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The Steady Ascent of Radiography Systems Industry

The imaging technique that uses electromagnetic radiation to view internal structures of an human body is popularly known as Radiography. Any radiography that is performed on any other object other than any living being is called industrial radiography. It can be used for treating and detecting a wide range of diseases. Its application ranges from […]

Mammography- Your First Step towards Preventing Breast Cancer

Early detection of any type of cancer is extremely important. It gives a great chance for the patients to get rid of the cancerous growth. Early detection of cancer provides patients to follow the right treatment, which helps them to get back to the normal lifestyle. Breast cancer is one of the most common types […]

Three Facts about Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Process

MRI scan or magnetic resonance imaging is a crucial medical imaging technique in radiological diagnostics. This technique uses powerful combination of magnetic field and radio waves energy to take images of the inner parts of the objects, in this case, body parts. MRI scan helps collecting images that provide clear pictures than other scanning technologies […]

Introduction to Digital Radiography Imaging

X-ray imaging is as a diagnostic method for quite some time now. Digital radiography is one of the common x-ray imaging techniques, which is popular in the medical discipline. In this technology, digital x-ray sensors are used that help capturing images onto the image capture devices. These devices then convert these images into digital image […]

Computed Tomography (CT) Scan Technology Important For Therapeutic & Diagnostic

Various medical disciplines use several types of tests and scans for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. Computed tomography is one of the common medical imaging procedures. Also known as CT scan, this technology uses computed X-rays to produce tomographic images of various body parts. This nondestructive process helps visualizing various interior features of the body, within […]

Medical Imaging Devices Market

Medical imaging is one of the techniques that have really helped a lot in diagnosing the different human problems. There are many health problems that can be only understood if the image of the body parts is available. Basically concerned with taking the images of the different human body parts, there are many techniques and […]