Augmented Reality (AR): Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 to 2022

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Date: 27-Sep-2016
No. of pages: 516
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Worldwide AR markets are poised to achieve significant growth with the use of smartphone apps and headsets or glasses that are platforms to project digital information as images onto a game image or a work situation.

AR is in the early stages of an explosive growth cycle. The Pokemon Go phenomenon raid adoption raised awareness and expectation for the vision of augmented reality AR and digital enhancement of the surroundings. Digital enhancement as AR is just human explanation of our existing surroundings. Digital enhancement provides human explanations of the innate natural world and of the machines we use to perform work.

AR digital enhancement provides explanations and process predictions. Google pointed the way, as it so often does, to the AR opportunity with Google glass which failed, but spawned a large number of projects that have succeeded. All the AR vendors will reap the benefits of the Google original Google Glass huge AR marketing investment.

Augmented reality AR is set to become an indispensable part of people’s lives. AR is poised to take off as part of the much heralded Internet of things (IoT). Digital images become as much a part of the real world as the things we can touch and feel as they are integrated into everyday life. The reality is augmented by the digital images. Augmented reality is a misnomer to the extent that it implies that reality is somehow has something superimposed on it. Instead the reality exists, and the digital images blend in to enhance the experience of reality, make it more understandable or more interesting. The reality is not changed, it is not made better, it is understood better.

Use-cases for AR proliferate. Pokemon Go points the way to, illustrates, the huge game market opportunity looming on the ubiquitous smart phones.

Adoption of AR technology in the enterprise is growing. AR headsets and glasses are used in manufacturing, logistics, remote service, retail, medical, and education. One popular AR application is providing ‘see-what-I-see’ functionality, enabling off-site specialists to provide real-time guidance and expertise to troubleshoot an issue. Others superimpose process steps by step information on dials and switches in workflow situations.

Epson offers smart glasses. Augmented reality displays are being used to train technicians in common routines. It is used to provide surgical guidelines to surgeons. It is used to provide information to doctors in the operating room.

AR glasses can give employees real-time data streams layered over the real world. Security clearances can be shown. Status of machinery in a factory can be shown. Internet of Things (IoT) needs AR to use data to turn information into a decision-making tool. This will work in the manner outlined by Daqri where step by step procedure manuals are created via video or some other manner.

Then the IoT uses the step by step procedure manual to address process, to address workflow via superimposing streams of data and analytics that generate alerts from that data to provide just in time information intuitively. Alerts are generated when change is noted. Streams of information from IoT sensors are basically boring unless there is a change, unless something needs attention, hence the value of alerts.

Just as the intensive care unit did not exist in hospitals until patient monitors were invented, so also AR will leverage change and detection of change to generate alerts. Based on IoT data, alerts will usually be few and far between, but then they come, they will need attention. In this manner the digital images provided by AR leverage what we have learned from monitoring in a few specific areas like the hospital ICU and will be carried forward to every task in every human endeavor.

As price points decline, AR becomes useful. Augmented reality AR is set to become an indispensable part of people’s lives. AR is poised to take off. Digital images become as much a part of the real world as the things we can touch and feel as they are integrated into everyday life. The reality is augmented by the digital images. Augmented reality is a misnomer to the extent that it implies that reality is somehow has something superimposed on it that changes the reality. Instead the reality exists intact, and the digital images blend in to enhance the experience of reality, make it more understandable or more interesting. The reality is not changed it is not made better, it is understood better, process and workflow can be implemented in a more efficient manner.

The reality does not change with AR as it does with VR. With VR, the user is immersed in an illustion. With AR reality becomes more fully experienced, is explained better. This is a significant difference, the difference between and illusion and reality

The experience of virtual reality that is really immersive and does change the experience of reality depends on people being stable and able to center themselves back to reality after the experience fo the illusion. Augmented reality is providing a way to make what the seven senses that include vision, hearing, touch, smell more effective. The sense of reality is enhanced instead of having an illusion take over.

“These game based and industrial end-to-end process IoT augmented reality modular AR markets are anticipated to reach $7 trillion by 2027, growing in some cases at the same pace we have seen from Pokemon Go augmented reality. Pokémon Go grew to a massive 45 million daily active users per day after two months in the market, with the market reaching $250 million for the vendor Niantic by September 2016 after two months starting from zero.”

Phenomenal growth is anticipated to come from implementation of step-by-step procedure virtual reality modules that are used to manage systems. Every business executive in the world wants to have an IT structure agile enough to manage phenomenal growth, should that be necessary, the aim is to construct augmented reality modules that address the issues brought by the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT takes the data from sensors, superimposes analytics on collected data, turns the data into information, and streams alerts back to users that need to take action.

Augmented reality enhances our sense of reality, it further explains what is going on around us, it does not support illusion, it supports getting in touch with what is real, what is really out there. Pokemon Go is so much fun because it gives us little animals, little characters to play with in our exact location, it enhances the experience of our neighborhoods. It has large beautiful birds that flap their wings and look magnificent.

The Pokemon GO characters are placed in our world, they are not crazy, they are not illusions that replace an unhappy experience of reality, or entertain with inappropriate violence, as you would find in a virtual reality game, they are friends that appear in our local life, show up in local locations where they can be caught and looked at. They become part of real life, a vital expression of reality.

