2018 United Arab Emirates Long Term LNG Market Outlook Report- Demand, Contracts, Planned Terminals, FIDs, Competition and New Opportunities to 2025

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Date: 01-Jun-2018
No. of pages: 100
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During 2017 and 2018, an increase in investor confidence was observed across most LNG markets including United Arab Emirates. Planned projects witness considerable progress with increase in LNG supply volumes anticipated over the short term future. Further, surplus LNG availability, low prices and strong outlook for gas based applications worldwide are spurring interest in United Arab Emirates and global LNG markets. The global LNG trade in 2017 witnessed strong growth rates after 2009 to 292.5 million tonnes. Both new liquefaction and regasification capacities are coming online after couple of stagnant years. Further, the market is expected to be buyer oriented at least till 2022, providing strong opportunities for active and upcoming regasification markets.

After period of delays, United Arab Emirates companies are formulating long term strategies to develop required infrastructure in global LNG market. In this context, the leading industry publisher has released its 12th version of "United Arab Emirates Long-term LNG outlook report", offering analysis across entire United Arab Emirates LNG value chain. The United Arab Emirates LNG report provides detailed insights into emerging market trends, new dynamics, shifting strategies and the new role of United Arab Emirates in global and regional scale.

The report is a complete research work covering details of United Arab Emirates LNG consumption patterns, key importers, volumes and values, industry revenues, current and planned infrastructure details and competitive scenario. The United Arab Emirates research work also presents detailed outlook of United Arab Emirates LNG demand, contracts, together with trends and challenges of investing in United Arab Emirates market. In addition, data on LNG terminals, storage facilities, LNG fleet, fields, trade movements, prices along with an illustrative map is also provided. Further, demographic, economic outlook of United Arab Emirates together with latest LNG industry developments are covered in detail.

Strategic Analysis Review-

This chapter presents detailed SWOT Analysis along with emerging trends in the market. Further, key strategies of operating companies in United Arab Emirates are analyzed.

United Arab Emirates Gas Sector Analysis

The chapter presents complete analysis of United Arab Emirates natural gas sector including details of trends in gas reserves, natural gas production and consumption forecasts along with the role of LNG imports in the gas demand are detailed.

LNG Capacity Forecasts

At both country level and terminal level, annual historical and forecasted data on LNG regasification capacity, storage capacity, processing vaporizers, storage tanks etc. is provided.

LNG Infrastructure Details

10+ details for each of the operational and planned regasification terminals in United Arab Emirates are provided, which include- basic details, companies, technology, distribution, construction details. Further, capital expenditure and construction details are provided.

Monthly LNG Trade Patterns, 2018

United Arab Emirates LNG monthly imports by source country are detailed.

Further, annual trade information along with long term and medium term contract agreements are included in the report.

Market Value and Investment Outlook

United Arab Emirates country wise LNG market value along with capital investment planned to be spent in the industry are forecast to 2022

United Arab Emirates LNG Market Benchmarking

United Arab Emirates LNG industry is compared with five peer markets in the region based on four pillars to determine the competitiveness of the country in regional scale

Competitive Scenario

Companies currently operating in the industry and the companies planning to foray into the market are detailed along with their strategies and SWOT profiles. Further, net weighted capacities by company are also forecast in the report.

The United Arab Emirates report presents both historical and forecasted data for United Arab Emirates LNG imports from 2007 to 2025. Further, United Arab Emirates LNG regasification capacity, LNG storage capacity, number of vaporizers and storage tanks are forecast to 2022. The report also forecasts natural gas production and demand in United Arab Emirates between 2007 and 2025.

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2018 United Arab Emirates Long Term LNG Market Outlook Report- Demand, Contracts, Planned Terminals, FIDs, Competition and New Opportunities to 2025

Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents
1.1. List of Tables
1.2. List of Figures

2. Executive Summary
2.1. United Arab Emirates Market Snapshot, 2018
2.2. United Arab Emirates LNG Import Volume Forecast, MTPA, 2005- 2025
2.3. United Arab Emirates LNG Import Value Forecast, $ Million, 2005- 2025
2.4. United Arab Emirates LNG Capital Investment (CAPEX) Forecast, $ Million, 2016- 2022
2.5. United Arab Emirates Regasification Capacity Outlook, 2007-2022
2.6. United Arab Emirates LNG Market Structure, 2017

