BIPV Glass Markets-2014 & Beyond

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Date: 20-Mar-2014
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NanoMarkets latest report on BIPV glass analyzes future scenarios for BIPV. It includes a detailed eight-year market forecast with breakouts by type of building and PV technology and in both volume and value terms. We also discuss the BIPV glass strategies of leading glass and PV firms as well the community of firms whose core business is developing and installing BIPV glass.

One possible road to a larger addressable market for BIPV glass will be to use solution-processed PV layers and here we note that both Pilkington and AGC are already actively involved in joint development projects that could do just that. With this in mind, our report examines how the economics of BIPV glass will evolve based on c-Si, thin-film, and DSC/OPV materials

This report also discusses how BIPV glass can better be sold to architects, who are sometimes skeptical of the BIPV glass concept, but remain the key decision makers on the demand side. In part this is about improved marketing. But as we discuss in this report, it is also a matter of playing up the aesthetic advantage of solar glass (for example with tinted and colored products) and by incorporating additional smart features such as hybrid light/photovoltaic capability.

This report is based around NanoMarkets ongoing program of publishing industry analyses of various segments of the BIPV market, an area in which we have been involved for five years.

BIPV Glass Markets-2014 & Beyond

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
E.1 Changes in Market Conditions for BIPV Glass since our Previous Report
E.1.1 Impact of the Solar Revival
E.1.2 Changing PV Material Mix
E.1.3 Are the Big Glass and Panel Firms Still Interested in BIPV Glass?
E.1.4 Current State of Green Building Sector as it Impacts BIPV Glass
E.1.5 The Changing Supply Chain for BIPV Glass: Distribution and Retail
E.2 Opportunity Analysis and Roadmap by Type of BIPV Glass Product
E.2.1 Skylights
E.2.2 Building Facades and Curtain Walls
E.2.3 Atrium Glass, Canopies and Pergolas
E.2.4 Windows
E.3 Companies to Watch in the BIPV Glass Market
E.4 Opportunity Analysis by Country/Region
E.5 Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts for BIPV Glass

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Background to this Report
1.1.1 Cost Strategies for BIPV Glass: Design and Technology Strategies
1.1.2 Color and Lack of It as a Way to Differentiate BIPV Glass
1.2 Objective and Scope of This Report
1.3 Methodology of the Report
1.4 Plan of this Report

Chapter Two: BIPV Glass: Likely Technology and Product Evolution
2.1 Why BIPV Glass Will Take Business from BAPV in the Coming Decade
2.2 Factors on Which BIPV Glass Can Effectively Compete With BAPV
2.2.1 Visually Aesthetic Solutions are Making BIPV Glass a More Attractive Solution
2.2.2 BIPV Glass May Offer Lower Costs than BAPV in the Future
2.2.3 Transparency of BIPV Needs to Improve for BIPV Glass to Take off Commercially
2.2.4 Energy Conversion Efficiency an Issue with BIPV Glass
2.3 Crystalline Silicon Products Will Dominate the BIPV Glass Market
2.3.1 Transparent c-Si May Become Possible
2.3.2 General Improvements in c-Si Technology will Help BIPV Glass, Too
2.3.3 Limitations of Crystalline Silicon for Use in BIPV Glass
2.4 Other Solar Materials Options for BIPV Glass: A Future Beyond c-Si
2.5 Current and Future use of CIGS in BIPV Glass
2.5.1 Key CIGS Companies of Interest in the Context of BIPV Glass
2.6 Current and Future use of CdTe in BIPV Glass
2.6.1 Potential for Using CdTe in BIPV Glass
2.7 Is there a Future for OPV and DSC in BIPV Glass?
2.7.1 DSC and BIPV Glass
2.7.2 OPV and BIPV Glass
2.8 A Note on Amorphous Silicon
2.9 Novel Research Directions for BIPV Glass: Towards Monolithic Integration
2.9.1 Stick-on TFPV
2.9.2 Spray-on TFPV
2.9.3 Laser Transfer Printing
2.9.4 New Solar Materials
2.10 BIPV Integrated Into Smart Glass
2.11 Changes in the Supply Chain Remain Vital to the Success of BIPV Glass
2.11.1 Value Creation at Local Suppliers and Integrators
2.11.2 Further Thoughts on Onsite Integration
2.12 Aesthetics, Architects and BIPV Glass
2.13Notes on Retrofits
2.14 Encapsulation Issues for BIPV glass
2.15 Ongoing Challenges for BIPV Glass
2.16 Key Points Made in this Chapter

