Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market by Geography (U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific & ROW) & Product Type (Diagnostic Equipment, Diagnostic Software, & Repair & Diagnostic Data) – Industry Trends & Forecast To 2018

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Date: 12-Dec-2013
No. of pages: 151
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As the systems used in the vehicles became very much technically advanced, the link between the cause and symptom became very less obvious. This resulted in the inclusion of self-diagnosis in the electronic systems and to communicate to the outside world. Earlier, the vehicle electronic systems had their own protocols, which resulted in the usage of a large number of different tools to diagnose a single vehicle. This was overcome by setting out standards, allowing the vehicle manufacturers to use for the end of line test and garage equipment manufacturers to design tools that can be used to diagnose a number of vehicles. The automotive diagnostic scanning tool is one of the major garage equipment, which is used to diagnose any fault in a vehicle by just plugging it into the vehicle using the diagnostic connector and running a full scan. The major advantages associated with the tool are the short time taken to diagnose, ease in identifying the fault and rectifying the same.

The U.S. & European market for diagnostic scan tools is is projected to reach $3,786.1 million in 2018, growing at a CAGR of 5.23% over the forecast period. The U.S. market for these scan tools is expected to grow at a higher rate during the period considered than the European market, mainly due the increasing vehicle fleet in the region, stricter emission regulations, implementation of the right to repair law, and increasing number of independent auto workshops & service stations. These tools are used in conjunction with the latest OBD-II regulations, which are mainly used to test and maintain the vehicles emission levels.

This report covers the market for automotive diagnostic scan tools in terms of value ($million) from 2011 to 2018. The independent aftermarket is only considered for market estimations. The market for automotive diagnostic tools is broadly segmented by Geography (U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific, & ROW) and Product Type (Diagnostic Equipment, Diagnostic Software and Repair & Diagnostic Data). Market estimations are provided only for U.S. and Europe (Germany, U.K., France & Rest of Europe), whereas qualitative insights are provided for the Asia-Pacific and ROW regions. The U.S. and European markets are segmented By Country and Product Type. The Product Type segmentation provides a detailed analysis for U.S. and European countries considered in this report.

This report classifies and defines the diagnostic scan tools market value in the automotive industry. It also includes qualitative and technical data pertaining to automotive diagnostics such as its evolution; functions, features & standards of the OBD system; and diagnostic trouble codes. The report also provides a comprehensive review of market drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges and key issues in the automotive diagnostic scan tools market. The major players in the market have also been identified and profiled.

The key players in the automotive diagnostic scan tools market are identified as Bosch-SPX (Germany), Actia Group (France), Snap-On Inc. (U.S.), Softing AG (Germany), and Denso Corp. (Japan).

Diagnostic scan tools: gaining importance

In recent times, the automobile industry has witnessed much technological advancement such as the automatic cruise control technology to adaptive front lighting system etc. These advanced technologies work on a set of dedicated sensors and ECUs, which are programmed to control the functioning and operation of these technologies. The inclusion of such products in the vehicles has increased the complexity of the vehicles electronic/electrical architecture. In case of any faults in such systems, it is very difficult to diagnose manually. But, with the development of diagnostic scan tools, diagnosis and rectification of faults in such systems has been eased as well as the time taken to perform the same is reduced to a great extent. With the new vehicle models coming into the market every year, technological improvements in the automobile industry, and lowering of vehicle emission levels; more advanced diagnostic scan tools would be developed by the diagnostic tool manufacturers. In the coming years, the wireless scan tools are expected to gain importance as they combine the benefits of providing the diagnostic information to the user as well as the remote diagnostic center.

Scope of The Report

The automotive diagnostic scan tools market (U.S. & Europe) have been analysed in terms of value ($million) based on the segmentation given below.

By Country (Product Type Level)

  • U.S.
  • Germany
  • U.K.
  • France
  • Rest of Europe

By Product Type (Country-Level)

  • Diagnostic Scan Tools
  • Diagnostic Software
  • Repair & Diagnostic Data

Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market by Geography (U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific & ROW) & Product Type (Diagnostic Equipment, Diagnostic Software, & Repair & Diagnostic Data) – Industry Trends & Forecast To 2018

Table Of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Key Take-Aways
1.2 Report Description
1.2.1 Report Catalyst
1.2.2 Report Structure
1.3 Glance At the Markets
1.3.1 By Country
1.3.2 By Product Type
1.4 Stakeholders
1.5 Research Methodology
1.5.1 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market
1.5.2 Key Data Points Taken From Secondary Sources
1.5.3 Key Data Points Taken From Primary Sources
1.5.4 Assumptions Made For This Report
1.6 Key Questions Answered

2 Market Overview
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Market Dynamics
2.2.1 Drivers Growing Role of Electronics in Automobiles Reduced Diagnostic Time Increases Run Time Stringent Emission Norms
2.2.2 Restraints High Cost of Equipment Highly Technical Operation
2.2.3 Opportunities Wireless Scan Tools Software, Repair, and Diagnostic Data
2.3 Burning Issues
2.3.1 Lack of Access  to Repair Data & Information Globally
2.3.2 Efficiency Issues
2.4 Winning Imperative
2.4.1 Diagnostic Scan Tools For Laymen
2.5 Value Chain Analysis
2.6 Pestle Analysis: U.S.
2.7 Pestle Analysis: Europe
2.8 Market Share Analysis
2.9 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

