Bancassurance in Europe to 2020: Market Profile

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Date: 21-Oct-2013
No. of pages: 47
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The report provides market analysis, information and insights into bancassurance in Europe. Including a global snapshot of the bancassurance concept in the insurance industry this report details the market share in Europe as well as drivers and regulations.


In the consolidating world of financial services, the concept of bancassurance has taken a central role in the strategy of a growing number of financial institutions. Insurance products distributed through the banking channel have become a natural choice for mass-market clients looking for simple and low-cost products available from a trusted financial institution. Globally, bancassurance has emerged as an important insurance distributions channel that has not only allowed insurance companies to expand their geographical presence but also enabled banks to expand their overall product portfolio. The value of commissions earned through bancassurance is expected to grow globally.


•This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the bancassurance concept prevailing in the insurance industry

  • •It expands upon the current and future prospects for the insurance industry and the bancassurance distribution channel

  • •It outlines the current regulatory framework impacting the bancassurance business of the insurance industry

  • •It details the marketing strategies used by various insurers and other institutions

  • •It profiles the major insurers in the insurance industry and their bancassurance strategies

  • •It details the different infrastructural, consumer and business drivers affecting bancassurance in Europe

  • •It outlines the current regulatory framework impacting the bancassurance business of the industry

Reasons To Buy

  • •Make strategic business decisions using historic and forecast market data related to bancassurance in the insurance industry

  • •Understand the key market trends and growth opportunities within the insurance industry through the bancassurance distribution channel

  • •Assess the competitive dynamics in the bancassurance business in the insurance industry

  • •Gain insights into the marketing strategies used for selling various types of life, non-life and personal accident and health insurance products through bancassurance agreements

  • •Gain insights into key regulations governing bancassurance by various national authorities in different countries

Bancassurance in Europe to 2020: Market Profile

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary

2 Global Snapshot of Bancassurance
2.1 Emergence of Bancassurance
2.1.1 Evolution of insurance distribution and bancassurance business model
2.1.2 Ongoing diversification - recent deals in bancassurance
2.2 Global Market Size and Outlook
2.3 Regulatory developments in the bancassurance sector
2.3.1 Permitted ownership and products
2.3.2 Taxation
2.3.3 Capital adequacy regulation
2.3.4 Basel III to redefine business structure of bancassurers
2.3.5 Solvency II to redefine bancassurance regulatory risk regime

3 Europe
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Market sizing and Analysis of Bancassurance
3.2.1 Overview
3.2.2 By Segment / Product (Life and Non Life)
3.3 Key Trends and Drivers
3.3.1 Business Drivers
3.3.2 Consumer Drivers
3.3.3 Infrastructure Drivers
3.4 Regulatory Framework
3.5 Insurance Channel Dynamics
3.6 Case Studies
3.6.1 Credit Agricole
3.6.2 ING Group
3.6.3 BBVA Seguros
3.6.4 HSBC
3.7 Challenges

4 Appendix
4.1 Methodology
4.2 Definition
4.3 Background
4.4 Contact Us
4.5 About Timetric
4.6 Disclaimer

List of Tables

Table 1: Interest Rate Changes of Central Banks in Europe (%), 2012, 2013
Table 2: Bancassurance Channel Key Definitions

List of Figures

Figure 1: Global Snapshot of Insurance Distribution Channels, 2012
Figure 2: Evolution of Insurance Distribution Channel
Figure 3: Major Deals in the Global Bancassurance Market
Figure 4: Worldwide* Premium Earned through Bancassurance (US$ Billion), 2008-2017
Figure 5: Growth Potential of Various Insurance Channels across Geographical Regions
Figure 6: Snapshot of Solvency I vs. Solvency II
Figure 7: Possible options for Bancassurers under Solvency II
Figure 8: Growth Prospects of Bancassurance in the Life Insurance Segment, 2012
Figure 9: Insurance Penetration In Europe, 2011
Figure 10: Share Of Bancassurance in Gross Written Life Insurance Premiums (%), 2006-2016
Figure 11: Share Of Bancassurance in Gross Written Non- Life Insurance Premiums (%), 2006-2016
Figure 12: Value Of Commissions earned through Bancassurance in Europe (US$ Million), 2006 -2016
Figure 13 : Number of New Policies or Schemes sold through Bancassurance in Europe (Thousand), 2006- 2016
Figure 14: Value of Commissions earned through Bancassurance in Europe (US$ Billion), 2006- 2016
Figure 15: Number of New Policies/Schemes sold through Bancassurance in Europe in the Non-Life Insurance Segment, (Thousands), 2006-2016
Figure 16: Key Drivers of Bancassurance in Europe
Figure 17: Life Insurance Expense Ratios in Italy, Expense Ratio as a Percentage of Gross Premiums Written, 2006
Figure 18: Bank Penetration and Share of Bancassurance in the Life Segment, (Number of Commercial Banks per 100,000 Adults), 2009
Figure 19: Population Structure by Major Age Groups, (% of Total Population), 2010-2040
Figure 20: Bancassurance Regulatory Framework in Europe
Figure 21: Value of Commissions in the Life Insurance Segment by Distribution Channel (%), 2012
Figure 22: Value of Commissions in the Non-Life Insurance Segment by Distribution Channel (%), 2012
Figure 23: Credit Agricole - Corporate Profile, 2012

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