2017: Trends to Watch in Global Wealth Management

Publisher Name :
Date: 31-Dec-2016
No. of pages: 59

Global uncertainty will continue to keep investors busy in 2017. Most notably, ongoing Brexit negotiations, the effects of the Italian referendum, and a new presidency in the US will contribute to ongoing market volatility. On top of that 40% of the EU economy is going to the polls in 2017 – as the support for populist and right-wing ideas that reject globalization and free trade continues to grow, this has the potential to further upset financial markets.

The wealth management industry has been undergoing transformation since the financial crisis, and 2017 will be another year marked with changes to business models and the way providers interact with clients. Many trends observed in 2016 will continue over the next 12 months, with regulation and its costs affecting the financial performance of competitors, and market volatility (often fueled by surprising turns in the geopolitical landscape) keeping portfolio managers busy.

Yet 2017 will also be a year of opportunity for competitors that embrace the change and succeed in those areas of the market where growth can be achieved. On a global scale HNW demand for equities and alternatives is on the rise, while demand for bonds is expected to decrease. North America in particular stands out, with an average of 49% and 48% of HNW wealth invested in this asset class in Canada and the US respectively. The only country that is home to even more enthusiastic equity investors is the UK, where HNW investors hold a noteworthy 57% of their wealth in equities.

HNW investors are becoming more inclined to seek professional investment advice

More than four fifths of wealth managers globally agree that HNW investors are becoming more inclined to seek professional investment advice because of market volatility. This trend is magnified by HNW investors’ increasingly complex portfolios and growing allocations into alternatives, given that taken together a desire to manage simple asset classes themselves and investments in non-financial assets constitute the main reason why HNW investors selfdirect.

HNW investors globally are looking for cheap buying opportunities in the equity space as volatility continues

Undoubtedly, there has been significant market upheaval, which is unlikely to subside going into 2017. Despite this we are not seeing a move towards safe havens such as bonds or gold in the HNW space. On the contrary, HNW investors are looking for cheap buying opportunities. In fact, 52.2% of wealth managers agree that demand for equities is forecast to rise, while only 23.9% expect demand to decrease.

GlobalData’s report “2017: Trends to Watch in Global Wealth Management “ informs wealth managers and their strategy teams of the key developments emerging across the industry and how best to respond to these changes. The report examines developments across a number of key areas, from regulation, to product and service trends, to asset allocation drivers. Specifically, the report:

• Analyzes the impact of regulatory developments on the industry, looking in particular at MiFID II in Europe and tax amnesties across the world.
• Discovers how wealth managers can benefit from the emerging regtech sector and how this may affect the adoption of block chain.
• Considers the opportunities in targeting internationally active clients, as well as defining the target audience for robo-advisors.
• Assesses the impact that newly developed investment products, such as exchange-traded mutual funds (ETMFs) can have on clients' demand for alternative and innovative solutions.
• Examines the potential growth and MandA opportunities offered by aging IFAs, as well as the divestment activity of global players.
• Reviews the latest asset allocation trends and what is driving the growth of equities and alternative investments in particular.
• Draws on our 2016 Global Wealth Managers Survey of 324 executives to provide fact-led insight.

Companies Mentioned: Delio, BlackRock, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Trulioo, AQMetrics, The DAO, SweePay, Barclays, Commonwealth Bank Australia, Wells Fargo, Royal Mint, CME Group, Citigroup, Citi Private Bank, Investment Migration Council, Betterment, Charles Schwab, Vanguard Asset Management, Scalable Capital, Eaton Vance, Nasdaq, State Street, Magellen, Centric Wealth, Arthur J Gallagher, Finaccord, Lloyds Bank, Wealth front, XY Planning Network, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, OCBC, Bank of Singapore, BoA Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Julius Baer, HSBC, Money farm

2017: Trends to Watch in Global Wealth Management

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
2017 will add to the challenges the wealth management industry is facing
Key findings
Critical success factors

Asset Allocation Trends
Managing portfolio risk is becoming more important than ever
HNW investors are significantly exposed to equity risk
Equities and alternatives will be the clear winners in 2017 despite turbulent market conditions
Global uncertainties will determine asset allocation strategies in 2017
HNW investors globally are looking for cheap buying opportunities in the equity space as volatility continues
HNW investors' varying attitudes towards risks will have an effect on asset allocation strategies
Portfolio diversification benefits will drive demand for alternatives but a certain level of hand holding is required

