Global Eyewear Market To Gain From Increased Demand For Disposable Contact Lenses

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The global eyewear market was worth US$ 102.66 billion in 2015 and is predictable to reach US$ 184.03 billion by 2024. The rising population and upsurge in the number of optical disorders are likely to propel the industry in the near future. Moreover, the increasing cognizance amongst people as regards to the prominence of eye check-ups and amplified buying habits are estimated to influence the industry constructively over the forthcoming years.

Disposable lens have gained more acceptance than the reusable contact lenses. Presently, the demand for soft contact lenses, particularly the daily one-use contact lenses is the highest in the US. Constantly varying technology has magnificently altered many industries and even the global eyewear market has profited.

The growing occurrence of myopia amid adults and children owing to genetic and ecological factors has directed to an upsurge in demand for the prescription eyeglasses in the international market. Technical developments and changes in lifestyles are leading to extended exposure to devices like smartphones and tablets triggering stress on eyes and growing the peril of vision problems in the future. The alertness concerning the prominence of suitable eye safety is likely to push and support the sales of such products further in the near future.

Makers of eyewear are concentrating on developing day-to-day disposable contact lenses in accordance with the increasing demand from the consumers. Businesses manufacturing eyewear are benefitting from the developments in the technology. Altering designs, manufacturing tools, materials, and shifting preferences are constantly giving new concepts to the makers to crop up with new designs in eyewear.

Amongst all existing disposable contact lenses, the soft material contact lenses have garnered prominence. Being crafted from soft material, these disposable eyewear devices bid improved ease to the consumers. Disposable contact lenses also offer a chance to the consumers to hand-pick a freshly launched design, thus match their altering fashion requirements. The acceptance of advanced silicon materials and the expanding use of multifocal designs for disposable contact lenses is been snowballing throughout the globe.

The call for contact lenses, comprising spectacles, and corrective eyewear is likely to increase. In addition to contact lenses, the constantly growing usage of luxury sunglasses is also projected to thrust the global eyewear market in the near future. In the coming years, the global eyewear market is estimated to materialize as one of the wildest growing markets in the consumer goods sector.

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