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Global Public Safety LTE Ecosystem Overview

In view of its flourishing ecosystem, spectrum flexibility and performance metrics, LTE has emerged as the leading candidate for public safety mobile broadband networks. Public safety organizations and establishments have already begun planning to advance their networks to LTE-based public safety solutions. LTE provisions a varied range of services, from high bandwidth data services to […]

Power Bank Industry 2020 Forecasts for Global & Chinese Regions by Company, Country and Application

The constantly increasing dependency of the modern generation on portable devices like mobile, laptop, and tablets have increased the demand for external portable charging equipment, widely known as a power bank. The power banks are gaining rapid acceptance in the global market, resulting into intense market competition and emergence of new market players with significant […]

Schottky Diode Industry Research – 2015 Global and Chinese Market Overview

‘2015 Schottky Diode Industry Report – Global and Chinese Market Scenario’ is a top-notch research report, delivering premium industry insights and explanations of complex business scenarios. The report systematically articulates various growth prospects and current market challenges being faced by the existing industry players. The research report also drafts a meticulous business forecast that provides […]

Future of the US Consumer Electronics Market

The market for consumer electronics has been growing steadily. Some of the factors that are contributing to the growth in the market are technological advancement, rise in disposable income and increasing demand for new products. During 2012, consumer electronics market in the US demonstrated positive expansion, although the growth rate slowed down considerably following the […]

Importance of Optical Material in Day-to-Day Life

The most common form of optical material is in telecommunications and instruments that measure intensity, polarization and wavelength of various substances. Optical fibers are light, thin, transparent and flexible materials that act as a strong waveguide. These are a sort of glass or plastic conduits that are used for transporting light. Although invented long ago, […]

Working Process of Printed Electronics

Owning to numerous technological advancements, the future of printing and documentation is very bright. Printed electronics helps creating electrical devices based on various substrates. A set of printing methods manufactures electronics by various standard printing processes. This revolutionary process provides flexible and lightweight documents. Printing involves usage of various equipment that are suitable to define […]

Benefits of Set top Boxes Amidst the Wave of Digitization

A set top unit or box is a useful device that provides content through television sets. Set top box is a term that refers to a device, which is used for broadcasting the content. It is different from the devices that help simple recording of media, such as DVDs. Cable operators and satellite companies provide […]

Understand the Basics before Entering the World of IPTV

IPTV or internet protocol television is an innovative technology, which has changed the appearance of the television programming across the globe. Internet protocol television provides television programming through broadband connection, which works according to the internet protocols. Television viewers who want to enjoy this viewing experience need to subscribe to the IPTV service and buy […]

An Overview of Interactive Television with Benefits and Features

Media convergence technology has reached to new heights. Interactive television or ITV is one of the popular forms of media convergence that adds data services to the conventional television sets. In simple language, interactive TV is the television that the users can interact with and change its appearance as per their own preferences. This feature […]

What is a Facsimile Machine and How Does it Work

A facsimile machine or fax machine is amongst the most essential office machinery that sends and receives text and images over the telephone line. A very affordable device, facsimile helps sending copies of various documents. Hence, it is ideal for an office environment. The fax machine has shown great improvements over the time, in terms […]