Alternative Payment Channels

Publisher Name :
Date: 30-Jul-2012
No. of pages: 87

Alternative payment channels have changed the way consumers pay for goods and services, and are paving the way for tapping into the unbanked sector across the world.

  • This report examines the moves underway in the developed and developing markets which are making it easier for both merchants and consumers to transact outside traditional transactional models

  • It includes a key player matrix of the main Payment Service Providers (PSPs) worldwide

  • Moves in the key developing economies of Brazil, India, China and Russia are featured

  • Highlights in the developed markets of the US, Europe and Japan are also examined


Payments are moving from cash based to cash-less transaction. Across the globe consumers are shifting towards more convenient, faster and more secure channels of payment like online banking or prepaid cards. A number of companies are also testing technologies that let customers make payments with mobile phones. In developing countries like India, online third party fund transfers provided by banks are also considered an alternative payment channel. Electronic payments are gradually displacing paper-based payments as the preferred means of transaction in many countries. While online payment services or e-commerce are more prominent in developed economies owing to the high penetration of the internet, mobile payments have considerable reach in emerging economies like India, China, Brazil and Kenya as there are more mobile phones than bank accounts in these countries. These changing trends are creating opportunities for established as well as start-up companies offering a plethora of alternative payment instruments. The online and mobile payment market is expected to undergo substantial growth with even some government institutions supporting the development of alternative payment channels across various sectors.


This report will allow you to:

  • Gauge the current market status of alternative payment channels

  • Access previously unpublished data on the alternative payments market

  • Identify the trends and innovations propelling the growth of alternative payments

  • Gain insight into technology and infrastructure supporting electronic payments

  • Scan the trends in developed markets and the opportunities in emerging markets

  • Learn from the major players and their product portfolios

  • Analyse the overall market potential for alternative payments

Reasons To Buy

  • Examine detailed insight into the variety of alternative payment channels currently available

  • Key industry statistics have been compiled to give a holistic view of the major markets such as the US, UK, Italy, Germany, India and China

  • There is a special emphasis on the opportunities available in emerging markets

  • Gain insights into key regulations governing alternative payment channels

Key Highlights

  • Non-cash payments are replacing cash payments

  • Electronic payments are replacing paper-based payments

  • Self-service is replacing branch banking

  • The use of debit cards has grown faster than the use of credit cards, but this may change

  • Direct debits are developing slowly

Alternative Payment Channels

Table Of Contents

1 Executive Summary

2 Alternative Payments
2.1 Alternative Payments - Market Presence
2.2 Types of Alternative Payments
2.2.1 Prepaid Cards
2.2.2 E-Payments Gateways
2.2.3 Mobile Payments
2.2.4 Voice biometrics a 'proven solution'
2.3 Financial Inclusion
2.4 Cross Border payments
2.5 Key Player Matrix - Payment Service Providers

3 Technology/Infrastructure
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Internet and Mobile Penetration
3.3 Internet Users
3.4 Internet users in the world by Geographic Regions-2011
3.5 Entrance of Telco's in Financial Services
3.5.1 Innovative Technology for Alternative payments
3.6 Role of ATMs and PoS (Point Of Sale Equipment)
3.6.1 Visa forecast for 2012
3.6.2 VPay
3.6.3 MBNA launches American Express-branded contactless credit card in the U.K

4 Developed Economies
4.1 Europe
4.2 The US - accelerating electronic payments
4.3 Japan

5 Emerging Economies
5.1 BRIC Countries - Economic Snapshot
5.2 BRIC Countries - Financial Inclusion
5.3 Brazil
5.4 India
5.5 China
5.6 Russia
5.7 Africa
5.8 Latin America - A window of opportunity
5.9 Emerging Europe

