China Commercial Vehicle Industry

Commercial vehicle are usually large trucks, buses or vans used to transport people,  goods and material. China is one of the nations that contributes to over 50% of commercial vehicle production. The industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the couple of years. Even though the growth rates aren’t as impressive as two years back due to slowdowns in infrastructure and real estate business the Chinese Commercial Vehicle continues to grow at a sluggish pace. The economic conditions of China has also impacted its commercial vehicle industry but situations look to improve very soon and in the long run. Some of the major players of the Chinese commercial vehicle industry are Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Automobile Co.,Ltd, Shenyang Jinbei Automotive Company Limited, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co.,Ltd., Liaoning SG Automotive Group Co.,Ltd., Jiangling Motors Corporation, Ltd., Xiamen King Long Motor Group Co., Ltd., CNHTC Jinan Truck Co., Ltd., Chongqing Changan Automobile Company Limited and Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co.,Ltd.

The Chinese commercial vehicle industry is forecasted to grow at a compouned rate of 6% over 2014-2017. The Chinese market is primarily a fragmented one as there are different undertaking manufacturing various parts of the companies. This makes the market open to new entrants who specializes in a particular parts of the commercial vehicle. The Chinese commercial vehicle consists of a few state owned and privately owned manufacturing firms. The biggest challenge this market faces is from the low level of technical efficiency of the trucks in this market. The market is very competitive as majority chienese people prefer using a local brand compared to an international one. Due to close competition, companies resort to aggressive marketing strategies over time. Two privately owned companies Dongfeng Motor and FAW who own 21% and 19% of market share respectively are into stiff competition to become the market leader of the China Commercial Vehicle Industry.

The chienese market thrives on its low cost offering of manufactured products. Market leader consider this to be the biggest opportunity that will help the Commercial Vehicle Industry in China to become the industry topper very soon. China is one of the leading nations in exporting commercial vehicles to developed countries. The industries in China are also spreading its wings in setting up factories overseas to meet the local demand of that place. In order to explore this market further one can refer to the China Commercial Vehicle Industry Report, 2014-2017@

The Prospective Market of Drug Eluting Stents

Drug Eluting Stents are the recent development that’s are now being used frequently for curing narrowed coronary arteries. These stents help to keep the artery open and supply drugs at regular intervals preventing any further obstruction. The stents are usually small scaffolds of wire and are placed in the artery. This has been a welcome update in the medical world. Abbott Vascular Inc., CARDIONOVUM GmbH, Elixir Medical Corporation, HangZhou HuaAn Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, IRAMED GmbH Company, Medinol Ltd. Company, OrbusNeich Company, REVA Medical, Inc., Stentys, SA Company, Tepha, Inc. Company, Tryton Medical, Inc., VasoTech Inc., Xenogenics Corporation and Zorion Medical Company are some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of drug eluting stents. Each of the providers also run a clinical trial for bettering the product. Abbott has come up with new technology called XIENCE Xpedition. It makes the process of complex coronary operation easy and hassle free.

Many new forms of treatment are being uncovered through clinical trials and the manufacturing companies are investing heavily in its R&D. Experts consider that price will pay an important role in this selection of Drug Eluting Stents over bare-metal stents. As Drug Eluting Stents are expensive many might not be able to afford the same. These stents used are biodegradable polymer that significantly improves the process of operation. As superior quality products are used without any other alternative the prices for the stents are very high. The need of the hour is to explain the benefits of Drug Eluting Stents to the end-users such that they select it over other alternatives.  Germany has been one of the first nations to have adopted Drug Eluting Stents. 80% of coronary operations done in America as based on this technology. Other prospective markets can be Spain & Portugal.

In order to explore this market further one can refer to the Drug Eluting Stents (DES) – Pipeline Review, 2015@

Anaesthesia Machine Industry is Flourishing due to an Extensive Customer Base with Therapeutic Needs

The Anaesthesia Machine Industry comprises of the manufacturers and users of Anaesthesia Machines which are basically workstations or units that assist a person to administer Anaesthesia on the other. It includes plug & play Anaesthesia delivery units (ADUs). The industry also comprises of the various accessories like monitors and information systems and support services involved during the process. There are a large number of players in this market with various offerings. Datex-Ohmeda (General Electric), Primus (Drager), SWIFT (Anmedic) and Prima SP2 (Penlon) are some of the popular machineries of this industry in the US. Some of the top manufacturers of Anaesthesia Machine are Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA, GE Healthcare, Mindray Medical International Limited, Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Co., Jiangsu Kaitai Medical Apparatus Co., K. Takaoka Industria e Comercio, Maquet GmbH & Co., Leistung Engineering, Heinen+Lowenstein and OSI System.

