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The Rising Horizon of Maintenance Market of Wind Turbines

Wind turbines have been one of the most economical means of means of electric production. There are a number of benefits for operating wind turbines. It negates the risk of price factor arising out of dwindling fuel prices and also is independent of pollution and fuel imports. This method of electric production is a capital […]

How will Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Industry Look in Next Five Years?

Cumulative solar capacity of the world is increasingly growing, which is a great sign for the promoters of alternative energy. While awareness towards the applications of solar power is increasingly growing, many developing parts of the world are yet to be introduced with its vital benefits. Applications of solar energy largely depend on solar photovoltaic […]

Does Solar Energy Have the Potential to Power the World in Future?

The Sun is one of the most sustainable and cleanest energy. It is capable of providing large amount of energy, which is free of carbon dioxide emission, which is by far the largest reason for global warming and rapidly changing climate. Development of advanced technologies to extract power from this easily available source of power […]

What You Did Not Know About Wind Power Industry- The Challenges

Wind farms have always been looked upon as a symbol of local prosperity and a brave and optimistic step towards finding strong source of alternative energy. With the passing time, wind power has really become an essential topic of discussion in numerous environmental summits and environmentalists promoting alternative energy to save the world from harmful […]

An Overview of Business Prospects in Global Hydro Power Market

The entire world is in the quest of a sustainable source of energy that does not lead to any kind of pollution. The whole world knows by now that hydropower is the biggest sustainable source when it comes to zero emission. Water is a readily available source of alternative energy. According to the experts from […]

Is Raising Capital the Only Challenge for Geothermal Industry?

Extreme exploration of natural energy has created major threats of their complete loss and lack of energy sources for the world. Apart from the scarcity of fossil fuels and other natural energy sources, the world is facing numerous environmental issues like global warming, ozone depletion and rising levels of ocean bodies. Apart from saving the […]

Electrical Energy & Power Generation Industry

Electrical energy is the speed at which electrical power is transferred by an electrical circuit. The SI unit of power is the watt, one joule per second. Electrical energy, like mechanical energy, is represented by the letter P in electrical equations. The term wattage is used colloquially to imply “electrical power in watts.” In alternating […]

Engineering Physics Industry Combines Physics, Engineering and Arithmetic

Engineering physics is the research of the combined disciplines of physics, engineering and arithmetic with a view to develop an understanding of the interrelationships of these three disciplines. Basic physics is mixed with downside fixing and engineering expertise, which then has broad applications. Career paths for Engineering physics is often (broadly) “engineering, utilized science or […]