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Cosmetics & Personal Care

Personal Care Market Emerging Trends and Innovations

Recovering from the economic downturn, personal care market is the fastest growing market in the world. The global market for personal care products is estimated to reach a value of 333 billion USD by the end of 2015. North America and Europe are the leading market for personal care products, followed by Asia-Pacific and Latin […]

Haircare Market Trends and Future Growth

Despite tough economic conditions, the global market for haircare has flourished in recent years. Nowadays the need to look good has become paramount amongst people and they are becoming more conscious about grooming. This has fueled the demand for quality haircare products. The market for haircare products is quite mature and competitive. Consumers are style-conscious […]

Will Rapid Growth in Pet Insurance Sector make it a Safe Bet for Business?

While most of the third world countries and people from developed countries are struggling to get the basic personal and healthcare due to lack of financial assistance, many pet are easily accessing expensive medical treatments. The biggest reason behind this is affordable pet insurance. Rising standard of living of people in different parts of the […]

Pet Care Market Trends and Challenges After 2013

Global industry for pet care is growing at a rapid rate. The market has enormous potential as far as future is concerned and hence is aiming at unprecedented growth here forth. The biggest reason for this growth is credited to the rapidly changing lifestyle of the people in different parts of the world. With increasing […]

A Look at the Soap Industry

Soap is a substance which is used for washing or cleaning and it is available in liquid or solid form. Soaps can broadly be divided into detergent soaps and toilet soaps. Detergent soaps are used for washing clothes and utensils and toilet soaps are used for bathing. Soaps are produced from fatty acids and alkalis […]

The Future of Global Hair Care Market- Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Despite belonging to the commodity market, hair care industry witness sharp downfall during recession not so long ago. Although the recession days are far behind, many small and medium businesses are still gaining their balance in the fierce competition. Companies in this market provide different services and products associate with hair care. Promising luscious, healthy […]

Facts about the Future of Optometry and Global Eye Care Market

The global number of visually disabled and blind population seems to be growing at a rapid rate. Increasing rate of aging and growing rate of global population could be the basic reasons for this rise. Although the field of optometry has a great scope for growth and applications in different regions of the world, the […]

Personal Care (Toiletries) Consumer Market Research Products

Personal Care or toiletries is the industry which manufactures client products used for beautification and in private hygiene. Subsectors of private care embody cosmetics and female hygiene. There’s some small distinction between private hygienic gadgets and cosmetics, that are luxurious items solely used for beautification, but in practice such sundries are most frequently intermixed in […]