The Anaesthesia Machine industry is thriving in areas with a large consumer base with medical needs. Places like India, China, Brazil and Russia that has large population and a good number of aging population gives a boost to this industry with their rising healthcare demands. With passing years the market in these regions will be flourishing and become a very important sector for this industry. Moving forward there will be a demand for the machineries support services as the maintenance of the Anaesthesia Machines are equally important for the proper functioning as it is one the crucial devices used before any surgery.

In order to explore this market further one can refer to the Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Anaesthesia Machine Industry, 2009-2019 @ .

The Need for an Electric Cars Boosts The Lithium Sulfate Market

Lithium is a highly demanded material. The popularity of this metal is primarily due to the characteristics of this metal and its compounds. Some of the characteristics of this material are that it has the highest electrochemical potential of all metals, a very high co-efficient of thermal expansion, acting as a viscosity modifier in melts, fluxing and catalytic. The industry of Lithium Sulfate has been booming since its launch in the market in the year 2000. The uses of the product have been the biggest market driver for this industry. Some of the applications of Lithium Sulfate are rechargeable batteries in portable electronic devices and electric transportation. Lithium-ion batteries are used for power for cell phones, power tools, smartphones, tablets, computers, laptop and many other devices that help consumers to work on the go. Lithium-ion batteries are also used in bigger format for electric cars, buses, forklifts, scooter, electric bikes and other forms of transportation to provide power.

The biggest driver of this market is the low cost of Lithum batteries. Lithum is found in bounties in Chile, Australia and Argentina. The Chile-based Sociedad Quimica y Minera, American FMC Lithium and Albermarle are the largest producers of Lithium. These industries collectively produce almost 80% of the world’s total Lithium consumption. Chinese manufacturing giants Quinghai Lithium and Citic Guoan MGL also contribute largely to this industry. The Chinese market in this industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17% over 2014-2019. Other important players of this market are A123 Systems LLC BYD Co. Ltd., China BAK Battery Co. Ltd., Coslight Technology International Group, LG Chem, Panasonic Corp., Samsung SDI Co. Ltd., Sinopoly Battery Ltd, Sony Corp. and Tianjin Lishen Battery Co. Ltd.

Some of the latest application of Lithium Sulphate has been in the field of automobiles. A manufacturer in China Johnson Controls has come up with a new form of battery that increases fuel efficiency of a car by almost 8%. Electric cars are the next big thing. The launch of such cars would increase the use of Lithium Sulphate and consequently boost this industry at large. Other ventures utilising Lithium in today’s world are grid energy storage, nuclear and solar energy generation, and other industrial uses. Lithium-ion batteries are also used extensively by manufacturing plant. There are also other initiatives being taken for the development of this industry. New investments in this field are a welcome and also studies relating to development of this industry.

In order to explore this market further one can refer to the Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Lithium sulfate Industry, 2009-2019@ .

Tire Roller Industry

Tire roller is one of the most popular equipment used in the construction industry. A tire roller offers multiple services from building highways, industrial sites, binder courses, wear courses and many more. Tire rollers come with different features like easy adjustment of tyres, flexible ballast, oscillating tires, etc. that facilitates in doing a particular work. Catepillar is one of the leading manufacturers of Tire Rollers. Other players in the market are Habasit, SICK, etc. The increasing demand in the construction industry has provided a boost in the growth of Tire Roller industry. The challenges in this industry are safeguarding the tyre manufacturing process and ensuring quality of the product under the difficult scenario.

In the Tire Roller industry constant researches and studies are being undertaken in order to improve the services that are available in the market. Moreover it is important to keep pace with the changing demands of the industry. Some of these researches are also linked with the well-known universities and customers so that suggestions can be gathered first-hand and development work initiated right away. Usage of sensors in tyre is very popular. Special production techniques have been invested in by manufacturers to fit the tyres with sensors. Some of the players in this market are committed towards the development of sensor technology as it increases productivity of the firm by reducing the input cost.