Thus to say the implementations of digital imaging superimposed on reality is augmented reality misses the point, they are images that help us participate more fully in the reality around us. The augment the experience of reality, they do not change the reality itself as VR does.

The Augmented Reality (AR) market size at USD $659.7 million in 2015 is anticipated to reach $80.8 billion by 2022. The market goes from $659.7 million in 2015 to $2.6 billion in 2016, an astoundingly rapid growth for a market that really is not yet well defined. The increasing scope of applications across different industries, manufacturing, medical, retail, game, and automotive, all industries really, is expected to drive demand over the forecast period to these unprecedented levels, reaching into the trillion dollar market arenas soon. AR technology is in the nascent stage with a huge growth potential, and has attracted large investments contributing to the industry growth.

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

  • Niantic

  • Sieko Epson

  • Microsoft

  • Sony

  • PTC

  • Daqri

  • Google

  • Infinity Augmented Reality

  • Total Immersion

  • Wikitude

  • Bippar

  • Atheer

  • ODG

  • Vuzix

Selected Market Participants

  • ACEP / Try Live

  • Apple Augmented Reality (AR)

  • APX Labs

  • Atheer

  • Augmate

  • Augmedix

  • Blippar

  • Layar

  • CastAR

  • Daqri

  • Esri

  • Essence

  • Facebook / Oculus

  • General Electric

  • Google

  • HP Aurasma

  • HP Autonomy

  • HTC

  • IBM Watson Augmented Reality

  • Infinity Augmented Reality

  • Intel / Recon Instruments

  • Kopin

  • Magic Leap

  • MDA

  • Merrick & Company

  • Microsoft

  • Niantic

  • Osterhaut Group (ODG)

  • Pristine

  • PTC Acquires Vuforia

  • Qualcomm

  • Samsung

  • SAP

  • Septentrio

  • Seiko Epson

  • Shenzhen Vigor Electronic Co.

  • Sigma-Aldrich

  • Sony Interactive Entertainment

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific / Life Technologies

  • Total Immersion

  • Valve Technologies

  • Vuzix / Intel Investment

  • Waygo

  • Wikitude

  • Yahoo

  • Yahoo / Mavens

  • Yahoo / Tumblr

  • ARLab SDKs

  • DroidAR Open-Source Framework

  • Metaio SDK

  • Vuforia SDK

  • Wikitude AR SDK

Key Topics

  • Augmented Reality

  • AR

  • Pokemon Go

  • Digital Workflow

  • Smart Headset

  • Smart Glasses

  • Internet of Things

  • Shopfloor AR

  • Wearable Computer

  • Process Image

Augmented Reality (AR): Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 to 2022

Table of Contents

Augmented Reality And Map Based Gaming Executive Summary 32
Augmented Reality 32
Augmented Reality Market Driving Forces 33
AR Game Program Development 35
Augmented Reality Market Shares 36
Augmented Reality Market Forecasts 38

1. Augmented Reality And Map Based Gaming: Market Description And Market Dynamics 41
1.1 Augmented Reality and Map Based Navigation 41
1.1.1 Niantic Pokemon Go 41
1.1.2 Niantic Generating $10 Million per Day 42
1.2 Industrial Communicating 43
1.2.1 Augmented Reality Communication Market Driving Forces 44
1.2.2 Remote Telepresence Healthcare Diagnosis and Treatment 48
1.2.3 Manufacturing and Engineering Uses Monitoring and Telepresence to Achieve Remote Repairs 49
1.2.4 Local Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, and First Responder Markets Entering A New Era 50
1.3 Industry Wearable Computing 54
1.3.1 Industrial Logistics Robotic Market Driving Forces 54
1.3.2 Robots Set To Bring A New Industrial Revolution 55
1.4 Augmented Reality Platforms for HealthCare Improve the Quality Of Life 58
1.4.1 Tele-Medicine and M-Health Market Driving Forces 59
1.4.2 Real-Time Monitoring Of Physiological Data 61
1.4.3 PTT Push Telemedicine 62
1.4.4 M-Health and Tele-Medicine Market Convergence 63
1.5 Augmented Reality (AR) Is Overlaying Pieces Of A Virtual World Over The Real World 65
1.5.1 Augmented Reality Represents Data Analytics and Human Computer Interfaces 66
1.5.2 Augmented Reality Apps 67
1.5.3 Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Compared 67
1.5.4 Virtual Reality (VR) 68
1.5.5 Augmented Reality (AR) 68

