. 2012
Figure 7.1.4-1 Per capita consumption of pork in selected countries/regions, 2010
Figure 7.1.4-2 Rural and urban per capita consumption of pork in China, 1990-2009
Figure 7.1.5-1 Ex-works price of pork in China, 2010-Feb. 2013, USD/t
Figure 8.1-1 Forecast on ratio of large-scale swine breeding in China, 2013-2017
Figure 8.3-1 Forecast on output of pork in China, 2013-2017
Figure 8.4-1 Forecast on demand for pork in China, 2013-2017
Figure 9.1-1 Porter's Five Forces analysis on China's swine breeding industry

Companies Mentioned

Guangdong Wen's Foodstuffs Group Co., Ltd.,
Chuying Agro-pastoral Co., Ltd.,
Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development Co., Ltd.,
China Yurun Food Group Limited,
People's Food Holdings Limited (Jinluo)

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