In order to explore this market further one can refer to the Global and Chinese Tire Roller Industry, 2015 Market Research Report @ .

The Adhesive Paper Industry Looking At a Long Term Bonding

Adhesives are used extensively in the Paper Industry. They are primarily two kinds ie, the adhesive is either water based or hot melts. The kind of requirement determines the adhesive type in this industry. Adhesives have a wide arena of application. It is used as envelope gums, bookbinding adhesives, for lamination of paper, corrugated adhesives, easy-to-tear paper tapes and many other ways. Companies come up with innovative products and methods to remain competitive in the market. This industry is very dynamic as the demand of customers keep changing from time to time. The latest market trend is for developing a flexible packaging mechanism. Such demands initiate many manufacturers to come up with new products or enter into joint ventures with companies to provide the desired service. Therefore this market is always abuzz with lot of happenings in and around.

US has the largest market for the adhesive industry. Henkel, 3M, H.B. Fuller Industrial, GP Chemicals, Super Tapes Industries, Pidilite, etc. are some of the big players in the Adhesive Paper Industry. China also has a developing market. The Chinese are entering into partnership with the big companies to get a foothold in this industry. Hanghai Jinyijiaxuan Paper Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the budding companies in this region. Nigeria is one of the largest market for adhesive production. Most of the paper industry in West Africa utilize the raw material from this region.

An important factor the Adhesive Paper industry needs to take care of is the environmental issue. It is very important that the players of this market abide by the norms as laid down by the environmentalists. This industry needs to plan its waste management and not pollute the environment in any form. Companies like 3M have come up with adhesive products that reduces waste and enhances efficiency. In order to read further on this industry you can refer to the report on Global and Chinese Adhesive paper Industry, 2015 Market Research Report @ .

The Rising Horizon of Maintenance Market of Wind Turbines

Wind turbines have been one of the most economical means of means of electric production. There are a number of benefits for operating wind turbines. It negates the risk of price factor arising out of dwindling fuel prices and also is independent of pollution and fuel imports. This method of electric production is a capital intensive technique. About 30% of the wind turbines operating all across the world are completing their warranty life and there is a migration from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) contract to Operations & Maintenance (O&M) agreements. Therefore we see a sudden surge in the industry of wind turbines O&M.

Maintenance of wind turbines is very important if we are looking at generating electricity ina  cost-effective manner. It is important to service the turbines at least twice in a year. Important parts of the turbines should be replaced within 5-15 years of the turbine installation to ensure a long life of the machinery. Presently US offers the largest O&M market as most of the turbines are out of warranty and installers will be keen in renewing their contract with a maintenance agency. Also the continent plans to instal 100,000 new turbines to keep up with the increasing demand of electricity which is forecasted to go up by 20%.

The market offers great opportunities for trained technicians. With the increase in wind energy consumption the need for well-trained turbine experts are much needed by the industry as the work involved requires high level of understanding and sophisticated capabilities to diagnose the problem and rectify accordingly. The industry also arranges for workshops to update the experts of the wind turbine industry with the latest technology and any recent development. It is imperative that with the growing demand the firm that will be capable of providing quality service at a minimum downtime and repair cost will be the market leader. The companies should strive to provide maximum safety and prioritise its customers in the long run. Siemens is one of the market leaders in these services.Some of the other important players of this market are Infigen Energy, EDF Renewable Energy, Duke Energy Corporation, Pacific Hydra, Transalta, GCube, Greensolver, GeminiEnergy Services and many more.

In order to read further on this industry you can refer to the report on Global Wind Turbine Operations & Maintenance Market, Update 2015 – Market Size, Major Contenders, Trends, and Analysis to 2020 @ .

Liver Fibrosis Market

Liver Fibrosis is a result of all chronic liver diseases. An extended illness from Liver Fibrosis leads to Cirrhosis of liver and finally liver cancer. It’s a serious disease and one of the world’s rising concern. The medical diagnosis of this disease is very painful and involves a risk of hazards such as severe bleeding and also death. The market of Liver Fibrosis has been estimated at $83 billion and it is expected to rise given more and more people are getting affected due to high consumption of alcohol and unhealthy life style. There are lot of drugs under trial and is expected to be launched in the market by 2021. Some of these medicines are also lined up for FDA’s approval.