2. Augmented Reality Market Shares And Forecasts 69
2.1 Augmented Reality 69
2.1.1 Augmented Reality Market Driving Forces 71
2.1.2 AR Game Program Development 72
2.2 Augmented Reality Market Shares 74
2.2.1 Augmented Reality (AR) Market Shares 2015 78
2.2.2 AR Components, Sensors, Processors, And Displays 80
2.2.3 Niantic 80
2.2.4 Darqi Augmented Reality Leverages Smartphones 81
2.2.5 Vuforia 82
2.2.6 Samsung 83
2.2.7 MDA Geospatial - International 84
2.2.8 Total Immersion Most Widely Used Commercial AR SDK 84
2.2.9 Seiko Epson 84
2.2.10 Google Glass 85
2.2.11 Microsoft 85
2.2.12 Intel / Recon 85
2.2.13 APX Labs 85
2.2.14 APX Labs Smart Glasses 86
2.2.15 HP Aurasma Boosts Scalability and Performance for Augmented Reality with HP Cloud 86
2.2.16 Blippar 87
2.2.17 PTC 87
2.2.18 Mojang Minecraft 89
2.2.19 Valve Social Entertainment Platform 90
2.3 Augmented Reality Market Forecasts 91
2.3.1 Augmented Reality (AR) Segment Analysis 94
2.3.2 Augmented Reality Segment Analysis, AR Smart Phone Game, AR Headset Games, AR Industrial Headset, And AR Industrial Smart Glasses, Units 96
2.3.3 Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Phone Game Forecasts 97
2.3.4 AR Headset and Wrist Games 99
2.3.5 Augmented Reality AR Industrial Smart Glasses Forecasts 103
2.3.6 Augmented Reality AR Industrial Headset Forecasts 107
2.3.7 Venture Investment in Augmented Reality 109
2.3.8 Augmented Reality Leverages AWS Cloud IT 111
2.3.9 Augmented Reality IT Infrastructure Needs To Further Evolve 112
2.3.10 Augmented Reality in Logistics 114
2.3.11 Augmented Reality in Communication and Collaboration In Business-To-Business Sectors 115
2.3.12 Augmented Reality in the Retail Business 115
2.3.13 Augmented Reality to Enhance Shopping Experience Online 117
2.3.14 Augmented Reality (AR) Gateway To Module Control Of Information 122
2.3.15 Augmented Reality Remote Sensing and Communication Agricultural Applications 123
2.3.16 Augmented Reality Step-by-Step, End-to-End Work Process for Government Infrastructure Projects 125
2.3.17 Augmented Reality Remote Sensing for Oil Spill Applications 128
2.3.18 Military Use Of Augmented Reality 129
2.3.19 Augmented Reality Mining Applications 130
2.4 Augmented Reality Use of Drones in GIS 130
2.5 GIS: Augmented Reality Automatic Translation 131
2.5.1 GIS Market Growth 132
2.6 IOT 132
2.7 Virtual Reality Market 134
2.8 Augmented Reality Pricing 136
2.8.1 Headset Pricing 136
2.8.2 Wikitude SDK Pricing 137
2.8.3 Epson Augmented Reality Glasses $700 139
2.9 Augmented Reality Regional Analysis 139
2.9.1 US Augmented Reality 142