3 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools: Technology
3.1 Evolution of Electric Vehicle Diagnostics
3.2 OBD: Evolution & Function
3.2.1 Evolution: OBD-I Vs. OBD-II
3.2.2 Major Features of OBD-II Misfire Monitoring Catalyst Monitoring Egr Monitoring Evaporative Purge System Monitoring Mil Illumination Secondary Air System Monitoring Stored Engine Freeze Frame Data DTC and Service Information Standardization
3.2.3 Function
3.4 Sae Hardware Standards
3.3 Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
3.4.1 Elements of A DTC
3.4.2 Decoding A DTC

4 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market, By Geography
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market, By Country
4.2.1 Diagnostic Equipment Market, By Country
4.2.2 Diagnostic Software Market, By Country
4.2.3 Repair & Diagnostic Data Market, By Country

5 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market, By Types
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market, By Product Type
5.2.1 U.S. Diagnostic Scan Tool Market, By Product Type
5.2.2 Europe: Diagnostic Scan Tool Market, By Product Type Germany: Diagnostic Scan Tool Market, By Product Type U.K.: Diagnostic Scan Tool Market, By Product Type France: Diagnostic Scan Tool Market, By Product Rest of Europe: Diagnostic Scan Tool Market, By Product
5.2.3 Asia-Pacific & Row Diagnostic Scan Tool Market: Prospects For the Future

6 Competitive Landscape
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Key Growth Strategies
6.3 Major Companies Developing Products in the Diagnostics Market
6.4 Company’s Relative Market Positions
6.5 Major Manufacturers & their Key Product offerings

7 Company Profiles (Overview, Financials, Products & Services, Strategy, and Developments)*
7.1 Actia Group
7.2 Autozone Inc.
7.3 Avl List Gmbh
7.4 Carman Co. Ltd.
7.5 Continental AG
7.6 Delphi Automotive PLC
7.7 Dg Technologies
7.8 Dsa Daten- Und Systemtechnik Gmbh
7.9 Etas Gmbh
7.10 Fluke Corporation
7.11 General Technologies Corp.
7.12 Genuine Parts Company
7.13 Hickok Inc.
7.14 Kpit Technologies Ltd.
7.15 Noregon Systems Inc.
7.16 Robert Bosch Gmbh
7.17 Siemens AG
7.18 Snap-On Inc.
7.19 Softing AG
7.20 Texa Spa
7.21 Vector Informatik Gmbh

*Details on Overview, Financials, Product & Services, Strategy, and Developments Might Not Be Captured in Case of Unlisted Companies.

List Of Tables

Table 1 Detailed Research Methodology For Market Size
Table 2 Market Leaders: Major Financials
Table 3 Components & Systems Monitored By OBD-II
Table 4 OBD-II D Connector Terminal Assignment
Table 5 OBD-II DTC Legend
Table 6 Automotive Diagnostic Tools: Major Manufacturers & Their Products

List Of Figures

Figure 1 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market: Report Catalyst
Figure 2 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market
Figure 3 Automotive Diagnostic Tools: Market Dynamics
Figure 4 Market Drivers: Impact Analysis
Figure 5 Growing Role of Electronics in Automobiles
Figure 6 Passenger Cars Diesel Emission Standards (Euro 1  to Euro 6)
Figure 7 Market Restraint: Impact Analysis
Figure 8 Market Opportunities: Impact Analysis
Figure 9 Technology Roadmap
Figure 10 Pestle Analysis: U.S.
Figure 11 Pestle Analysis: Europe
Figure 12 Market Share Analysis
Figure 13 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
Figure 14 Technology Roadmap
Figure 15 OBD-I & OBD-II: Features Comparison
Figure 16 Standard OBD-II Connector
Figure 17 DTC Decoding
Figure 18 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market Value, By Country, 2013 Vs 2018 ($Million)
Figure 19 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market: Value Share, 2013 & Value, 2011-2018, By Country ($Million)
Figure 20 Diagnostic Equipment Market Value, By Country, 2011-2018 ($Million)
Figure 21 Diagnostic Software Market Value, By Country, 2011-2018 ($Million)
Figure 22 Repair & Diagnostic Data Market Value, By Country, 2011-2018 ($Million)
Figure 23 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market Value Share, By Geography, 2013
Figure 24 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market Value Share, By Product Type, 2013 Vs 2018 & Market Value, By Product Type, 2011-2018 ($Million)
Figure 25 U.S.: Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market Value, By Product Type, 2011-2018 ($Million)
Figure 26 Europe: Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market Value, By Product Type, 2011-2018 ($Million)
Figure 27 Germany: Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market Value, By Product Type, 2011-2018 ($Million)
Figure 28 U.K.: Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market Value, By Product Type, 2011-2018 ($Million)
Figure 29 France: Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market Value, By Product Type, 2011-2018 ($Million)
Figure 30 Rest of Europe: Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market Value, By Product Type, 2011-2018 ($Million)
Figure 31  Asia-Pacific & Row Diagnostic Scan Tools Market: the Road Ahead
Figure 32  Key Growth Strategies in the Automotive Diagnostic Tools Market, 2010-2013
Figure 33  Major Developments Share in the Automotive Diagnostic Tools Market,By Company, 2010-2013
Figure 34  Automotive Diagnostic Tools: Manufacturers, By Geography

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