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E-Commerce & Information Technology (IT)

Global Public Safety LTE Ecosystem Overview

In view of its flourishing ecosystem, spectrum flexibility and performance metrics, LTE has emerged as the leading candidate for public safety mobile broadband networks. Public safety organizations and establishments have already begun planning to advance their networks to LTE-based public safety solutions. LTE provisions a varied range of services, from high bandwidth data services to […]

Enterprise Content Management Market by Solution (Enterprise Document Management, Enterprise Web Content Management, Records Management, eDiscovery, and others), Deployment Type, User Type, Vertical and Region – Global Forecasts and Analysis to 2020

The modern enterprises are generating huge volumes of data and information at a constant pace. And, to meet the growing demands of the market, global enterprise content management market is getting overwhelmed with new, upgraded, and industry-specific content management software. The enterprise content management market size is estimated to grow at an estimated compound annual […]

Emerging Market of Ultra High Definition TV

Ultra high definition TV uses four times the bandwidth of high definition television. In order to replicate the widespread acceptance of high definition TVs, TV makers showed off early models with a price range of $9,000 to $25,000. A 110 inch TV with four times the resolution of standard high-definition TVs produced by Samsung will […]

Three Tips to Choose the Best Business Web Hosting Service

Most businesses are choosing web-based services for the convenience and additional features that they offer. Web hosting is a common internet service, which is preferred by the businesses to launch their businesses online. It is a simple process of renting a space on the server, which allows data storage. This space and data can be […]

Intranet- A Popular Business Network Management System

Maintaining a secured business network management is an integral part of any business premises. Intranet is one of the most popular solutions, which is used across the world for maintaining secured network system within the organizations. This computer network works on internet protocol technology to share information, store data and operating various systems and services […]

An Overview of Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Sometimes known as internet access provider, internet service provider (ISP) is a type of business that offers user access to all the internet related services. Initially, internet was developed as a closed network that connected only government research laboratories and other relevant parties of the universities. It is only during the late 80’s, when it […]

E-Commerce & Information Technology (IT) Services Market

Ever booked flight or train tickets online, that late night shows you were dying to go all week, or those rare pair of Versace shoes that went out of stock virtually everywhere?  Well these IT Services and many more are offered by various companies online to reduce the effort of customers. IT Services mainly deal […]

Electronic Commerce Services Overview

Digital commerce, commonly often called e-commerce or e-comm, refers to the buying and selling of services or products over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. Digital commerce draws on such technologies as electronic funds transfer, supply chain administration, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, digital knowledge interchange(EDI), inventory administration systems, and automated […]