3. Augmented Reality And Map Based Gaming Product Description 143
3.1 Pokémon GO 143
3.1.1 Niantic Pokemon GO Map 145
3.1.2 Niantic Gym Battles and Gym Defense 146
3.1.3 Niantic Ingress 148
3.1.4 Niantic Ingress XM Anomaly 150
3.1.5 Niantic FieldTrip 150
3.1.6 Niantic Pokemon Go Location Data 151
3.1.7 Pokemon Blog, Getting Ready to GO: Plotting a Route 153
3.1.8 Pokémon Go Real-World, Augmented Reality (AR) Game 160
3.2 Microsoft / Mojang Minecraft 163
3.2.1 Microsoft / Mojang Minecraft Versions 164
3.2.2 Microsoft Mixed Reality Visor 166
3.2.3 Microsoft Immersive AR System is HoloLens 166
3.2.4 Microsoft Mixed-Reality Roadmap 169
3.3 Sony PlayStation VR 170
3.3.1 Sony Playstation VR Gaming and Entertainment 170
3.3.2 Sony Playstation VR Games 172
3.4 Total Immersion 186
3.5 ACEP TryLive 187
3.6 Magic Leap 188
3.6.1 Magic Leap Currency in MR Technology Communicates Experience 191
3.6.2 Magic Leap Synthetic Realities 193
3.6.3 Magic Leap Virtual, Mixed, Augmented Reality Real Worlds 194
3.6.4 Magic Leap Virtual Reality 195
3.6.5 Magic Leap Augmented Reality 196
3.6.6 Magic Leap Mixed Reality 197
3.6.7 Magic Leap Augmented Reality Entertainment Content 199
3.6.8 Magic Leap Emotional Impact 200
3.7 Shaper Origin Power Tool 201
3.8 Facebook Oculus 202
3.8.1 Facebook / Oculus Rift 202
3.8.2 Facebook Oculus Touch 204
3.8.3 Facebook Messaging 205
3.8.4 Facebook Messenger 206
3.8.5 Video Calling in Facebook Messenger 207
3.8.6 Facebook WhatsApp Target Markets 208
3.8.7 Facebook WhatsApp Advertising Positioning 209
3.8.8 Facebook WhatsApp User Base for Android 210
3.8.9 Facebook WhatsApp User Base for iPhone 211
3.8.10 Facebook Oculus Virtual Reality Technology 211
3.8.11 Facebook Oculus Rift Experience of Immersion 212
3.9 Apple 212
3.10 HTC Vive 213
3.10.1 HTC Vive / Valve SteamVR 214
3.10.2 HTC Gallery: Call of the Starseed 215
3.10.3 HTC Hover Junkers 216
3.10.4 HTC theBlu: Encounter 216
3.11 Samsung Gear VR Powered by Oculus 218
3.11.1 Samsung Gear VR Apps 220
3.12 Merge VR Goggles 222
3.13 Google 223
3.14 Meta 225
3.15 DAQRI 226
3.15.1 Daqri Smart Helmet™ Integration 227
3.15.2 Daqri Human Computer Interface 227
3.15.3 Daqri Melon™ Headband 227
3.15.4 Daqri 4D Work Instructions 229
3.15.5 Daqri Thermal Vision 230
3.15.6 DAQRI Smart Helmet™ Applications 232
3.15.7 Daqri 4D Studio™ Platform for Capturing Workflow Context 235
3.15.8 Data Visualization 238
3.15.9 Daqri Remote Expert 239
3.15.10 DAQRI Smart Helmet Ambient AR 240
3.16 MDA Geospatial - International 241
3.16.1 MDA Satellite Imagery 243
3.16.2 MDA RADARSAT-2 Telemetry 244
3.16.3 MDA Elevation Modeling 245
3.16.4 MDA InSAR 247
3.16.5 MDA Mapping 248
3.16.6 MDA Satellite Access Services 249
3.17 Merrick & Company GIS 252
3.17.1 Merrick GIS Better Record Keeping 254
3.17.2 Merrick Managing Geographically 254
3.18 Esri ArcGIS 254
3.18.1 Esri World Geocoder 256
3.18.2 Esri ArcGIS Online 257
3.18.3 Esri ArcGIS for Desktop 258
3.18.4 Esri ArcGIS Transforms Data into Actionable Information 258
3.19 GE Grid Solutions Geospatial Systems 259
3.19.1 GE Grid Solutions Telecommunications Solution 259
3.19.2 GE Grid Solutions Smallworld Electric Office 260
3.19.3 GE Grid Solutions Smallworld and Google Maps 260
3.19.4 GE Grid Solutions MapField FieldSmart 261
3.20 Septentrio GIS 261
3.20.1 Septentrio GIS 3D Picture Represents Augmented Reality When Geological Charts, Soil Surveys, And Piping Networks Are Supported To Create Rich Visualization 262
3.20.2 Septentrio PinPoint-GIS 264
3.20.3 Septentrio Altu NR2 265
3.20.4 Septentrio Altus GeoPod 266
3.20.5 Septentrio AsteRx-m UAS 267
3.20.6 Septentrio GNSS Receivers 268
3.21 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Glasses 269
3.21.1 AR Glasses Optical Qualities 270
3.22 Vuzix Augmented Reality 271
3.23 Epson Moverio AR Smart Glasses 271
3.23.1 Epson's Moverio GoInStore Uses AR Integrate Online And In-Store Experience 275
3.23.2 Epson Augmented Reality Technology 277
3.23.3 Epson Retail Augmented Reality Glasses Wi-Fi Connectivity 279
3.24 PTC Vuforia 281
3.24.1 Vuforia VuMark™ 282
3.24.2 Vuforia Universal Windows Platform & HoloLens 283
3.24.3 Vulforia Guided Step-By-Step Instructions For Products Or Machinery 284
3.24.4 Vuforia Cloud Recognition Web API 284
3.24.5 Vuforia Android SDK: Android Camera Access 285
3.24.6 Vuforia iOS SDK High Resolution Camera View 285
3.25 Google Glass Enterprise Edition 287

4. Augmented Reality Research And Technology 289
4.1 Augmented Reality 289
4.1.1 Niantic Pokemon Go 290
4.1.2 Niantic Pokémon GO App Trainers 291
4.2 Augmented Reality Business Vertical Solutions 300
4.2.1 Integrate Augmented Reality with Camera Feed 301
4.2.2 Moverio BT-200 303
4.3 Virtual Reality Technology 303
4.3.1 Components of Virtual Reality Presence 304
4.4 Augmented Reality Technology: Niantic Gets the First Win 309
4.4.1 Total Immersion Augmented Reality 309
4.5 ARLab SDKs 310
4.6 DroidAR Open-Source Framework 310
4.7 Metaio SDK 311
4.8 Vuforia SDK 311
4.9 Wikitude AR SDK 312

