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Global Food Preservative Market Driven by Demand in Natural Preservatives

The global food preservative market has been growing at a steady pace and is expected to witness significant growth in the future. Preservatives are added to food to prevent their spoilage and to increase their shelf-life. With change in people’s lifestyle, the consumption of processed food and convenience food has also gone up. This has […]

Top Trends in Global Hospitality Industry in 2013

One of the largest segments of service industry, hospitality industry comprises of different small and large businesses dealing with restaurants, lodging, transportation, theme parks, event planning, cruise line and various additional fields of tourism industry. This multibillion dollar industry is expected to remain on the upward curve during the years to come, which is a […]

Immediate Challenges for Travel Service Industry in 2013

As world tourism and hospitality continues to spread its wings, the industry needs new approach and effective management of this growth. The industry across the globe has come a long way. Starting from the conventional travel agencies and guided package tours to the futuristic online travel services. the industry is rapidly recovering from the recession […]

Take-Out Food (Fast Food) and Home Delivery Market Analysis

Take-out food is usually fast food, however not at all times so. In some cases, there are amenities for customers to order meals by phone, fax, or over the Internet, to be collected or delivered. This development is regarded as on the rise as many small companies take to the Net to advertise their take-outs. […]