3. United Arab Emirates LNG Strategic Analysis Review, 2018
3.1. United Arab Emirates LNG - SWOT Analysis
3.1.1. Key Strengths
3.1.2. Key Weaknesses
3.1.3. Potential Opportunities
3.1.4. Potential Threats
3.2. Emerging LNG Trends and Factors Shaping Future of United Arab Emirates LNG Markets, 2018- 2025
3.3. Key Strategies formulated by LNG Players in United Arab Emirates

4. United Arab Emirates Natural Gas Market Analysis and Outlook
4.1. United Arab Emirates Proven Gas Reserves, 2005- 2017
4.2. United Arab Emirates Marketed Gas Production Forecast, 2007- 2025
4.3. United Arab Emirates Gas Demand Forecast, 2007- 2025
4.4. Share of LNG Import in Gas Consumption, 2007- 2025
4.5. Role of Natural Gas in Primary Energy Demand, 2007- 2025

5. United Arab Emirates LNG Capacity Outlook to 2022
5.1. Country wise Regasification Capacity Outlook, 2007- 2022
5.2. Terminal wise Regasification Capacity Outlook, 2007- 2022
5.3. Terminal wise LNG Storage Capacity Outlook, 2007- 2022
5.4. Terminal wise LNG Storage Tanks Count Outlook, 2007-2022

6. United Arab Emirates LNG Infrastructure Details
6.1. Operational LNG Terminals in United Arab Emirates
6.1.1. Start Up
6.1.2. Location
6.1.3. Operator
6.1.4. Owners and Ownership Details
6.1.5. Onshore/Offshore
6.1.6. Number of Vaporizers
6.1.7. Regasification Capacity
6.1.8. LNG Storage Capacity
6.1.9. Number of Storage Tanks
6.1.10. Capital Expenditure
6.1.11. Construction Period
6.1.12. Construction Contractors

7. United Arab Emirates Monthly LNG Trade Patterns, 2018
7.1. United Arab Emirates Import Volumes from Asia Pacific countries
7.2. United Arab Emirates Import Volumes from Europe countries
7.3. United Arab Emirates Import Volumes from Middle East Africa countries
7.4. United Arab Emirates Import Volumes from Americas countries

8. United Arab Emirates LNG Trade Details
8.1. United Arab Emirates LNG Trade by Country, 2017
8.2. United Arab Emirates LNG Sale Purchase Agreement Details by Partner

9. United Arab Emirates LNG Investment Opportunities to 2022
9.1. Planned LNG Projects in United Arab Emirates
9.2. Proposed LNG Projects in United Arab Emirates
9.3. Expansion Plans of Active LNG Terminals in United Arab Emirates

10. United Arab Emirates LNG Capex and Construction Details
10.1. Capex Details of Planned LNG Terminals in United Arab Emirates
10.2. United Arab Emirates LNG Industry Capital Investment Forecast, 2016- 2022

11. United Arab Emirates LNG Market Benchmarking
11.1. Overall Ranking of United Arab Emirates and Peer Markets
11.2. Demand Index
11.3. Infrastructure Index
11.4. Competition Index
11.5. Growth Index

12. United Arab Emirates LNG Market- Competitive Landscape
12.1. United Arab Emirates LNG Market Share by Company (%), 2018
12.2. Net weighted Capacity Outlook by Company, mtpa, 2007- 2022

13. United Arab Emirates Demographic and Economic Outlook
13.1. United Arab Emirates Map, Location and Coastline Details
13.2. United Arab Emirates GDP Forecast, 2007- 2025
13.3. United Arab Emirates Population Forecast, 2007- 2025
13.4. United Arab Emirates Total Investments (% of GDP) Forecast, 2007- 2025

14. Company Profiles of Leading LNG Companies in United Arab Emirates
14.1. Company A
14.1.1. Business Description
14.1.2. SWOT Analysis
14.1.3. Financial Analysis
14.2. Company B
14.2.1. Business Description
14.2.2. SWOT Analysis
14.2.3. Financial Analysis
14.3. Company C
14.3.1. Business Description
14.3.2. SWOT Analysis
14.3.3. Financial Analysis

15. United Arab Emirates LNG Industry News and Recent Developments

16. Appendix
16.1. About Us
16.2. Sources and Methodology
16.3. Contact Us
16.4. Disclaimer
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