5. Augmented Reality Company Profiles 313
5.1 ACEP / Try Live 313
5.2 Apple Augmented Reality (AR) 315
5.2.1 Apple Mobile Communication And Media Devices 316
5.2.2 Apple Business Strategy 316
5.2.3 Apple Product Introductions 317
5.2.4 Apple Acquires Metaio 318
5.2.5 Apple Second Quarter 2016 Revenue 319
5.2.6 Apple iPhone Sales 321
5.2.7 Apple HomeKit 322
5.2.8 Apple Watch Pokemon GO 322
5.3 APX Labs 323
5.4 Atheer 325
5.5 Augmate Enterprise IT Deploys Smart Glasses 326
5.6 Augmedix 328
5.7 Blippar 328
5.7.1 Layar 329
5.8 CastAR 332
5.9 Daqri 333
5.9.1 Daqri 333
5.9.2 DAQRI Human-Machine Interface: Changing Work 334
5.9.3 Darqi Augmented Reality Leverage Smartphones 336
5.9.4 Darqi Augmented Reality on the Shopfloor 338
5.10 Esri 339
5.10.1 Esri GIS 339
5.11 Essence 340
5.11.1 Essence, Privately Held, Global Company 340
5.12 Facebook / Oculus 341
5.12.1 Facebook Oculus Rift Experience of Immersion 341
5.12.2 Facebook Oculus Virtual Reality Technology 342
5.12.3 Facebook Messaging 342
5.12.4 Facebook Messenger 343
5.12.5 Facebook Messenger Video Calling 345
5.12.6 Facebook Whatsapp 346
5.12.7 Facebook Core App WhatsApp 348
5.12.8 Facebook WhatsApp Target Markets 349
5.12.9 Facebook WhatsApp Advertising Positioning 350
5.12.10 Facebook WhatsApp View of Advertising 350
5.12.11 Facebook WhatsApp User Base for Android 351
5.12.12 Facebook WhatsApp User Base for iPhone 351
5.12.13 Facebook Instagram 353
5.12.14 Facebook Instagram Boomerang 354
5.12.15 Post to Facebook and Windows Live 358
5.12.16 Facebook WhatsApp 358
5.12.17 Facebook App Draining Smart Phone Batteries 359
5.12.18 Facebook Revenue 360
5.12.19 Facebook Revenue 362
5.12.20 Facebook Revenue Growth Priorities: 363
5.12.21 Facebook Average Revenue Per User ARPU 364
5.12.22 Facebook Geographical Information 365
5.12.23 Facebook Creating Better Ads 366
5.12.24 Facebook Next Generation Services 366
5.12.25 Facebook Platform 366
5.12.26 Facebook Free Basics 367
5.12.27 Facebook AI 367
5.13 GE Grid Solutions 368
5.13.1 General Electric 369
5.13.2 General Electric Agreement to Sell the Appliances Business to Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd. (Haier) 371
5.13.3 GE Capital Exit Plan 371
5.13.4 General Electric Acquisition of Alstom's Thermal, Renewables and Grid Businesses. 374
5.13.5 GE Healthcare 374
5.13.6 GE Capital Exit Plan 377
5.14 Google 379
5.14.1 Google Daydream 379
5.14.2 Google Daydream Partners 381
5.14.3 Google Search Technology 383
5.14.4 Google Recognizes World Is Increasingly Mobile 383
5.14.5 Google Nest 384
5.14.6 Google / Nest Protect 384
5.14.7 Google / Nest Safety History 385
5.14.8 Google / Nest Learning Thermostat 387
5.14.9 Google Chromecast 388
5.15 HP Aurasma Boosts Scalability and Performance for Augmented Reality with HP Cloud 389
5.15.1 HP Aurasm Disney Frozen Summer 391
5.15.2 HP Autonomy 393
5.16 HTC 394
5.17 IBM Augmented Reality 394
5.17.1 IBM AR / Tesco Product Database 395
5.17.2 IBM Watson Augmented Reality 396
5.18 Infinity Augmented Reality 396
5.19 Intel / Recon Instruments 396
5.19.1 Intel / Recon Wearable-Technology Solution For Enterprises 397
5.19.2 Intel Recon APX Skylight Software Platform 401
5.20 Kopin 401
5.20.1 Kopin Second Quarter Q2 2016 Revenue 402
5.20.2 Kopin Jet Advanced Pilot Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) 403
5.20.3 Kopin Sale of Korean Property 404
5.20.4 Kopin Transmissive AMLCDs and Reflective LCOS Micro-Display ASICs 404
5.20.5 Kopin Consumer Wearable Device Applications 405
5.20.6 Kopin Wearable Device Military and Enterprise Customers 405
5.20.7 Kopin Optical Lenses and Backlights 407
5.20.8 Kopin Whisper Chip 407
5.20.9 Kopin Headset Systems 408
5.20.10 Kopin Competition 409
