Aptamers Market – Technology Trend Analysis By Applications – Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Biosensors, Drug Discovery, Biomarker Discovery, Research Applications with Market Landscape Analysis – Global Forecasts to 2018

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Date: 5-Jul-2013
No. of pages: 171
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Aptamers is an emerging market, widely considered as a rival or substitute to antibodies in the scientific industry. It is poised to grow rapidly in various application areas, including therapeutics and diagnostics. The global aptamers market is valued at $287 million in 2013 and is expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2018.

Aptamers existed in parallel with antibodies for two decades, but its market potential was not utilized, even to a fraction of antibodies. However, the achievement of Macugen has given a boost to the aptamer field. The list of promising aptamers in the clinical trials pipeline estimates that these synthetic chemical antibodies will soon surpass monoclonal antibodies in therapeutics, diagnosis, and imaging. With technological merits over antibodies, the aptamers market is poised to grow at par with antibodies in the next 10-15 years.

Though there are just < 60 companies (biotech and pharmaceutical) working on aptamers, there are quite a number of research groups working on diverse applications of aptamers, particularly in studying key target molecules involved in cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, and against viral antigens. Hundreds of research articles have been published and a lot of patents granted and filed for this technology.

The aptamers market is analyzed both in terms of qualitative, i.e. technological and quantitative, i.e. revenue, perspectives. The technological analysis includes discussion on inherent characteristics and capabilities of aptamers over antibodies and the various applications where aptamers can find its place. The market revenue analysis includes market segmentation and the expected market position by 2018, with the projected growth rate.

The aptamers market is classified by geography, application segments and aptamer type. The application segments are further divided as therapeutics, diagnostics, biosensors, drug discovery, biomarker discovery, and research applications. The advantages of chemically modified aptamers and low production cost compared to antibodies aid the growth of the market. However, the reduced market acceptance compared to the antibodies and increased time consumption for screening using SELEX will hamper the growth of this market, to a certain extent. While aptamer technology has existed for over two decades, the challenges imposed on the development of aptamers for small molecules has resulted in very few novel aptamers that can bind to practical small molecular targets. Nevertheless, there are many opportunities for the innovative application of small molecule binding aptamers in biosensing, drug discovery, diagnostics and therapeutics.

Besides a discussion on the properties of aptamers in the technological analysis, the basics on nucleic acid aptamers, peptide aptamers and the SELEX method for their synthesis are also discussed. Research applications are specifically discussed regarding aptamers use in flow cytometry, reagents and assays, mass spectrometry and western blotting. In addition, a number of therapeutic targets that are validated by basic research have been displayed under the therapeutics application segment. The complete value chain of the aptamers market is schematically represented and the significance of each stakeholder has been briefed.

Apart from the technological and market analysis, the investor climate has been assessed by tracking the complete investor network and collecting data on funds/grants and investments made towards the aptamers. Insights on current and future technological investment trends have also been discussed.

The adoption and developmental potential of the aptamers technology market has been discussed on a geographic basis, i.e. North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the world, by taking select countries that are poised to have a greater market value during the forecast period.

In brief, this research report provides:

  • A detailed description of the global technology developments and evolving trends in the aptamers field with key prominence on research innovations, collaborative efforts, and investments for aptamers.
  • A close view on the aptamer based drug development for treatment of specific diseases by providing details and status of current aptamer drugs in pipeline.
  • An impact analysis of major drivers and restraints influencing the adoption and growth of the aptamers market during the period of 2013to 2018.
  • Porters five forces analysis and SWOT analysis.
  • Market size – global market forecast for 2013-2018, including demand side analysis and strategic recommendations for technology/product developers.
  • Competitive landscape based on the analysis of key patents and research publications.

Scope of the Report

This research report categorizes the global aptamers market into geography, applications, and aptamer type. The applications market is further broken down by geography, with exhaustive revenue analysis for 2012 and 2013, as well as the forecast up to 2018.

