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Future of the US Consumer Electronics Market

The market for consumer electronics has been growing steadily. Some of the factors that are contributing to the growth in the market are technological advancement, rise in disposable income and increasing demand for new products. During 2012, consumer electronics market in the US demonstrated positive expansion, although the growth rate slowed down considerably following the […]

Benefits of Set top Boxes Amidst the Wave of Digitization

A set top unit or box is a useful device that provides content through television sets. Set top box is a term that refers to a device, which is used for broadcasting the content. It is different from the devices that help simple recording of media, such as DVDs. Cable operators and satellite companies provide […]

An Overview of Interactive Television with Benefits and Features

Media convergence technology has reached to new heights. Interactive television or ITV is one of the popular forms of media convergence that adds data services to the conventional television sets. In simple language, interactive TV is the television that the users can interact with and change its appearance as per their own preferences. This feature […]

Consumer Electronics Market Research

Consumer electronics refer to those electronic equipments which are used by the masses in their day to day life. Mobile phone, computer, television, camera would be a few to name. These electronic equipments have made our lives very easy and comfortable. Labor work has been reduced. E.g.: Washing clothes is problem? Washing machine. Consumer Electronics […]

Consumer Electronic Equipments

Consumer electronics are electronic gear intended for on a regular basis use, most often in entertainment, communications and workplace productivity. Radio broadcasting within the early twentieth century brought the first major shopper product, the published receiver. Later products include personal computer systems, telephones, MP3 gamers, audio tools, televisions, calculators, GPS automotive electronics, digital cameras and […]