Chapter Three: Critical Markets for BIPV Glass
3.1 Factors Impacting Status of BIPV Glass
3.1.1 Cost Factors: BIPV Glass is Still Costly
3.1.2 BIPV Glass and Zero-Energy Buildings: A Natural Fit?
3.1.3 Design Considerations in Market Growth for BIPV Glass
3.1.4 Testing Requirements and Lack of Standardization
3.1.5 Need for Deeper Understanding of BIPV Glass in the Architectural and Other Communities
3.2 Specialized BIPV Subsidies
3.2.1 China
3.2.2 United States
3.2.3 Europe
3.2.4 Japan
3.3 BIPV Glass in Skylights, Facades, Atriums and Canopies
3.3.1 BIPV Glass in Skylights
3.3.2 BIPV Glass in Facades and Atria
3.4 Prestige Commercial, Government and Multi-tenant Residential Buildings
3.4.1 New Prestige Buildings Using BIPV Glass Built in 2013 and 2014
3.4.2 What Do Recent Trends in Prestige Buildings Using BIPV Glass Show?
3.5 BIPV Glass in Other Commercial and Government Buildings
3.5.1 Why BIPV Glass is Being Used in Smaller Commercial and Government Buildings?
3.5.2 What Needs to Happen to Boost BIPV Glass Penetration in Conventional Commercial Buildings
3.6 BIPV Glass in Residential Buildings
3.7 A Note on BIPV Glass in Industrial Buildings
3.8 BIPV Glass Markets by Regions:
3.8.1 USA
3.8.2 Europe
3.8.3 Japan
3.8.4 China
3.9 Key Points Made in the Chapter:

Chapter Four: Eight-Year Forecasts of BIPV Glass
4.1 Forecasting Methodology
4.1.1 Impact of the Solar Bubble on the BIPV Market
4.1.2 General Forecasting Framework
4.1.3 Macroeconomic and Regulatory Assumptions
4.1.4 Sources of Information
4.1.5 Pricing and Other Assumptions
4.2 Eight-Year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Type of Building
4.2.1 Overall Addressable Market
4.2.2 Overall Addressable Market for Building Glass
4.2.3 Penetration of Building Glass Market by BIPV Glass
4.3 Eight-Year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Area and MW Shipped
4.3.1 Eight-Year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Area Shipped By Type of Buildings
4.3.2 Eight-Year Forecast of BIPV Glass by MW Shipped By Type of Buildings
4.4 Eight-Year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Value ($ Millions)
4.4.1 Pricing Forecasts for BIPV by Type of PV Material
4.4.2 Eight-Year Forecasts by Type of Building
4.5 Eight-Year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Type of Product
4.5.1 Eight-Year Revenue Forecast of BIPV Glass by Type of Product
4.5.2 Eight-Year Area and MW Forecast by Type of Product
4.6 Eight-Year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Type of Solar Material
4.7 Eight-Year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Country Region
4.8 Alternative Scenarios
4.8.1 Global or Regional Recessions
4.8.2 Government Subsidies
4.8.3 Technological Breakthroughs
4.8.4 Rapid Introduction of Off-the-Shelf BIPV Glass Products

List of Exhibits

Exhibit E-1: Firms to Watch for In BIPV Glass Development
Exhibit E-2: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Type of Building ($ Millions)
Exhibit 2-1: Roadmap of Product Evolution from BAPV to BIPV
Exhibit 2-2: Advantages and Limitations of c-Si for BIPV glass
Exhibit 2-3: Key BIPV Glass Technologies
Exhibit 3-1: BIPV Subsidies and Their Impact
Exhibit 3-2: BIPV glass in Various Applications and its Opportunities
Exhibit 3-3: Expected Future Trends for BIPV glass in China
Exhibit 4-1: Eight-Year Forecast of Worldwide Construction by Type of Building
Exhibit 4-2: Eight-Year Forecast of Worldwide Construction Glass by Type of Building
Exhibit 4-3: Penetration of BIPV glass (%)
Exhibit 4-4: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Area Shipped (Million sq. meter)
Exhibit 4-5: Eight-Year Forecast of Efficiency of PV Panels
Exhibit 4-6: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by MW Shipped (MW)
Exhibit 4-7: Average Cost Per Watt by Type of PV Materials ($)
Exhibit 4-8: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Type of Building ($ Millions)
Exhibit 4-9: Type of products share in MW (%)
Exhibit 4-10: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Type of Product ($ Millions)
Exhibit 4-11: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Area Shipped (Million sq. meter)
Exhibit 4-12: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by MW Shipped (MW)
Exhibit 4-13: Technology/Material share in MW (%)
Exhibit 4-14: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by MW Shipped (MWs)
Exhibit 4-15: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Type of Material ($ Millions)
Exhibit 4-16: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Area Shipped (Million sq. meter)
Exhibit 4-17: Country/Region Share in MW (%)
Exhibit 4-18: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Country/Region ($ Millions)
Exhibit 4-19: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by MW Shipped (MW)
Exhibit 4-20: Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by Area Shipped (Million sq. meter)

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