Global Aptamers Market – By Application

  • Therapeutics
  • Diagnostics
  • Biosensors
  • Drug discovery
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Research applications

Global Aptamers Market – By Aptamer Type

  • Nucleic acid aptamers
  • Peptide aptamers

Global Aptamers Market – By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World (RoW)

Aptamers Market – Technology Trend Analysis By Applications – Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Biosensors, Drug Discovery, Biomarker Discovery, Research Applications with Market Landscape Analysis – Global Forecasts to 2018

Table Of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Logical Assumptions In This Study Based On Reliable Sources
1.2 Key Take-Aways
1.3 Report Scope
1.4 Research Methodology
1.5 Key Data Points From Secondary And Primary Sources

2 Executive Summary

3 Aptamers – Technology Landscape Analysis
3.1 Technology Overview
3.2 History & Milestones Of Aptamers
3.3 Aptamers Vs Antibodies
3.4 Aptamer Types
3.4.1 Nucleic Acid Aptamers
3.4.2 Peptide Aptamers
3.5 Aptamer Synthesis & Modifications
3.6 Applications
3.6.1 Therapeutics Different Targets Of Therapeutic Interest
3.6.2 Diagnostics
3.6.3 Biosensors
3.6.4 Drug Discovery
3.6.5 Biomarker Discovery
3.6.6 Research Applications Reagents & Assays Flow Cytometry Mass Spectrometry Western Blotting
3.7 Technology Value Chain Analysis
3.8 Aptamers – Technology Innovations And Products With Applications

4 Aptamers – Market Landscape Analysis
4.1 Aptamers Market Segmentation
4.2 Aptamers Technology - Global Impact
4.3 Market Forecast (2013 - 2018) – Overview
4.4 Global Aptamers Market Revenue Forecast (2013-2018)
4.4.1 Global Aptamers Market Revenue – By Geography North America Europe Asia Pacific Rest Of The World
4.4.2 Global Aptamers Market Share – By Geography North America Europe Asia Pacific Rest Of The World
4.4.3 Global Aptamers Market Revenue – By Application Segments Global Aptamers Market Share – By Segments Therapeutic Aptamers Market – By Region Diagnostics Aptamers Market – By Region Biosensors Aptamers Market – By Region Drug Discovery Aptamers Market – By Region Aptamers Biomarker Discovery Market – By Region Aptamers Research Applications Market – By Region
4.4.4 Global Aptamers Market Revenue – By Aptamer Type Nucleic Acid Aptamer Market – By Region Peptide Aptamer Market – By Region Nucleic Acid And Peptide Aptamers Market Share – By Region
4.5 Market Dynamics
4.5.1 Drivers - Explanation Impact Analysis By Timeline
4.5.2 Restraints – Explanation Impact Analysis By Timeline
4.6 SWOT Analysis
4.7 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

5 Technology Investment Potential
5.1 Investment Climate Assessment
5.2 Investor Network
5.3 Some Funds And Investments On Aptamers
5.4 Some Funds And Investments From Nih – By Fiscal Year
5.5 Some Funds And Investments From Nih – By Its Associated Institutes/Centers (FY 2008-2013)
5.6 Insights On Current And Future Tech-Investment Trends

6 Aptamers – Technology Adoption And Development Potential
6.1 Geographic Adoption And Development Potential - Overview
6.2 North America
6.3 Europe
6.4 Asia-Pacific
6.5 Row – Selected Countries
6.6 Demand Side Analysis
6.7 Technology Roadmap

7 Aptamers Competitive Landscape
7.1 Competitive Landscape Analysis
7.2 Key Acquisitions/Partnerships/Agreements/Collaborations (2009 – 2013)
7.3 Startups And Spinoff’s Based On Aptamers Technology
7.4 Clinical Trials Of Aptamers – By Different Properties (Anti-Coagulant Aptamers, Anti-Angiogenic Aptamers, Anti-Oncogenic Aptamers, Anti-Diabetic Aptamers)
7.4.1 Apamer Based Drugs In Clinical Trials

8 Intellectual Property And Research Strength Analysis
8.1 Selected Aptamer And Selex Patents
8.2 IP Strength Analysis Of Aptamers
8.3 Proprietary Technologies Based On Aptamers

9 Analyst Insights And Recommendations
9.1 Analyst Insights
9.2 Strategic Recommendations For Technology & Business Investors
9.3 Open Opportunity Invitations In The Field For Business Development

10 Company Profiles
10.1 AM Biotechnologies, Llc
10.2 Aptagen, LIC
10.3 Aptamer Sciences Inc.
10.4 Aptamer Solutions Ltd
10.5 Aptares AG
10.6 Base Pair Biotechnologies
10.7 Integrated Dna Technologies, Inc
10.8 Neoventures Biotechnology Inc.
10.9 NOXXON Pharma AG
10.10 OTC Biotech
10.11 Somalogic, Inc.
10.12 Trilink Biotechnologies, Inc.
10.13 Vivonics
10.14 Pfizer
10.15 Aptamatrix, Inc.
10.16 Aptusbiotech
10.17 Bioapter S.L.
10.18 Cd Genomics
10.19 Lucerna, Inc.
10.20 Ophthotech Corporation
10.21 Regado Biosciences, Inc.