6 Key Regulatory and Industry Initiatives

7 Conclusion

8 Bibliography

List Of Tables

Table 1: Prepaid Cards: New trends and innovations
Table 2: Electronic Payments by value and volume
Table 3: M-payment Business models
Table 4: Mobile Payments - Today and Tomorrow
Table 5: Percentage of banked households in 2009
Table 6: Active, unbanked clients of eight branchless banking pioneers 2010
Table 7: 2pay (to be renamed as Xsolla)
Table 8: AcceptEmail
Table 9: Adyen
Table 10: Chase Paymentech
Table 11: Chess
Table 12: CyberSource
Table 13: Failsafe Payments
Table 14: First Atlantic Commerce
Table 15: hyperWALLET
Table 16: Mi-Pay
Table 17: Introduction
Table 18: Payment Instrument (Major European Economies) (% of total number of transactions 2010
Table 19: Financial Access (Major European Economies) - Number of Branches per 100,000 adults 2009
Table 20: Financial Access
Table 21: Mobile Payments
Table 22: Financial Access - Number of Branches per 100,000 adults, 2009
Table 23 Payment  Adoption
Table 24: Mobile banking and mobile payments in the United States
Table 25: Financial Access - Number of Branches per 100,000 adults, 2009
Table 26: Volume and Value of Transactions Settled Using Electronic Money - Japan
Table 27: Mobile Contactless payment market - key players
Table 28: Major Smart Card Services in Japan
Table 29: Financial Access - Number of Branches per 100,000 adults 2009
Table 30: Brazil - Payment Instrument by Volume (mn)
Table 31: US credit card balance growth 1999-2008
Table 32: Retail Electronic Payment
Table 33: Retail Electronic Payment
Table 34: Key players in the Indian Alternative Payment Market
Table 35: Current Payment and Clearing systems in Africa

List Of Figures

Figure 1: Total number of e-money transaction in the CPPS countries (mn)
Figure 2: Estimated growth rate of Global Branded Prepaid Cards by Value (USD bn), 2009 - 2017
Figure 3: Global e-Payments by value 2008 2008
Figure 4: Global e-Payments by value 2012p 2012p
Figure 5 The new alternative payment options offered by Emirates
Figure 6: Inkfruit - bearing fruits...
Figure 7: Global Mobile Payments (Euro bn), 2008 - 2012
Figure 8: Global Mobile Payments (Euro bn), 2008 - 2012
Figure 9: Mobile to help park and pay
Figure 10: Mobile Phone subscriptions-per 100 habitants
Figure 11: Mobile Broadband subscriptions -per 100 habitants
Figure 12: Estimated Internet Users -Per 100 inhabitants
Figure 13: Mobile Subscriptions by region-Per 100 habitants
Figure 14: Estimated Internet Users by region-Per 100 habitants
Figure 15: Estimated Internet Users in Developed and Emerging countries (2006-2011)(Million)
Figure 16: Estimated Internet Users in Developed and Emerging countries (2006-2011) (million)
Figure 17: Internet users in the world by Geographic Regions-2011
Figure 18: Zong
Figure 19: Indian Consumer Finance Market Size (INR Trillion), 2007-2016
Figure 20: World population, 1950-2050
Figure 21: Oyster Card - Contactless RFID Card
Figure 22: Zopa - Peer 2 Peer Lending - Electronic Payment
Figure 23: Gross Domestic Product growth (%) - 2009-2013F
Figure 24: Number of Noncash Payments (bn) 2006-2009
Figure 25: Mobile Payment Service Provider
Figure 26: Charge Anywhere
Figure 27: WireTrust
Figure 28: Gross Domestic Product growth (%) 2009-2013F
Figure 29: Online Payment Preference-2010
Figure 30: BRIC Nations GDP Growth Rate-2006-2010 (%)
Figure 31: M-PESA Transaction
Figure 32: Return on assets, large US credit card banks, 1987-2007 (%)
Figure 33: % of cash cards used for booking Raily Tickets in the month of Jan 2011
Figure 34: Snapshot of growth path of China's E-Payment
Figure 35: China online payment Market (Rmb,bn), 2006-2010p
Figure 36: Return on assets, large US credit card banks, 1987-2007 (%)
Figure 37: Worldwide expected growth in non-cash transactions by region-2009-2010E
Figure 38: E-Commerce growth in Latin America
Figure 39: Retail Category according to Segment
Figure 40: Latin America - Mobile phone users and growth (%) 2009-2015
Figure 41: Latin America- Mobile and internet penetration
Figure 42: Active Cards in Issue, November 2011
Figure 43: Top Five issuers, Credit and Debit cards, November 2011
Figure 44: Mobile penetration rate - Colombia
Figure 45: Percentage of transactions using different payment instruments 2000-2009
Figure 46: Number of Internet Banking Customers (mn), 2006-2010p
Figure 47: Number of Internet Banking Customers (mn), 2006-2010p
Figure 48: Number of Web-Card Customers (thousands), 2006-2010p
Figure 49: Key Regulatory and Industry Initiatives at a Global and Regional Level, 2010- Heat Map

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