Regulatory Trends
The industry will be preparing for MiFID II in the EU
New rules are aimed at increasing transparency and investor protection
Competitors differ in terms of how ready they are for the new regime
Fee transparency will have the greatest impact on wealth managers
Ultimately, the new regime should benefit the industry
Local regulations continue to affect the wealth management market
CRM II will enforce fee transparency in Canada
Changes to non-dom regulations will stir up the UK wealth market
A growing number of tax amnesty programs can shake up the offshore industry
The Indonesian tax amnesty will hit Singapore, but may boost the local wealth market
Argentina's tax amnesty may boost the bond market
The success of South Africa's tax amnesty will be subject to the performance of the British pound
Regtech will have a more prevalent role in the wealth management industry
Regulatory compliance is a top priority for financial services providers
Regtech companies will target wealth and asset managers
Regtech will be supported by financial regulators
Regulation is the biggest hurdle for block chain adoption
The failure of The DAO highlights the risks of block chain
Wealth managers will take greater interest in block chain adoption

Customer Targeting Trends
Internationally active clients will be an attractive target for wealth managers
Chinese HNW investor migration is increasing
Investor visas will encourage partnerships between wealth managers and governments
The Brexit negotiations will determine the UK's future as a wealth hub
The future robo-advisor client is an experienced investor open to alternatives
Robo-advice platforms are no longer developed only by startups
HNW demand for robo-advice platforms will increase
Wealth managers will target experienced investors who value multi-channel guidance
Wealth managers will target customers with niche services

Product And Service Trends
ETFs have become the standard for passive investments, but active investments are now in investors' sights
ETFs' AUM exceeded $3tn at the start of 2016
Actively managed ETFs will provide real competition for mutual funds, not equities
Factors fueling the rise have been varied and will support actively managed ETF inflows
ETMFs expand the universe of low-cost investments but appeal to investors seeking alpha as well

Competitive Trends
An aging advisor base will further spur industry consolidation
Motivated sellers with few new advisors to take on practices require industry buyouts
Key IFA markets are seeing a wave of baby boomers about to retire, with insufficient fresh blood
Appetite for wealth management networks has waned, limiting disposal options to big national networks or cash-rich new players
Global wealth managers will feel ongoing pressure from local players
Top wealth managers will continue to lose market share among HNW investors
Competition for client assets will be fierce as HNW investors consider their options
Smaller players show better net new money growth than giants
The giants will not compete for market share at all costs

Abbreviations and acronyms
Independent financial advisor (IFA)
Exchange rates
Further reading

List of Tables

Table 1:  Selected tax amnesties launched, 2015-17
Table 2: Top 10 competitors by wealth management AUM ($bn), 2015
Table 3: Euro-US dollar exchange rate, December 31, 2014 and December 31, 2015

List of Figures

Figure 1: Equities constitute an increasingly large share of the typical HNW portfolio
Figure 2: HNW investors are becoming more inclined to seek financial advice
Figure 3: HNW investors are looking for cheap buying opportunities
Figure 4: HNW demand for equities is forecast to rise in the majority of countries surveyed
Figure 5: HNW investors in Asia Pacific are becoming more risk-averse
Figure 6: The typical HNW portfolio in Russia is overweight on bonds and cash
Figure 7: HNW investors are expected to increase their allocations into alternatives
Figure 8: Delio offers a white-label private asset platform to financial institutions
Figure 9: 14.8% of clients in Canada turn to self-direction to avoid management fees and charges
Figure 10: Trulioo offers global identify verification to the financial services market
Figure 11: AQMetrics simplifies risk reporting and compliance for wealth managers
Figure 12: Chinese nationals represent almost half of Canadian expats
Figure 13: More wealth managers expect the demand for automated investment services to increase than execution-only asset management
Figure 14: ETPs have more than doubled in value since 2011
Figure 15: The ETF market is dominated by the US, making regulation there critical for its development
Figure 16: The chief perceived strength of ETFs is access to more markets
Figure 17: ETFs are becoming a staple of the core private banking market
Figure 18: Robo-advisors are a young investor's pursuit
Figure 19: The top wealth managers' AUM growth has been slowing faster than the market

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