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The Rising Horizon of Maintenance Market of Wind Turbines

Wind turbines have been one of the most economical means of means of electric production. There are a number of benefits for operating wind turbines. It negates the risk of price factor arising out of dwindling fuel prices and also is independent of pollution and fuel imports. This method of electric production is a capital […]

Global Solar Photovoltaic Market Growth

Solar photovoltaic is a sustainable source of energy. It is the third most important renewable energy source in the world after hydro power and wind power. The method of converting solar radiation into electricity by using semiconductors is known as photovoltaics. The semiconductors used for generating electricity should exhibit photovoltaic effect to be termed as […]

An Overview of Business Prospects in Global Hydro Power Market

The entire world is in the quest of a sustainable source of energy that does not lead to any kind of pollution. The whole world knows by now that hydropower is the biggest sustainable source when it comes to zero emission. Water is a readily available source of alternative energy. According to the experts from […]

Top Three Challenges in the Industrial Gas Market

Be it the frigid regions of Russia, uncertain waters of the Gulf of Mexico or the deserts of Middle Eastern terrain, geographical challenges have been some of the greatest issues in the global production of energy sources. Apart from these geographical challenges, production of industrial gases is facing much more serious challenges that are severe […]

Does the Newfound Liquid Natural Gas Boom have a Future?

Rising energy needs of the world is an illustrious factor to the business world. Cost effective, easily available, environment friendly yet large amount of energy sources are required to meet the global needs for energy. Liquid gas or liquid natural gas is gaining crucial importance on global horizon in the same regards. According to a […]

Is Mining Industry Ready to Face New World Challenges?

Being a multifaceted industry, mining has always been prone to numerous exiting business opportunities and difficult challenges. The business is full of multilayer operations and intricate internal and external process. These operations have major influence from different external factors, which include growing commodity prices and fluctuating weather conditions. Geographical aspects and the nature of mines […]

Renewable Energy Development- Easy as it Sounds?

Rising prices of crude oil and increasing use of energy sources is putting too much pressure on conventional or non-renewable sources. The present amount of conventional energy sources like natural gas and oil are not sufficient to fulfill the future power demands of the world. Considering this heartening fact, the world is making a shift […]

US Offshore Oil and Gas Industry and Permian Basin

Extraction of gasoline and fuel oil holds the biggest part of the global petroleum industry. A vital combination of the discovery, extraction, refining, transporting and marketing of oil and gas products create contribute to the booming petroleum industry. United States of America is one of the largest consumers of petroleum products. According to a 2009 […]

Biomass Production and its Bountiful Advantages

Using renewable energy sources is an ideal solution for curbing the increasing rate of global warming. Various innovative and eco-friendly energy sources definitely help humans to address the burning issues like global warming, pollution and scarcity of conventional fuel sources. Biomass is commonly used as the primary source of renewable energy, especially in the developing […]