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RnR Market Research: Biochips Market Insights

Growing R&D investment and subcontracting of pharmaceutical companies would lead to growth in biochips market in Asia along with an increase in the application of biochips products is estimated to improve opportunity for the global biochip market. Conversely, the high cost involved in manufacturing of biochips can be seen as a challenge for the same. […]

Current State of Blood Banking Market, Products, Technologies and Services

The global blood banking and blood products market is expected to reach US$41.9 billion by 2020 with USA continuing to be the largest market worldwide. Asia-Pacific follows a close second with a projected CAGR of 9.1% during this period owing to the refining healthcare infrastructure and increase in the per capita healthcare expenditure. The major […]

International Wound Cleanser Industry 2019 Forecasts with Feasibility Study of Future Projects

‘Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Wound Cleanser Industry, 2009-2019’ is a comprehensive market research report that offers top-notch industry insights and analyzes the growth prospects of the industry, along with evaluating the up-surging opportunities in the Global and Chinese market over the forecast period of 2014-2019. The methodically planned sections of the research […]

Laser Capture Microdissection Market by Product (Consumables, Instruments, Software, Services), System Types (Ultraviolet, Infrared, Immunofluorescence), Application (Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Forensics), End User – Global Forecast to 2020

Laser-capture microdissection, a technology used to control the growth of tissue cells by direct microscopic visualization. An easy adaptive healthcare technology that facilitates the formulation of homogenous isolates of explicit cells through which DNA/RNA and various proteins can be attained for further performing polymerase chain reaction (PCR), western blot analyses, mass spectrophotometry, and quantitative PCR. […]

Codeine (CAS 76-57-3) Industry Research Report – 2009-2019 Market Forecast

‘Global and Chinese Codeine (CAS 76-57-3) Industry, 2009-2019 Market Research Report’, a systematically structured research report, that aims to deliver a detailed understanding of vivid market scenarios prevalent in the Codeine (CAS 76-57-3) industry to the user.  The report articulates various sections that thoroughly describe all key-aspects of the Codeine (CAS 76-57-3) industry. The report […]

Biotechnology : Market, Applications and More

Biotechnology is a branch of biology and referred to any technological application that uses living organisms, biological systems to manufacture or modify products or develop processes for definite use. The term biotechnology refers to the use of biological process, organisms and systems intended towards betterment of human race. It plays an important role in maintaining ecological […]

DNA Sequencer Sales Grow With Introductions of New Systems

The market for DNA sequencers increased in the last year with the introduction of new systems and a growing demand for sequencing. A new healthcare market research report says the introductions of the Ion Torrent PGM, PacBio RS and MiSeq grew the sequencer market nearly five percent to $560 million in 2011. More new technologies are […]

Methylation Might be used as Cancer Treatment in Future

Methylation treatments that can re-activate stagnant “controller” genes might be a common cancer treatment in the near future. A new report, “Epigenetics: Applications for Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics (Methylation, Histone Modification and miRNA expression)” says that of the rapidly-developing epigenetic approaches – treatments based on new theories outside of what was previously the mainstream thinking of […]

Genetic Engineering Applications in Medicine, Biotechnology and Food Industry

Lately, genetic engineering has no doubt gained a lot of popularity. Basically intended towards the modifications of genes of an organism, there are various applications that genetic engineering finds today. With the help of the genetic engineering, it is possible today to alter the genes of an organism changing the characteristics of the organism. As […]

Biopharmaceuticals Industry Impact on Medical Science

The use of biopharmaceuticals has really impacted the medical sciences a lot. These are basically the medical drugs that are produced taking help of the biotechnology. As a matter of fact, the different biopharmaceutical products are derived from a biological source. There is some kind of life form that is involved in the manufacturing of […]