5.21 Magic Leap 410
5.21.1 Magic Leap $793.5 Million In New Funding 411
5.21.2 Magic Leap Investors 411
5.22 MDA 414
5.22.1 MDA Markets 414
5.23 Merrick & Company 416
5.24 Microsoft 417
5.24.1 Microsoft / Mojang AB Minecraft 417
5.24.2 Microsoft Reportable Segments 418
5.24.3 Skype and Microsoft 421
5.24.4 Microsoft / Skype / GroupMe Free Group Messaging 422
5.24.5 Microsoft SOA 423
5.24.6 Microsoft .Net Open Source 426
5.25 Niantic, Inc. 427
5.25.1 Niantic Ingress 428
5.25.2 Niantic Revenue 428
5.25.3 Nintendo Participation in Pokemon Go 430
5.25.4 Niantic Pokemon Go Revenue 430
5.25.5 Niantic Pokemon GO Map Based Game 431
5.25.6 Niantic Labs and Nintendo Pokémon Go US launch 432
5.25.7 Niantic Augmented Reality 433
5.25.8 Niantic Pokémon Go Exploration Game Designed To Get Players Walking Outside 437
5.26 Osterhaut Group (ODG) 442
5.26.1 Osterhaut ODG R-7 Smart Glasses Display 442
5.26.2 Osterhaut ODG R-7 Smart Glasses Positioning 443
5.26.3 ODG Partners 444
5.26.4 Osterhaut Smart Glasses Technology 445
5.26.5 Osterhaut ODG Integrated Advanced Technologies 445
5.26.6 Osterhaut Smart Glasses Price 446
5.26.7 Osterhaut Smart Glasses Performance 446
5.27 Pristine 446
5.28 PTC 447
5.28.1 PTC Acquires Vuforia 447
5.28.2 PTC Revenue and Ecosystem 448
5.29 Qualcomm 451
5.29.1 Qualcomm Augmented Environments Lab (AEL) Website 451
5.30 Samsung 452
5.30.1 Samsung Group Moves Toward QLED Displays 454
5.30.2 The Samsung Philosophy 454
5.30.3 Samsung Values 455
5.30.4 Samsung Vision 2020 456
5.30.5 Samsung Electronics 457
5.30.6 Samsung Finds Talent And Adapts Technology To Create Products 459
5.30.7 Samsung Adapts to Change, Samsung Embraces Integrity 459
5.30.8 Samsung Telecom Equipment Group 460
5.30.9 Samsung Memory Over Logic 461
5.31 SAP 463
5.32 Septentrio 463
5.32.1 Septentrio Industries 464
5.32.2 Septentrio Pinpoint GIS 466
5.33 Seiko Epson 467
5.33.1 Seiko Epson Information-Related Equipment Business Segment 467
5.33.2 Seiko Epson Visual Communications Business 468
5.33.3 Epson Smart Glasses 468
5.34 Shenzhen Vigor Electronic Co. 470
5.35 Sigma-Aldrich 471
5.35.1 Sigma-Aldrich Life Science and High Technology 472
5.35.2 Sigma-Aldrich Photophysics 473
5.35.3 Sigma-Aldrich Qdot® Nanocrystal Structure 473
5.35.4 Sigma-Aldrich Relative Size of a Qdot® Nanocrystal 475
5.35.5 Sigma-Aldrich Qdot® Bioconjugates 476
5.35.6 Sigma-Aldrich Applications for Qdot® Nanocrystals 478
5.36 Sony 480
5.36.1 Sony Playstation Eye Webcam - USB 2.0 483
5.36.2 Sony SNC-EP520 36x Day/Night IP PTZ Camera 483
5.36.3 Sony Interactive Entertainment 484
5.37 Thermo Fisher Scientific / Life Technologies 485
5.37.1 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO Revenue for the Second Quarter of 2015 486
5.37.2 Thermo Fisher Scientific / Life Technologies 487
5.38 Total Immersion 489
5.38.1 Total Immersion Transformational Selling Tool 490
5.38.2 Total Immersion 492
5.39 Valve 493
5.39.1 Valve Games 493
5.39.2 Valve Social Entertainment Platform 494
5.39.3 Valve Technologies 495
5.40 Vuzix 495
5.40.1 Vuzix Intel Investment 497
5.40.2 Vuzix Augmented Reality (AR) M100 Smart Glasses Eyewear 498
5.40.3 Vuzix Revenue 499
5.41 Waygo 500
5.42 Wikitude 500
5.43 Yahoo 501
5.43.1 Yahoo Revenue 501
5.43.2 Yahoo Mavens Revenue 502
5.43.3 Yahoo Mavens Mobile Revenue 503
5.43.4 Yahoo Mavens Search Revenue 504
5.43.5 Yahoo Tumblr 505
5.43.6 Yahoo Tumblr Sponsored Posts 505
5.43.7 Yahoo Tumblr Sponsored Day 506
5.43.8 Yahoo Tumblr Use Case 506
5.43.9 Yahoo Display Revenue 506
5.43.10 Yahoo Display Metrics 507
5.43.11 Yahoo / Microsoft 507
5.43.12 Yahoo / Google 508
5.43.13 Yahoo / Tumblr 508
5.44 Augmented Reality Companies 510
Wintergreen Research, 511
WinterGreen Research Methodology 512