According to American Liver Foundation (AFL) almost 50% of the American population will be suffering from liver diseases by 2030. Most of the pharamaceutical companies are only in its phase I or phase II of medical trial so there are ample opprotunities for new entrants in this market. The antifibrotic drugs presently available in the market are not good enough remedy as there are lot of side effects. Some of the pharmaceutical companies that are involved in the therapeutic developments are Advinus Therapeutics Ltd., Angion Biomedica Corp., BerGenBio AS, BiOrion Technologies B.V., Celgene Corporation, Digna Biotech, S.L., FibroGen, Inc., Galectin Therapeutics, Inc., Genfit SA, GenKyoTex S.A., Gilead Sciences, Inc., GNI Group Ltd., La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company, LG Life Sciences, Ltd., Nitto Denko Corporation, Pharmaxis Limited, Promedior, Inc., Promethera Biosciences S.A., ProMetic Life Sciences Inc., RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation, TCM Biotech International Corp, Vascular Biogenics Ltd. and Virobay Inc. Some of the important drugs for the treatment of this disease are ANG-3281, BOT-162, CC-539, DB-036, F-351, GR-MD-02, HepaStem, KW-0 LJPC-201, melittin ND-L02s0201, PXS-5033A, RXI-209, simtuzumab, TCM-808FB, VBY-825 and ohers.

In order to explore further on this topic you can refer to Global Markets Direct’s, Liver fibrosis – Pipeline Review, H1 2015 @ .

Linzess Market All Set To Grow

Linzess is a therapy for overcoming Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation (IBS-C). The medicine is different and first of its kind that helps a person recover IBS-C. The medicine has some serious side effects so it is important that a person takes the medicine only if prescribed by the doctor. Some of the leading consumers of Linzess are US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and Japan. The medicines has been a discovery of Ironwood Pharmaceuticals however, there has been constant efforts to come up with a new or a better medicine that has fewer side effects. Linzess is in Phase III of development as a potential treatment for IBS-C in Japan as of end of previous year. Clinical trails are also underway in many countries  that is a part of the research and development programme for coming up with a better remedy for this problem.

In US, the drug manufacturing concern needs the approval of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before launching any medicine in that market. It has been estimated that around 63 million people in the US suffer from the problem of IBS-C and most of them is chronic. The concern is pressing in some of the European countries as well. The therapeutic market of IBS is set to grow in the years to come. With drugs being developed and expected to be launched by 2017 in Japan this market will get a boost. The total revenue in this market is set to rise to $1.5 billion by 2023 from $589.6 million in 2013. The CAGR for this period is also estimated to be around 9.9%.

The drug market of Linzess faces competition from Amitiza and two other drugs plecanatide and tenapanor that are still in the development stage. However this market will see a steady rise in the years to come. In order to read further on Linzess you can read further the report on Linzess (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) – Forecast and Market Analysis to 2023 @ .

The Steady Ascent of Radiography Systems Industry

The imaging technique that uses electromagnetic radiation to view internal structures of an human body is popularly known as Radiography. Any radiography that is performed on any other object other than any living being is called industrial radiography. It can be used for treating and detecting a wide range of diseases. Its application ranges from dentistry to industrial computed tomography and others. Researches are underway and with passing days newer and better technology are coming up that helps in better assessment of a problem. Medical industry all across the world is booming but when it comes to Radiography, China is one of the fast growing markets.

GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Carestream Health, Inc., Shimadzu Corporation, China Resources Wandong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation, Apelem Espana SA, General Medical Merate S.p.A.  and ClearVet are some of the key players in the world and Chinese market. These companies use the latest technology for manufacturing also invests heavily for developing its R&D unit. One of the latest market launch has been RIOSensor Intraoral Radiography by LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. The product is said to provide one of the best quality of image using a >20 line pairs/mm. The product contributes towards improving radiographic diagnosis on a large scale. The players of this industry are exploring newer avenues in search of opportunities that are lying unexplored. There are also many new entrants in the market who try to invest in a share of the profit from the industry. The challenge remains for providing the best of the services at an affordable price also reach out to every class of people at times of their need. As service buyers are becoming more educated and choosy about the kind of service they want to avail it is a task for the manufacturing companies of Radiography Systems to come up with painless and instant result providing service.

To read further you can refer to the Global and Chinese Radiography Systems Industry, 2009-2019 Market Research Report ( .)