List Of Tables

Tab - 1 Global Aptamers Market, 2013 - 2018 ($Million)
Tab - 2 Global Aptamers Market, By Geography, 2013 - 2018 ($Million)
Tab - 3 Global Aptamers Market Revenue, By Application Segment, 2013 - 2018 ($Million)
Tab - 4 Therapeutic Aptamers Market, By Geography, 2013 - 2018 ($Million)
Tab - 5 Diagnostics Aptamers Market, By Region, 2013 - 2018 ($Million)
Tab - 6 Biosensor Aptamers Market, By Geography, 2013 - 2018 ($Million)
Tab - 7 Drug Discovery Aptamers Market, By Geography, 2013 - 2018 ($Million)
Tab - 8 Aptamers Biomarker Discovery Market, By Geography, 2013 - 2018 ($Million)
Tab - 9 Aptamers Research Applications Market, By Geography, 2013 - 2018 ($Million)
Tab - 10 Global Aptamers Market, By Type, 2013 - 2018 ($Million)
Tab - 11 Nucleic Acid Aptamers Market, By Geography, 2013 - 2018 ($Million)
Tab - 12 Peptide Aptamers Market, By Geography, 2013 - 2018 ($Million)
Tab - 13 Funds By Nih & Associated Centers 2008-2013 ($Million)
Tab - 14 Projects And Funds By Nih & Associated Centers 2008-2013 ($Million)

List Of Figures

Fig - 1 Global Market Of Aptamers 2013 – 2018 ($Million)
Fig - 2 Global Market Of Aptamers 2013 – 2018 ($Million)
Fig - 3 Global Aptamers Market Revenue, By Geography, 2013 – 2018 ($Million)
Fig - 4 Global Aptamers Market Share By Geography, 2013
Fig - 5 Global Aptamers Market Share By Geography, 2018
Fig - 6 Global Aptamers Technology Market Revenue, By Applications, 2013 – 2018 ($Million)
Fig - 7 Global Aptamers Technology Market Share, By Applications, 2013 – 2018
Fig - 8 Global Aptamers Market Share By Segments, 2013
Fig - 9 Global Aptamers Market Share By Segments, 2018
Fig - 10 Therapeutic Aptamers Market, By Region, 2013 – 2018 ($Million)
Fig - 11 Therapeutic Aptamer Market By Region, 2013
Fig - 12 Therapeutic Aptamer Market By Region, 2018
Fig - 13 Diagnostics Aptamers Market, By Region, 2013 – 2018 ($Million)
Fig - 14 Diagnostics Aptamers Market By Region, 2013
Fig - 15 Diagnostics Aptamers Market By Region, 2018
Fig - 16 Biosensor Aptamers Market, By Region, 2013 – 2018 ($Million)
Fig - 17 Biosensor Aptamers Market By Region, 2013
Fig - 18 Biosensor Aptamers Market By Region, 2018
Fig - 19 Drug Discovery Aptamers Market, By Region, 2013 – 2018 ($Million)
Fig - 20 Drug Discovery Aptamers Market By Region, 201380
Fig - 21 Drug Discovery Aptamers Market By Region, 201880
Fig - 22 Aptamers Biomarker Discovery Market, By Region, 2013 – 2018 ($Million)
Fig - 23 Aptamers Biomarker Discovery Market By Region, 2013
Fig - 24 Aptamers Biomarker Discovery Market By Region, 2018
Fig - 25 Aptamers Research Applications Market, By Region, 2013 – 2018 ($Million)
Fig - 26 Aptamers Research Applications Market By Region, 2013
Fig - 27 Aptamers Research Applications Market By Region, 2018
Fig - 28 Global Aptamers Market, Nucleic Acid Aptamer, 2013 – 2018 ($Million)
Fig – 29 Global Aptamers Market, Peptide Aptamer, 2013 – 2018 ($Million)

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