List of Tables and Figures

Table ES-1 Augmented Reality Workflow Market Driving Forces 34
Table ES-2 Augmented Reality and Smart Phone Augmented Reality Game Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, Third Quarter 2016 37
Figure ES-3 Augmented Reality (AR) Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016-2022 39
Figure 1-1 Niantic Pokemon GO 41
Table ES-1 Augmented Reality Device Principal Market Factors 45
Table ES-2 Augmented Reality Step-by-Step, End-to-End Work Process Intervention Market Driving Forces 46
Table ES-3 Augmented Reality Communication Market Driving Forces 47
Table ES-4 Law Enforcement Robotics Market Factors 52
Table ES-1 Robot Market Driving Forces 55
Table ES-2 Robots Bring A New Industrial Revolution 56
Table ES-1 Factors Driving Tele-Medicine Adoption 60
Table ES-2 Tele-medicine Clinical Results 61
Table ES-3 Tele Health Monitoring Problem Solution Aspects 62
Table 2-1 Augmented Reality Workflow Market Driving Forces 72
Table 2-2 Augmented Reality and Smart Phone Augmented Reality Game Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, Third Quarter 2016 74
Figure 2-3 Augmented Reality (AR) Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2015 78
Table 2-4 Augmented Reality Products Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2015 79
Table 2-5 Vuforia SDK Tool Customers 88
Figure 2-6 Mojang Minecraft 89
Figure 2-7 Augmented Reality (AR) Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016-2022 92
Table 2-8 Augmented Reality (AR), Dollars, Worldwide, 2016 - 2022 93
Table 2-9 Augmented Reality Segment Analysis, AR Smart Phone Game, AR Headset Games, AR Industrial Headset, and AR Industrial Smart Glasses, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016-2022 94
Table 2-10 Augmented Reality Segment Analysis, AR Smart Phone Game, AR Headset Games, AR Industrial Headset, and AR Industrial Smart Glasses, Units, Worldwide, 2016-2022 96
Figure 2-11 Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Phone Game Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016-2022 98
Figure 2-12 AR Headset and Wrist Games 100
Figure 2-13 Microsoft HoloLens 101
Figure 2-14 Microsoft Meta 2 Head-Mounted Display Headset 102
Figure 2-15 Epson MOVERIO BT-300 Smart Glasses 103
Figure 2-16 Epson MOVERIO BT-2000 Smart Headset 104
Figure 2-17 Smart Glasses Built For The Industrial Workplace 105
Figure 2-18 Augmented Reality AR Industrial Smart Glasses Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016-2022 106
Figure 2-19 Augmented Reality AR Industrial Headset Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016-2022 108
Figure 2-20 American Apparel Shopping Assistant App 118
Table 2-21 Daqri 4D Studio™ Platform for Capturing Workflow Context Functions 127
Table 2-22 AR and VR Technology Components 134
Figure 2-23 HTC Vive - Virtual Reality Headset 136
Figure 2-24 Epson - Augmented Reality Headset 139
Figure 2-25 Augmented Reality (AR) Regional Market Segments, Dollars, 2015 139
Table 2-26 Augmented Reality Regional Market Segments, 2015 141
Figure 3-1 Pokémon GO Localized to Backyard 143
Figure 3-2 Niantic Pokemon GO Map 145
Table 3-3 Pokemon Go Tools and Maps 147
Figure 3-5 Niantic Ingress Mysterious Energy Force 148
Figure 3-6 Niantic FieldTrip 150
Figure 3-7 PokeVision Local Mapping of Pokemon 152
Figure 3-8 PokeVision Local Google Mapping of Pokemon on Smartphone 153
Figure 3-9 Alternate Pokemon Suburban Routes 154
Figure 3-10 Alternate Pokemon City Routes 155
Figure 3-11 Alternate Pokemon Forest Routes 156
Figure 3-12 Alternate Pokemon Waterside Routes 157
Figure 3-13 Alternate Pokemon Mountains and Highlands Routes 159
Table 3-14 Pokemon Go Game Rules 161
Figure 3-15 Microsoft / Mojang Minecraft 163
Figure 3-16 Microsoft HoloLens Immersive AR 167
Figure 3-17 Microsoft Mixed-Reality Roadmap 169
Figure 3-18 Sony’s PlayStation VR 170
Figure 3-19 Sony Playstation VR 171
Figure 3-20 Sony Playstation VR Games 172
Table 3-21 Sony PlayStation®VR Full Specifications 182
Figure 3-22 Magic Leap Synthetic Digital Images 188
Figure 3-23 Magic Leap Subject of Wired Article 190
Table 3-24 Magic Leap Currency in MR Technology Communicates Experience 192
Table 3-25 Magic Leap Shifts MR Technology to Experience from Consumption Of Information 193
Figure 3-26 Magic Leap Real Virtual Worlds 195
Figure 3-27 Magic Leap Augmented Reality 196
Figure 3-28 Magic Leap Mixed Reality 197
Figure 3-29 Shaper Origin Power Tool Uses Machine Vision to Make Perfect Cuts 201
Figure 3-30 Oculus Rift 202
Figure 3-31 Facebook Oculus Rift 204
Figure 3-32 Facebook Oculus Touch 204
Figure 3-33 Facebook Messenger 206
Figure 3-34 Video Face to Face Conversations in Facebook Messenger 207
Figure 3-35 Video Calling in Facebook Messenger 208
Figure 3-36 HTC Vive 214
Figure 3-37 HTC Vive Pre Immersive VR 217
Figure 3-38 Samsung Gear VR 218
Figure 3-39 Samsung Gear VR Ambient VR 219
Table 3-40 Samsung Gear VR Apps 221
Figure 3-41 Merge VR Goggles 222
Figure 3-42 Google Daydream VR Platform 224
Figure 3-43 Google Cardboard 225
Figure 3-44 Daqri Helmet Based Augmented Reality for Workers 226
Figure 3-45 Daqri Melon™ Headband 228
Figure 3-46 Daqri Thermal Vision 230
Figure 3-47 Daqri Visual Inertial Navigation 232
