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Various Types of Printers and Their Uses

A printer is one of the most innovative inventions in the computing technology. They help you with copying various important documents into physical copies. You can easily carry out numerous prints of documents within a few minutes. A printer is an essential accessory for offices, schools and home offices. Considering their low cost, various people […]

Four Easy Steps for Hard Disk Maintenance- Preventive Measures

Both internal and external hard disk drives are ideal for storing large executable programs. You can backup crucial documents that you currently do not need but may require in future. Similar to other components of the computer, hard disks can also fall prey to a large array of troubles and technical issues. Problems like virus […]

Advantages of Using Separate Internet Servers

Businesses today depend on technology, which involves access to various internet-based applications and real-time database. Business owners today are on the constant lookout for high-speed, reliable and secured internet connection. It holds to the key to success and reputation of your business. To avoid all the trouble of slow internet connection and malware attacks to […]

Various Popular Types of PCs in the Personal Computer Market

The personal computer market is booming with technologically advanced models of PCs. Generally, a computer, which is used at home, is also called as a personal computer. Earliest computer users had to write computer programs on their own. Today, personal computers vary in size, features, capabilities and price. They are found at homes as well […]

Three Steps to Find Genuine Computer Retailing Stores

Computers have been an essential requirement in the modern world. Customers prefer using computers for a wide variety of tasks including shopping, banking, business, education and entertainment. As a result, buying a computer is the basic need of the customers. While buying computers, they look for a genuine quality computer, which has the potential to […]

Technology Market Changing Rapidly

From centuries, and history has been a proof, man has always had a fetish to collect and store information. Information in the form of photographs, relics, artifacts, paintings, literary documents etc have always been stored in some form or the other to show the coming ages what the earlier times had got in store for […]

Key board & Web cam widely used in Today’s Computer Equipment Market

The main input device of the computer is the key board. The keyboard has 104 keys on its board and they comprise of alpha numeric keys, location keys, numeric keys and function keys. They are priced about $7-$ 30 and wireless keyboards are also available and area little more expensive. Special methods are employed for […]

Computer Hardware: Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The central processing unit or CPU is the most important hardware of the computer which performs all the basic, mathematical and logical operations of the computer. Without the CPU one cannot perform any activity on the computer properly. It is the brain of the computer in other words which stores all its data. The two […]

Computer Equipment Facts and Features: CD Rom, Scanner

CD rom is an efficient tool of the computer which is of great importance as it helps to store the lost data or provides a back up for the data and in times of need it also retrieves the data when required. This is very much needed as sometimes due to power failure or the […]