Figure 3-48 Daqri Spectacle™ Reads Gauges, Importing Analog Information As Digital 234
Figure 3-49 Daqri Spectacle™ Reads Analog Gauges, Digitzing Information 235
Table 3-50 Daqri 4D Studio™ Platform for Capturing Workflow Context Features 236
Table 3-51 Daqri 4D Studio™ Platform for Capturing Workflow Context Functions 237
Figure 3-52 Data Visualization Gives Users Distributed Information And Situational Awareness 238
Figure 3-53 DAQRI Smart Helmet Ambient AR 240
Table 3-54 MDA’s Geospatial Services (MDA) Functions 241
Table 3-55 MDA Geospatial Solution Target Markets 242
Table 3-56 MDA Services 243
Figure 3-57 MDA RADARSAT-2 Telemetry 244
Figure 3-58 MDA Elevation Modeling 245
Figure 3-59 MDA InSAR 247
Figure 3-61 MDA Satellite Access Services 249
Figure 3-62 Esri ArcGIS 255
Table 3-63 Esri World Geocoder for ArcGIS Key Capabilities 257
Table 3-64 Septentrio IoT Mapping Can Use Augmented Reality 263
Figure 3-65 Septentrio PinPoint-GIS 264
Table 3-66 Septentrio PinPoint-GIS Key Features 265
Figure 3-67 Septentrio Altus GeoPod 266
Figure 3-68 Septentrio AsteRx-m UAS 267
Figure 3-69 Osterhout Smart Glasses 270
Table 3-70 Epson MOVERIO BT-200 and BT-300 smart glasses Augmented Reality Features 272
Table 3-71 Epson MOVERIO BT-200 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses 273
Table 3-72 Epson MOVERIO BT-300 Smart Glasses Augmented Reality Features 274
Figure 3-73 Epson MOVERIO BT-300 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses 275
Figure 3-74 Epson's Moverio Dawsons Music uses GoInStore to Show Online Customers The Instruments In The Stores 276
Table 3-75 Epson Retail Augmented Reality Glasses Technology Functions 279
Figure 3-76 Vuforia Augmented Reality Brand Users 281
Figure 3-77 Vuforia VuMark Examples 283
Figure 3-78 Vuforia Supports x86 and Intel-Based Devices 283
Table 3-79 PTC Vuforia Features 286
Figure 4-1 Augmented Reality 289
Figure 4-2 Pokemon Go Game Elements 292
Figure 4-3 Integrate Augmented Reality With Personally Generated Video 301
Figure 4-4 CastAR Comprised Of Glasses And A Surface 302
Table 4-5 Components of Virtual Reality Presence 305
Table 4-6 VR and AR platform Functions 306
Figure 4-7 Digi-Capital VR and AR Platform Benchmarks 306
Table 5-1 ACEP / TryLive Market Positioning 314
Figure 5-2 Apple Augmented Reality Patent Image 315
Figure 5-3 Atheer AiR Smart Glasses 326
Figure 5-4 Augmate Device Management Solution 327
Table 5-5 Layar SDK Features 330
Figure 5-6 DAQRI Human-Machine Interface: Changing Work 334
Figure 5-7 Darqi Regional Presence 335
Figure 5-8 Darqi AR Helmets 336
Table 5-9 Companies Testing Darqi Augmented Reality on the Shopfloor 338
Figure 5-10 Facebook Messenger 344
Figure 5-11 Video Face to Face Conversations in Facebook Messenger 345
Figure 5-12 Video Calling in Facebook Messenger 346
Figure 5-13 Instagram Images 353
Figure 5-14 Instagram Distributors 354
Figure 5-15 Facebook Instagram Boomerang Creative Photography 355
Figure 5-16 Facebook Instagram Boomerang Video Can Be Viewed On The Smartphone 357
Figure 5-17 General Electric Major Portfolio Changes 372
Figure 5-18 GE Technology, Research, and Leadership Portfolio 373
Figure 5-19 Google Daydream Virtual Reality 380
Figure 5-20 Google / Nest Learning Thermostat 387
Figure 5-21 HP Aurasma Customer Base Examples 391
Table 5-22 Intel Recon Jet Wearable Computer Functions 399
Table 5-23 Intel Recon Jet Wearable Computer Workplace Functions 400
Figure 5-24 Magic Leap Augmented Reality 410
Table 5-25 Magic Leap Partners Working On Platform Hardware And Content 413
Table 5-26 Microsoft Productivity and Business Processes Segment 418
Table 5-27 Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Segment 419
Figure 5-28 Microsoft / Skype / GroupMe Free Group Messaging 423
Table 5-29 Microsoft Service Orientated Architecture SOA Functions 425
Figure 5-30 Niantic Pokemon GO 427
Figure 5-31 Niantic Mobile Revenue Income From Google Play Store. 431
Table 5-32 Niantic Pokemon Go Augmented Reality Strengths 435
Table 5-33 Niantic Pokemon Go Augmented Reality Challenges 436
Figure 5-34 Niantic Pokemon GO Screen Sets 438
Figure 5-35 Niantic Pokemon GO Map Based Game 440
Table 5-36 Osterhaut ODG R-7 Smart Glasses Component Technologies 444
Figure 5-37 PTC Vuforia Ecosystem 450
Figure 5-38 Samsung Gear VR Ambient VR 453
Figure 5-39 Samsung Values 455
Figure 5-40 Samsung Vision 456
Table 5-41 Septentrio Industry GNSS Positioning 464
Figure 5-42 Epson MOVERIO BT-300 Smart Glasses 468
Figure 5-43 Epson MOVERIO BT-2000 Smart Headset 469
Figure 5-44 Epson MOVERIO BT-2000 Smart Glasses Built For The Industrial Workplace 470
Figure 5-46 Sigma-Aldrich Qdot® Nanocrystal structure of a Conjugate 474
Figure 5-47 Tuneability of Qdot® Sigma-Aldrich Nanocrystals 476
Figure 5-48 Multicolor Immunofluorescence Imaging With Qdot® Secondary Antibody Conjugates 479
Figure 5-49 Sony Playstation Eye Webcam - USB 2.0 483
Figure 5-50 Thermo Fisher Scientific QDot Products 488
Table 5-51 Life Technologies Corporation Qdot® Nanocrystal Applications 489
Table 5-52 Total Immersion Transformational Selling Tool Functions 491
Table 5-53 Total Immersion TryLive Retail Cloud-Based Augmented Reality Solution Functions 492
Table 5-54 Valve Games and Puzzlers 494

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